Chapter 19

Grace woke up feeling a cold wooden floor against her back. As she regained consciousness, she overheard the voices in the room.

“Pansy you rash idiot! You dropped her!”

“Drakie! Don’t be mad! I tried!”

“Shut up the both of you! Pans, thanks for levitating her down.”

“Why do you have to do this now? I was sleeping perfectly fine…”

“Pansy I know for a fact you weren’t sleeping. You were trying to jump my mate here and snog him in the common room.”

“We’ll he was here! What else were we suppose to do?”

“I couldn’t sleep you bimbo! And that’s not the point…someone pick her up, you can’t just leave her there.”

At this point Grace came to her senses. Opening her eyes to see nothing, she began to freak out. Not until a warm grip wrapped around her forearms and lifted her into their chest, did she finally relax.

Still seeing nothing, Grace felt the warmth emitting off of the persons upper body. “Gracie…” she heard the person whisper. The female Italian instantly stiffened at the familiar voice and pushed her brother away, “Get away from me.”

“Grace, I’m sorry.”

“No. Go away.” She demanded as her back ran into a desk.

“I told you mate. She’s persistent. You were an arse back there,” Draco added.

“That’s why I’m saying sorry.” Blaise hissed at him. He turned towards his sister, “Gracie come on.”

His sister was having a hard time thinking. Memories of the day before began reappearing in her head, and she was deathly afraid of the conversation her brother was initiating. “Blaise…I can’t do this.”

Grace could feel his presence an arms-length away. “Look, I’m sorry.”

Pansy snickered at Blaise’s statement, “She can’t see you dimwit.”

Grace became red at that comment, “Go away.” She turned to walk away but ran into an armchair instead.

“Grace, sit down.”

“No. I want to go to bed.”

“Draco help me out,” Blaise pleaded. The blonde, now clad in his own pajamas, reluctantly followed his friend’s requests.

Grace snapped at the touch of the helpful man, “I don’t need your help.” She groped the chair until she found the seat, and sat down. She could feel Blaise kneeling in front of her, his hands desperately wrapping around her own.

“Grace…” Blaise began with softness in his voice.

Tears began to form in his sister’s eyes, a heavy mist of water that layered over her clouded irises. Grace ripped her hands out of his gesture, remembering perfectly well how it was the beginning of the madness her family threw her in.

“Don’t cry mi cara…” Her brother cooed. “I’m sorry, really sorry. I didn’t mean any of it I swear to you.”

Grace didn’t want to hear it anymore, so she turned her face away in an attempt for getting space.

Noticing her discomfort, Draco tried to change the subject, “Where were you?”

Grace could feel Blaise shift his knees to face the curious blonde. He answered with confidence, “I went to McGonagall’s and flooed home to check on my parents.” If one looked closely, they could see Grace cry slightly harder from hearing her brother use ‘my parents’, instead of ‘our parents’. The smallest Italian then shifted her legs onto the seat of the chair, and wrapped her arms around them. She felt like she had to hold herself together before she shattered into a million pieces.

“You weren’t there.” She whispered, so softly that Blaise barely heard it. He shifted his attention back to his sister.

“I was. I was always there,” Blaise argued in a gentle tone.

“No you weren’t.” Grace looked up, showing the three Slytherins her blood-shot eyes. “You weren’t there when I needed you most. You left me. Why are you even here? You said you don’t want me to be a part of this family…t-that I don’t deserve to be.”

“No no no… Gracie.” Blaise turned so he was kneeling in front of her again, “I never disowned you, I would never…”

“You did Blaise.” Grace said as she finally got the courage to sit up, “You did, even after you told me we were in this together. I’ve kept this family safe for so long Blaise a-and I didn’t even get the chance to know you until now. We got close and you just tore it away…” Her form started shaking, “…none of you ever loved me…” She began to get up as her brother’s hands found her shoulders.

“Please Grace don’t do this,” Blaise’s voice cracked a little, “It’s been years that this family has been broken, but we found you again and you were the missing piece. We cherish you, like-like we’re afraid we will lose you again or break you. Y-you can’t leave.” Her brother hung his head low, “We all love you. I love you…please.”

Grace could hear the sincerity in his voice, “You promised…and you broke it,” she whispered just loud enough.

“I know. Those things were cruel, but I can’t change the past. Please, PLEASE, don’t let my temper make you leave us. I won’t be able to live with myself if you go. What I said didn’t-no never- was or will ever be directed towards you.” Blaise placed his forehead in his sister’s lap.

Silence overwhelmed the Slytherin common room.

