Chapter 24

Lavender pressed an ice pack onto a patch of Ron’s bruising skin, the ginger hissing with the infliction of pressure.

“Why did your girlfriend’s brother hex you again?” Ginny asked as she settled into Harry’s arms.

“I booked the pitch the same time the Slytherins wanted to practice…” He shoved Lavender’s arm away from his side, “and Zabini isn’t my girlfriend anymore.”

The other three Gryffindor faces clearly expressed their baffled state. Ginny was the first to break the quietness that had become too common nowadays, “I told you it wouldn’t last long,” her head clearly turned to Harry.

Ron went red from his sister’s lack of sympathy; “Well I’m sorry that I can’t find someone compatible with me like you are with Harry…and it’s not my bloody fault anyways.”

“What do you mean mate?” Harry asked as he shifted Ginny in his lap, he could see right through his best friend.

“She’s completely mad if she wants to spend all her time with Slytherins surrounding her like guard dogs.”

“Well Zabini is a Slytherin, she can’t spend time with much anyone else. And besides she still can’t see. I heard a few of them were bribed by her brother to take care of her while she’s in this state.” Harry reasoned. He wasn’t quite sure why he was supporting his best mate’s ex, but she had this familiar stature that he relatively enjoyed.

“Well then why don’t you deal with her?!” Ron yelled, breaking the common room into a disturbed silence.

“Ron you are compatible with someone,” Ginny said, referring to her brother’s previous statements. She desperately wanted to get off the subject at hand.

“And who might that be?”


Harry, Ron, and Ginny both looked at Lavender in pure disgust, apparently they forgot she was part of the conversation.

“I was talking about Hermione,” Ginny said, turning her full weight towards the obsessive blonde.

Ron placed his head in his hands, purposely pushing Lavender off the couch they were both sitting on. “I don’t know about that…”

“Huh?” The other three said at once, even Lavender expected him to say something more endearing.

“I don’t know…It’s just…” Ron looked up to his friends, tears making their way over his blue irises. “Blimey…I miss her.”


“She’s going to hate me.”

“Should I care?”

“She hates to fly.”

Draco stopped himself in the dungeon hall, “Why the hell are we doing this then?”

Blaise was already far ahead of him, his voice echoing off the damp cavern, “I told you…you have absolutely no idea how fun it is to have siblings.”

“Well that’s an extremely vague answer.”

Blaise let out an annoyed sigh, “Just get your damn broom and I’ll show you.”

By this point, the two heads of Slytherin had entered their relative common room. Draco quickly left to obtain his broom, while Blaise strode to the corner where his sister sat. “Hey,” he casually said, kissing his sister on the cheek.

Grace leaned into her brother’s arms and took in his familiar scent. “I’m sooooo bored,” she groaned into his sleeve.

“And why is that?”

“I can’t read, I can’t write, I can’t do a blistering thing!”

“Come on,” Blaise began to sit up, carefully unraveling his sister from his robes. He grasped her fragile hands in his own and cautiously led her outside the common room, where Draco was already waiting. Blaise had secretly placed a sound charm on his mates shoes, so that his sister would only believe it was just them walking.

“Where are you taking me?”


“Blaise Adron Zabini do not dare lie to me.”

“I am not!”

By the time the trio had stopped, judging by the uneven stone beneath her loafers and the wind coming in through the stone archways, Grace could tell they were still on school grounds. She was on the northern bridge. “I don’t appreciate your inscrutable behavior.”

“I am not being inscrutable!”

“Are to!”

“Am not!”

“Are to!”

Draco couldn’t help but snort at the familial argument; they both seemed so childish. Grace cut short the fight when she heard the small interruption. “Who’s there?”

“No one Gracie…you’re getting barmy.” Blaise looked at his best friend with a stricken glare, one that meant to say, ‘shut up’. Complying with the Italian’s orders, Draco lifted his arms in defense.

“I swear I heard some-”

“Come on Grace, let’s get started…” Blaise quickly placed a sound bubble on his sister’s head and turned towards Draco. “Okay, so I’ll get her on the broom and you go on from there.”

“Me?! Why the bloody hell does it have to be me? She’s your sister!” The blonde defended, he just wanted to watch Grace squirm, not take any part in the action.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake, YOU’RE seeker. She’s much safer with you!”

