Chapter 16

It had been a week since Ron and Grace became a couple, and the school was in chaos. All the males despised Ron for taking one of the school’s most eligible bachelorettes, and all the females were disgusted with Grace’s tastes in men. They had lost respect for her. Some, though, managed to actually sympathize for Grace, knowing she wasn’t aware of Ron’s sexual escapades. Lavender was absolutely furious when Ron broke things off with her, again. Draco, on the other hand, was miserable, yet he did what he always did whenever he felt emotion. He hid it with anger. The school was madness with an enraged Malfoy in the halls, a hysterical Lavender in the lavatories, and the constant hissing to the newly found couple.


Grace felt like everything was going perfectly well in her rekindled relationship with her previous boyfriend, “Ron, I’m going to do some homework. I’ll see you later.” She unraveled her hand from his, and turned to leave.

“Grace, it’s been a week. Don’t you think it’s about time we get to first base?” He asked as he grabbed her wrist to stop her from walking away.

“Y-you mean kissing?” Grace asked nervously. Before, Hermione and Ron never got to the kissing stage. Yeah they had a quick moment in the Chamber of Secrets, but they never bothered after that. Although they had been dating for a good few months, kissing was never something to come up. At the time, both were content with each other the way they were, no intimate touching needed.

“Yeah Grace,” Ron chuckled, “That’s what first base is.” He brought Grace closer to his body. “You have been kissed before right?”

Grace nodded in uneasiness, reminiscing about fourth year’s Yule Ball and the dog-like snog she had with a certain Bulgarian wizard.

“Well then-” Ron attempted to close the space between them.

“Ronald.” The boy looked up from staring at his girlfriend’s lips. “I…uh…homework, really. Must be going.” She kissed him on the cheek and fled down the hallway.


Slytherin Girl Dormitories…

Grace was distraught; she didn’t know why she resisted Ron’s temptations. It was natural for the girlfriend to be sexually attracted to her boyfriend, so why couldn’t she kiss him? It was just a little kiss? But then again, ‘he did mention bases’, Grace thought. Her eyes went wide. Was he expecting her to go any further? She sat down on her bed with a heap.

“Why do you even waste your time on rubbish like that?” Pansy spat from her bed across the room.

“What?” Grace asked angrily, she did not need this right now.

“Oh come one Gracie-wasie!” Grace cringed at her nickname. It was completely idiotic. “You can do so much better than Weasley!!”

“I like him, Pansy. For a while now…” Grace looked off, “I don’t think there is anyone better than him.” Did she really think that? Why was she even questioning it? Was she doubting Ron’s importance in her life?

“You’re wrong!” Pansy sang in a singsong voice. “What about Draco? He’s yummy.”

“He’s yours Pansy.”

“Not exactly, he won’t touch me.”

‘I can imagine why,’ Grace thought, she left the room to go downstairs.


Back in a corridor…

Ron leant against the wall of the corridor; he was completely frustrated. He ran a large hand through his red hair, his other hand forming a fist and slamming it against the brick behind him.

“What’s wrong Won-Won.” Spoke an innocent voice, which he knew was truly far from innocent.

“None of your business Brown.”

“Ouch Ronnie, you won’t even say my real name.” She pouted, “Looks like your new girlfriend isn’t womanly enough for you.”

“What is that even suppose to mean?” Ron said as he looked up.

“It means-” The curly blonde stepped towards the redhead and placed her lips firmly on his. Ron immediately responded and pressed his tongue against hers in a rhythm. He ran his hand down to her waist, while hers found his hair, and after a few good minutes, they released for air. “I could still do that and get a reaction out of you,” Lavender ended in a smirk.


In the Slytherin Common Room…

“Hey Gracie.” Blaise said as he watched his sister descend from her dorm. The two made up shortly after Ron had asked Grace out, they were siblings after all.

Draco gave her a firm nod to acknowledge her; he really couldn’t find the strength to talk nowadays.

“Hi guys. I need some air, any of you want to join?” Grace asked.

“Where’s the Weasel?”

“Need some space from him I guess…” she responded shyly.

“I’ll go.”

“Might as well.”

The three made their way out of the portrait and towards the Black Lake.


Lavendar felt positively brilliant after her quick snog session with Ron. She had now mustered enough confidence to get rid of the bitch that took her Won-Won away. Now, she would pay.



It was silent as the three Slytherins walked along the grounds. The fall breeze was becoming winter-like with every passing day, and this day in particular was one of the warmer ones. Grace shed off her cloak and shrunk it with her wand; she then gave it to her brother to place in his pocket. The other two Slytherins followed suit. They were nearing the Forbidden Forest when Grace felt a sting in the back of her head. Grace normally had these sensations from overworking her brain’s natural electron pattern while she was concentrating, so she ignored it. Not until she tripped over a stump did she notice something was terribly wrong.

Before Grace could hit the ground, Draco’s Quidditch reflexes caught her inches from the earth. Her small hands firmly grasped his forearms. “Whoa… that was a close one,” he teased. He was appreciative of the opportunity to touch her, especially when it was in a time of need.

“B-Blaise…” Grace muttered in a shaky voice, stopping as Draco continued ahead of them.


“Blaise something is terribly wrong”, Grace trembled with every word she spoke.

Blaise quickly became alert, “What is it? Are you hurt?”

Ho paura.” (“I’m scared.”) Grace said in Italian, her voice was running thin and weak.

“Tell me! Gracie you need to tell me.”

Draco looked back to see the siblings had fallen behind. As he reached the two of them, he became nervous with the way Grace’s tone was becoming more strangled with every response. He took support of her body, just in case she got sick. “Grace what’s wrong?”

Non riesco a vedere!” (“I can’t see!”) The girl exclaimed, searching Draco’s robes for a bit of help.

Blaise went white. “Draco we need to get her out of here.”

The blonde nodded in response, “Grace, I’m going to place your arms around my shoulders okay?-”

“No. You need to carry her, she won’t make it if she’s walking.” Blaise interrupted.

Immediately Draco recognized the urgency of the predicament; he effortlessly picked up the trembling girl, bridal-style, and headed back towards the castle.

“Please, please, please, Merlin help me.” Grace muttered into Draco’s shirt. She buried her face in the fabric, hoping this was a nightmare.

“Mate, you have to tell me what she said to you in order for me to help.” Draco said as they paced towards the castle doors.

“Someone hexed her. Obscuro, I think.” Blaise breathed in worry.

Hearing Blaise’s explanation, Draco flexed his muscles to regain support for the girl in his arms. The two Slytherins ran to the Hospital Wing.

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