Chapter 21

At dinner, Grace sat four table sets away from Draco’s seat. She ate silently and kept her facial features set on the plate in front of her, rarely did she ever look up. Even Pansy felt an upsetting vibe from her friend, so she ended up avoiding her. Blaise immediately knew something wasn’t right, and interrogated the remainder of the group for answers. To no avail, he escorted his sister to her dormitories.

“What’s going on with you?” Blaise asked as they walked towards the dungeons. He was met with silence.

“Gracie you know you can talk to me.” Silence once more. Blaise started to break into a worried sweat and abruptly halted the two of them. “Did someone hex you again? Can you hear me?”

He held onto her shoulders and shook them rapidly. “Can you speak?”

Grace shuddered at her brother’s forcefulness. “I’m fine. Stop worrying about me.”

The Italian male gave out a sigh of relief, “Don’t do that to me Gracie, I though you lost all of your senses.” The two of them made it the Slytherin common room in silence.


Draco was thinking on the couch when the Zabinis entered the common room. Without a word, Blaise gave his sister over to Pansy who escorted her up the stairs and headed over to his own dormitories. The room was now devoid of all life. After depleting the fire whiskey stores from previous times of drinking the pain away, Draco was left with a case of butterbeer, which didn’t give anything but a slight buzz. He rested his head on the back of the leather couch in thought. He was worried about Grace and her complete shift in attitude. Maybe it was him? He couldn’t afford to scare a girl away, it would just prove himself as the man he was suppose to be. What he wanted to be. It wouldn’t matter; he would be gone in a matter of months. After a good five bottles, Draco was on an absolute buzz. He felt as if the world was muddled and his eyes were quickly getting drunk with sleep. Leaning back into the sofa he let out a hopeful breath. In a matter of months.

The air was cold and Draco buried himself deeper in the blankets. He was fully conscious now and he rolled over so his side was parallel to his nightstand. He took in a deep breath to reassure himself he was still alive. A bang, a crash, a scream here or there… Draco pressed his face in his pillow. It was just memories of the war. Just failed attempts for power and death. Just days of darkness overcome by a couple flashes of green light. Just a period of time.

Suddenly the noises stopped. Draco sat up as he realized they were real. Groping for his wand beside him, Draco felt the silence grow thicker around his bed. The thin rays of moonlight entered through his bedroom windows as his door opened and revealed a black hallway. A flash of metal gleamed in the corner of his eye.

“I’m sorry Draco. It’s what we deserve, what I-I deserve. Forgive me.”


Grace lay in the midst of her navy blue comforter, her mind replaying the stranger’s words over and over in her mind. “You’re worthless…get away…filthy slag…” Why was this affecting her so much? She had been threatened before, but for some reason, this warning hurt her, scared her. She didn’t want to stay away from him. She didn’t think she could. There was something between him and her that was like some unknown connection, and it was almost impossible for her not to stay away from it. That’s what scared her about him, never before had she felt this as Hermione. But now, as Grace, she felt it…she wasn’t sure what it was, but she knew it wasn’t something to be avoided. Draco had some effect on her, and she liked it. Draco…Draco…was he the one the stranger was talking about? Who else could it be? Then it hit her like a thousand falling books. Grace sat up straight in bed. Yes, Draco had a large amount of admirers in the school (practically 97% of the female population), but whoever attacked her specifically said, “he’s only with you because…” -it had to be Ron Weasley. She let down the silence barriers around her bed and heard snoring, primarily from the source of a certain Millicent Bulstrode. Carefully getting out of bed to not wake any light sleepers, she walked towards what she believed to be the doorway.


Draco woke up in a cold sweat and breathing heavily into the carpet before the couch. Trembling, he picked himself up and attempted to wipe the sweat off his forehead with a shaky wrist. A sharp pain twisted within his chest and he couldn’t help but groan at the familiar misery. With short breaths, he climbed back on the couch and quickly opened another warm bottle of butterbeer, knowing perfectly well he would need one later on. A small crash was heard in the corner of the room. Sitting up and pointing his wand in the direction of the intruder, Draco turned to face the source of the sound. Grace had just descended from the staircase, without help, and bumped into a nearby chessboard, leaving a few of the pieces to fall to the ground. Draco thought she was fetching in her demure grandpa pajamas, that happened to be a very complementing scarlet color. He quickly got up and turned to help the girl, despite if she wanted him to or not.

“Uh-hey…are you asleep?” Draco awkwardly asked before he touched her, the only people who he heard housed sleepwalkers were Longbottom and a couple Hufflepuffs.

“No.” Grace said as she regained balance on a nearby table. “You’re up late.”

“I should say the same to you,” Draco walked up and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, “Come on, let’s sit down.”

After they got situated on the couch, Grace was the first to break the silence. “You smell like alcohol.”

Draco turned in embarrassment, “Yeah well…I thought I would have a couple drinks…” He was waiting for her to pester him about school rules, but got the complete opposite, “Do you have any to spare?” she asked. Shocked, Draco handed her the open bottle of butterbeer.

“Thanks,” Grace said once again and let out a captivating smile. Draco glowed with a confident aura when he saw her grin, although she couldn’t see, he smiled back. Grace took a sip of her butterbeer and let out a sigh, “I’m sorry for acting so weird earlier. I just had to think things through.”

Draco made himself comfortable when he heard the signs of conversation. “You don’t have anything to apologize for. You don’t have to feel obligated to explain yourself unless you want to…”

Grace smiled as she took another sip, “That’s the thing…I want to.”


Blaise woke up early in the morning with a small strain in his back. Knowing he couldn’t go back to sleep unless the pain was relieved, he wandered over to Draco’s trunk trying to find that numbing ointment the blonde used for Quidditch practice. Unable to find it, he remembered Draco staying out in the common room all night, so Blaise decided to confront the man and ask where he kept it. Walking out to the common room, Blaise was met with the sight of his sister and best mate sleeping soundly on the couch. Grace had her legs bent and thrown over Draco’s lap, her head managed to venture in the crook of the man’s neck, and his arm wrapped around the back of the couch. Blaise smirked with a sly smile, “I told you mate…you like her.” He walked back to bed with peace in his mind.

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