Chapter 22

Draco got ready that morning in a strangely good mood. As he slipped on his essential black t-shirt, he recalled one of the many conversations he and Grace last night.

Several hours earlier…

“What are those?” Draco asked as he watched Grace place her third bottle onto the coffee table. At this point, they both had made themselves fairly comfortable on the couch.

“Nothing…” Grace muttered as she pulled her pajama sleeves to cover her wrists again.

“Those aren’t nothing. Let me see.” The boy demanded as he reached for her arm. Grace reluctantly gave him her arm, and secretly wished for her wand so she could place a quick glamour charm on her skin.

Draco inspected the bruises on her arm, anger bubbling in his veins. “Who did this to you?” He looked up at her with fiery eyes.

“Draco it’s nothing. I’m fine now.” Grace reasoned as she pulled her arm away. She shouldn’t have let him see the marks the stranger gave her.

“I’ll kill him.”

“What?” Grace murmured in shock.

“I’ll kill him. How could you let him do this to you?!” Draco seethed, knowing fairly well it was the Weasel.

“Don’t! Draco, please! I promise, it wasn’t him!” Grace explained.

Draco didn’t believe her one bit, but continued to talk to her through the night. When she finally fell asleep, he spoke again, “He won’t touch you again, I swear it…”


Grace found her way down the stairs after Pansy helped her to get ready. Today she had her hair pulled away in a curly ponytail, and the focus of her face was her eyelashes. Grace was never one to wear makeup before, especially as Hermione, and now she felt a bit too glamoured for such a daily occasion. As Pansy helped her get ready, Grace tried to think of how to diffuse the situation about Ron. He was her boyfriend, but someone seemed to dislike their relationship enough to make things physical towards her. She didn’t want to ruin her friendship with the boy, and she was so close to befriending Harry and Ginny again. For now, Grace decided to keep her distance but maintain her relationship.

“Morning Gracie,” Blaise greeted as his sister reached the bottom of the staircase. Draco was leaning against the banner of the fireplace, casually waiting for the specific female. Knowing his best friend was watching, Blaise planted a kiss on his sister’s cheek for emphasis. In response, he heard Draco growl from the other side of the room. Blaise chuckled as he grabbed his sister’s hand and began to lead her towards the portrait.


The rest of the day went as normal as possible. By lunchtime Grace decided to confront Ron and ask if there was any potential angry exes or admirers, just so she can keep an eye out. That, however, is difficult to do, especially when her brother was escorting her everywhere she went. The two siblings were currently walking towards the south side of the castle.

“How are you holding up sis?” Blaise asked in attempt to make conversation.

“Fine.” Grace mumbled beside him, she was deep in thought. The two stayed quiet until they heard a familiar couple in the hallway.

Grace heard the sounds of her two of her best friends and halted, as their voices got close enough. “Hi Harry! Hi Ginny!” she exclaimed, stopping her and her brother in his tracks.

Harry and Ginny were in mid-discussion as they heard a girl greet their names. Still hand in hand, the two Gryffindors looked at the Slytherin duo. “Zabini.” Harry said in a firm salutation.

“Do you know where Ronald is?” the girl asked, her brother looking down on her in awe.

Blaise hissed in low tone, “Grace…what are you-”

Ginny interrupted him, “I haven’t seen him since lunchtime, but now should be his free period. I think I overheard Peeves tell Filch that he saw him near the West corridor. Probably in the Charms room if you ask me.”

“Thanks Gin, you’re great.” Grace said brightly, she grabbed her brother’s hand and headed towards the designated location. She knew Ginny must be right; Ron was one to visit the Charms classroom in that part of the castle, it was the only class down there that he had.

Ginny looked back at her boyfriend, “Did she just call me Gin?” Harry sported a perplexed expression, “I guess she’s just really friendly…” he stated, knowing very well that the only people who called his girlfriend that was her family, him, and Hermione Granger.


Blaise was trying to stop his sister from running to the Charms classroom, “Gracie why don’t you let me lead? You know, so you won’t run into things!” Grace slowed her pace and let him guide her.

“Thank you,” Blaise said trying to catch his breath, “Why are we visiting the Weasel?”

“It’s Weasley, Blaise. And I need to talk to him.”

“Ahh…you’re finally going to break things off with him aren’t you?”

Grace stopped, an offended expression forming on her cherubic features, “No.”

Blaise looked at his sister in disappointment, “Oh okay. Just don’t go snogging in front of me…” He started as he led them towards Charms.

As Grace believed to be near the classroom, she heard her brother open up the door. “Ron?” She asked into the room. A few gasps were heard, and she felt her brother’s grip tighten harshly on her hand. She let out a slight whimper from the sudden pain; he was practically crushing her.


Blaise opened the door of the Charms classroom to see the Weasel giving a very sensual display of mouth to mouth with the same blonde female as last time. The Italian became red with fury as he saw his sister’s boyfriend in lip-lock with another woman.


Ron looked up to see his girlfriend and her brother in the doorway. ‘Oh shit,’ his mind stuttered. Behind him, Lavender could be seen with a defiant smirk on her face, oh this was just perfect.


“Ron?” Grace asked again, “Are you in there?”

“Grace lets go.” Her brother practically yelled beside her. He then turned her roughly and started dragging her down the corridor.

“BLAISE! Let me go!!” She demanded as she tried to rip his iron grip off her bruised wrists.

“Grace I needed you to get out of there,” Blaise stated, his anger obviously directed towards something else.

Grace calmed down considerably, “Was he in there?” She stopped walking, hoping her brother would do the same.

Blaise didn’t know what to say, at the moment he wanted to murder the ginger, but he didn’t want to be the one to break his sister’s heart.

Grace took his silence as a ‘yes’, “If he was with someone else….I-” her voice cracked as tears began to form in her eyes. “I’ll be okay. I will.”

Blaise took his sister in his arms and laid her head against his chest, shortly hearing soft sobs in the fabric. The brother looked up to just the person he wanted to see, “Mate, mind taking my sis for a bit? I need to exterminate a rodent.”

Draco turned towards his friend, broom in hand and dressed in sweaty Quidditch robes. “Uh…yeah sure.” He walked over to Grace and wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulders. As he led her to the Slytherin common room, the girl’s brother headed in the opposite direction in means to hex a specific Weasel into oblivion.


Once Draco sat Grace down on one of the desks in the common room, he briefly left her to shower and change into normal clothing. When he came back Grace was done crying and twiddling a quill in between her fingers. “What was the cause of so many tears?” He said softly, knowing she might break down again at any moment.

Grace looked up as she heard Draco’s voice. The girl let out a large depressing sigh, “I think Ron and I are over…”

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