Draco eyed his best mate in fury and quickly got settled on his broom. Blaise took off Grace’s sound bubble and instructed her to wrap her arms around him, which was of course Draco’s torso instead.

“Why do I have to hug you from behind?”

“Because we are going for a ride…”

Grace became alert as she felt her feet lift from the ground. “YOU PUT ME ON A BROOM!!!!!”

She could hear her brother laughing in the distance. “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! OH GOD GET ME DOWN. I’M GOING TO DIE!” “BLAISE GET ME DOWN THIS INSTANT!”

Draco was suffering from the girl’s instinctive punches as he rose the two of them out an archway and into the pit underneath the bridge. He absolutely loved the feeling of flying, but this time was disrupted by Grace’s screams. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

“SHUT IT WILL YOU! YOU’RE FINE!” Blaise yelled from the stone bridge. This was just too fun; he got the pure joy of aggravating his sister and the opportunity for his best mate to suffer her wrath.

In the air, Grace started to hyperventilate. “P-p-p-please get me down.” She started to claw Draco’s chest, hoping it will delay their flight pattern.

“Just enjoy it.” Draco said, trying to get higher in the air. Grace was too scared to realize the voice was not her brother’s.

“I can’t do this…you know I hate f-flying…PLEASE.” Grace started to tear.

Draco could feel water enter through the fabric of his shirt, and analyzing that it was not raining, he began to slow down. At a glacial pace, Draco rounded the west part of the castle, carefully winding through the many points and tapestries that jutted out of the stone. He began to lift them higher and higher towards the astronomy tower, hoping that the small railing could provide the two of them support. The sun was beginning to set and the air becoming much colder, and Grace began to squeeze his torso with less and less force.

The girl behind him was absolutely terrified until the pilot complied to her wishes and slowed down. Unraveling her arms just a smidge, she let the air run through her hair and touch ever sense on her body. Grace felt weightless in the air and she began to wonder why she hated flying in the first place, but judging that she couldn’t see, she concluded it was the view that scared her most.

When Draco finally reached their destination, he carefully stopped the broom and let it hover just out of reach from the tower railing. He balanced on the broom and gently took Grace’s hand off his chest and placed it on the cold rail. She immediately grabbed onto the banister for support, but remained on the broom.

As Grace held the rail with gratitude, she began to see small pools of grey and blue slowly disappear. Blurred forms began to clarify, just like muggle camera lenses focusing. She could see. The first thing she saw clearly was the view. The sun was setting in shades of purple and red and the Black lake seemed to shimmer with an iridescent quality. Thestrals were flying above the trees, and even Draco could see them. Grace gasped in awe at the scene before her, the view clearly taking her breath away. Draco turned to face the girl and immediately took note of her eyes. Their clouded appearance had depurated and glowed with a lustrous element. “About time…” was all he could say.

Grace was startled by the sudden voice and quickly turned her head to see an attractive blonde. In the air, the sun seemed to reflect directly off of him, making him look like a glowing figure. His eyes were glazed with happiness and his smile reached each corner of his face. The only dull thing about his appearance was his black shirt, which seemed to be ripped in several places from her finger’s scratching him. “Draco?”

Draco nodded with a closed smile on his face; he went back to looking at the celestial view in front of him.

Grace was extremely confused to how Draco got there, but was then distracted by looking down. She saw hundreds of meters below her, dark depths of stone and concrete. The sight began to haunt her and creep that initial fear that filled her very bones a few mere minutes ago. Grace observed her balance on the thin broom supporting her and she immediately began to sway. Letting out a final screech, she managed to fall off the broom and begin her descend to the depths below.

Draco, as fast as he was, began to chase after the girl with dread filling his veins. As quick as a snitch itself, he grasped onto the ends of her robes and lifted her into his arms. “Don’t look down. I’m so sorry.” Grace immediately embraced herself in his arms and dug her face into his shirt, scared of the feeling of nothing supporting her.

Draco immediately flew to the Hospital Wing and landed on the small entrance outside the corridor. When they finally landed, Grace wobbled on the solid ground beneath her feet and managed to get off the broom. Draco swiftly picked her up again and ran towards the medical room. “Draco, I’m fine. There’s no need-”

The blonde just kept going, using legilimency, he entered his best mate’s mind. “Hospital Wing now.”

Blaise became alert as he waited by the stone bridge. He heard Draco’s voice in his mind and new something was up. He took off with great speed.

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