Chapter 18


Grace was surprised Madame Pompfrey or her Gryffindor friends hadn’t offered to help her back to her dorms. Now she was in desperate need of a guide. Not knowing where to go, Grace stumbled her way along the walls of the castle, praying to Merlin himself that a prefect would find her and lead her back to the Slytherin common room. The walls were cold at her touch, and she was constantly tripping over misplaced cobblestones and doorways. In all her years at Hogwarts, Grace was never one to rue the structure of the magnificent school until now. Yet, she was thankful that she was no longer placed in the Gryffindor commons, just because she would probably die if she attempted to maneuver along the moving staircases in her blinded state. Grace was still frightened by the amount of nothingness she saw, but she used the rest of her Gryffindor courage and strength to continue her path. After a good few doorways, Grace found herself being pushed into an alcove beside what she believed to be a statue. She immediately had her wand out and ready, although it was of no use since she couldn’t see a thing.

“Hey-it’s okay. It’s me,” said a husky voice. Grace was suddenly pushed against the brick and a heated body pressed against her own.

“R-Ron…please,” she tried to pry herself from the boy’s grasp. “Get off me.”

“Oh come on babe, I’ve been waiting for this all day.”

Grace, although she was temporarily blind, widened her eyes in fear. “Waiting for wh-” She was then cut off my Ron’s forcefully lips. Grace could feel her heart beat with despair as she attempted to claw Ron’s arms off of her hips. Her head was vigorously pushed against the wall, but she felt no signs of bleeding. Ron’s hands were gripping her sides with a bruising force, pushing her wounds into the uneven concrete behind them. Grace hissed in pain, aware that the scorch marks were now swollen. With every turn of Ron’s lips, she let out a scream, which was only muffled by her boyfriend’s mouth. She could feel herself crying, and after a good couple of minutes Ron backed away.

“See? Wasn’t that bad.” She heard Ron say breathlessly. Before she knew it, his warmth was no longer against her body, and she was alone in the alcove.

Grace sat in her vulnerable position and cried into her knees. Today was just too much. She was a victim of an attempted attack, got visually impaired in the process, her brother disowned her, her boyfriend molested her, and she still didn’t have a clue of how to get back to the commons. She briefly thought of sleeping there and waiting until someone found her, but she couldn’t stand to be in a spot were her so-called boyfriend attempted to rape her. Well, not exactly rape, but to her it was pretty damn close. After 15 minutes or so, she got up and continued to grope the sides of the castle. Grace was shivering severely from the night air, her cloak innocently in the pocket of her brother, who just a few hours ago decided she wasn’t worthy to be part of his family, or any family for that matter. She began to cry silently again.


Draco was bored patrolling, but he rather do this than write his six foot Charms essay any day. He fiddled with the trinkets in his pocket. Checking several classrooms, he paused and looked out the window. The moon was high and the light was spectacularly bright. He couldn’t help but smile at the view. Planning a trip to the astronomy tower after his rounds, Draco tried to hurry up his duties. Today was a perfect night to think about home. He could feel his forehead wrinkle in sadness as the negative emotions began to fill his mind. As he stripped his eyes away from the organic scene, he adverted his gaze to what he thought was a drunken student. He quickly regained his hostile demeanor and walked towards the stumbling being. His eyes widened as he recognized the flash of burgundy hair.


Grace slumped against a wall as she heard steps running towards her. A warm hand gently grasped her tired face, “Grace? My god, what the hell are you doing?”

“M-Malfoy?” she said looking upwards into nothing.

“Yeah, it’s me. Answer my question,” he spoke in the softest tone.

“No one came to help me when I was released. I-I was told to go back to my dorms, but I don’t k-know where they are,” her voice cracked as she began to silently cry again.

“Shhhh,” Draco said as his hand molded to her face, “I’m here now. How long have you been out?”

“I think maybe three hours…”

Draco stiffened with rage, this soul was stumbling about for hours and not one prefect had found her. Thank Merlin he was on patrol tonight. “Let’s go, I’ll escort you back to the common room.” He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and began to slowly guide Grace down the corridor.

“Thank you,” Grace said in almost a whisper.

The blonde chuckled, “You say that a lot don’t you…”

Grace gave out a watery laugh, “I guess so.”

Draco noticed the slight vibrations from the girl in his arms, indicating she was cold. Looking down at her, he could see the tears slowly making trails down her cheekbones, a couple falling on the fabric of her short-sleeved shirt. He quickly took his arm off her shoulders to unravel the cloak around his neck.


Grace was frightened when the arm that supported her became of absence. Nervously moving her head around, she stuttered “Draco…d-don’t leave.” Suddenly she felt a layer of warmth wrap itself around her body and the arm she so longed for, replacing itself on her shoulders.

Draco replied in the most endearing tone, “I’m not going anywhere.”

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