“God you’re such an arse sometimes,” Grace said with a watery smile.

Blaise perked up at the sudden sarcasm, his sister was back. He sat up and hugged the woman as if his life depended on it. He leaned his forehead against hers and whispered low enough so no one could hear, “Mother and Father know you took the files. The imprints are a tracking curse; they should disappear as soon as you return them.” He placed his hand on Grace’s face and smiled, “I should’ve know you would let your curiosity get the best of you.”


Draco and Pansy were sitting on the couch in front of the siblings, watching the two as if it were an illustrious soap opera.

“I told you he would cave first,” whispered Draco as Pansy regretfully gave him five galleons in payment of their bet.

A couple hours later…

“Wakey-Wakey sunshine.” Pansy sang in Grace’s ear. The Italian immediately shot out of bed; her eyes wide open with horror. “Come on,” Pansy continued, “It’s time to get you ready.”

“What are you talking about?” Grace mumbled with sleep. Apparently when she woke up to Blaise’s apology, it was only 3:00 in the morning. This day was not going to be any good as the day before.

“You can’t see…so I’m going to help you get ready!” Pansy piped in an abnormally high-voice. “Blaise spoke with Draco and I after you went back to bed and we came up with a deal. I will prepare you for the day, Draco will help you with your studies, and Blaise will walk you to classes.”

“Ugh,” Grace ran a hand down her face, “Sure. Brilliant.” She was still too tired to comprehend every word the blonde was saying, but she had a feeling if Blaise organized it, it would be all right.

“Okay lets gets started.”


After about an hour of getting ready, Pansy descended the stairs in a proud fashion. Blaise and Draco were already dressed and waiting to escort the two females to breakfast.

“What took so long Parkinson?” Draco asked in annoyance.

“It takes time to make the prettiest girl in school a goddess.” Pansy drawled as she whipped a black strand across her shoulder.

“Well you did a great job at that.” Blaise said as he watched his sister descend the stairs. Grace was dressed in traditional Slytherin robes, but her hair was loosely curled to frame her face. (The boys hadn’t noticed yet, but Pansy placed a sparkling charm on her tresses, so when the light caught onto it, her red color would become more prominent.) His sister’s makeup was also well done, a warm copper shadow went just past her crease, and a sheer peach tone played on Grace’s tiny pout. Pansy could clean up someone well, especially after said person had practically cried for ten hours straight.

“I was talking about me you twit,” Pansy argued, she glanced over to Grace. “Oh...” She ran up the stairs to help guide the girl down.

“Good morning, ready to go?” Grace said brightly, she didn’t know what Pansy did but she felt great.

“Yeah… you look nice.” Draco stated as he admired the burgundy-haired girl. He thought that Grace was beautiful before, stunning even, but now, she was bloody gorgeous.

“That’s all you got? I’ve been working on her for an hour and she just looks nice to you?” Pansy whined with disappointment.

Grace chuckled, “Thanks Draco.”

The four Slytherins made there way to the Great Hall.

In the Great Hall…

Ron watched as a familiar group of Slytherins entered the Great Hall, he wanted to try and catch Grace, knowing she might go for a quick snog before Potions. Before he could stop himself, he ran over to her in a giddy schoolgirl fashion.

“What do you want Weasel?” Draco drawled as his pack stopped. Grace reluctantly moved her head to where she felt her ‘boyfriends’ presence.

“I came to wish my girlfriend ‘Good Morning’, not like it’s any of your concern, Ferret.” The redhead quickly leaned over to said girlfriend, “Good Morning babe,” He planted a kiss on her tightly sealed lips. “You look great today.”

Grace looked down at the ground after the kiss, she was never one for public display of affection, and having Ron be the one to do it (especially after the previous night) gave her the creeps.

“It is of my concern. She was wandering the halls like a frightened cat, while you could have easily escorted her to the dungeons. I had to find her three hours after she got released from the Hospital Wing. It’s your bloody job to make sure she’s safe.” Draco finished with anger; he hated the fact that the being in front of him was so inconsiderate of such a heavenly creature.

Ron’s face went white. What Draco was saying was true, and it didn’t help the fact that he just left her after getting what he wanted. “G-Grace I’m sor-”

“Don’t say it Weasel. I’m going to talk to you later,” Blaise spat, wrapping a comforting arm around Grace. His sister turned into the gesture and buried her face in his robes without words. He looked up at Draco, “and when were you going to tell me this bit of information?”

“Now you know. Let’s go.” Draco stalked off towards the Slytherin table, where the rest of his posse sat around him. Grace quietly thanked him once she took her rightful seat.

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