Chapter 25

“This is what you got me for? She’s not even hurt!” Blaise huffed in irritation.

“She could’ve been! She dropped two stories!”

“I’m fine Draco, don’t worry so much.” Grace pleaded as Madam Pompfrey finished examining her.

“Of course of all times she regains her sight, it has to be several kilos above the ground…” Blaise breathed as he ran a hand over his face. “This is ridiculous. Grace your fine. Lets go.”

“Let her rest for a while, you boys create so much drama. It’s exhausting,” the medi-witch argued. She left the three Slytherins in the bed area.

Blaise let out a frustrated sigh. “I’m going to go reason with the old bird.” He strode out towards the nurse’s office.

“I swear he’s the more dramatic one,” Draco said, pointing his thumb in the direction where Blaise left.

Grace giggled, “I can justify to that.” She combed her fingers through her windswept hair in attempt to brush out the tangles. Looking up, she took notice of Draco’s tattered state. “Merlin, did I do that?”

Draco looked down on his shirt, noticing the small scratches with droplets of blood hanging off the skin. He snickered, “Yeah you did.”

Grace began to get off the bed, “I’m so sorry. Let me help-”

Draco swiftly stepped back. “I’m fine, really.”

“I’m helping you whether you like it or not,” the small Italian began as she folded her arms elegantly across her chest, “sit down.”

The blonde obliged to her orders and sat on the cot while Grace picked through several ointments on a nearby shelf. She recognized a thick orange sludge and plucked the jar from its rightful place. Returning quickly to the mattress, she stuck a finger into the warm goop and gently started to spread it onto Draco’s exposed chest. “It should heal in a couple of minutes,” she mumbled in concentration.

Draco looked down as Grace carefully spread the gel-like substance on his wounds, “Do you want to be a medi-witch?”

Looking up from her work, Grace gave a small smile, “No.” The blonde boy then nodded in understanding. He naturally lifted his left arm to pull a stray hair away from her face. He relished the feeling of her hair between his fingertips and cherished the warmth her face was emitting off her skin.

Grace had clutched onto Draco’s arm during his affectionate action and immediately felt a spell. “What’s this?”

“Nothing.” Draco extracted his arm immediately and pathetically attempted to hide the limb.

“Draco, give it here.”

“I said it’s nothing. Get over it.” He said, anger filling his words.

Grace swiftly got out her wand and pointed it at the small visible bit of Draco’s left inner arm. The boy then tried to cover up the tattoo with his right arm, hoping the torture would end. He hated what was imprinted there, and he certainly didn’t want anyone to see it.

“It’s fading you know. You won’t need to hide it much longer.” Grace said, knowing fully well what was hidden behind Draco’s glamour charm.

“How do you know that?”

She gave a small smile, “My brother was one too you know. He showed me his and I don’t judge him for it. I’m not going to judge you for yours either.” She ripped her gaze from Draco’s stunned expression and carefully took his arm into her hands, letting the Dark Mark be fully visible. Draco’s heart stopped as Grace began to run her fingers around the delicate swirls of ink and ended at the head of the snake. “I would never judge you for something you were forced to do.” She looked up into Draco’s steel grey eyes and concluded her monologue, “You don’t have to be alone.” Grace pointed her wand to her left arm and lifted the glamour charm, revealing the word ‘Mudblood’ made out of fading scars.

Draco instinctively pulled her arm closer to get a better view. Where had he seen this before? His memory was foggy and his grip was getting tighter and tighter. When he saw her arm all he could recall was a long terrified shriek. He let go of her arm and backed away, making the bed push backwards.

Blaise then entered the area with a look of triumph on his face, “I got permission. Come on, let’s go.”

Grace quickly rushed after her brother, leaving a haunted blonde behind on the cot.


Ron sat on his bed in deep though. The air was cold and he couldn’t care less about his freezing toes. He didn’t know why he felt so rotten over this breakup. He had dumped several other girls before, so why was this affecting him so much? Ron ran a large hand over his freckled face and groaned into his pillow. This feeling was so familiar. It felt—It felt almost like he lost something all over again. Like he lost someone… The redhead sat straight up in the four-post bed, eyes wide in realization.


A couple hours later…

After a quick dinner the Zabinis could be found walking back to their dormitories.

“Why do you want to spend your Friday nights in a dank common room?”

“I need to catch up on the work I’ve missed in the last couple of days.” Grace said, walking swiftly down the side of the hall.

“You finished that work weeks ago. Draco told me you’re months ahead!” Blaise huffed, trying to catch up with his sister’s strides. “For someone so tiny, you walk fairly quick.”

“Thank you-” His sister smirked, slowing her pace so her twin could match her speed. “Speaking of Draco, how did he tell you where I was?”

“He knows occulmency and legilimency.”

Grace stopped in surprise, “Wh-”

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t use it unless he needs to. Lucius made him learn when he was very young. You know, a way to gain power and all that…”

“Speaking of Mister Malfoy-”

“Lucius. Call him Lucius.”

Grace crossed her arms, apparently tired from her brother interrupting. “Why?”

Blaise shrugged, “Draco hates for him to be the rightful owner of the Malfoy name.”

“Well that’s a bit selfish, considering he is Draco’s father.”

“Trust me Grace, after what he put Draco and his mum through, you would be just as ashamed.” Blaise continued walking along the brick corridor.

“Get me his file.” Grace panted as she jogged up to meet her brother.


“Get me his file.”

“Why would I do that?”

“I want to read it.”

“Do you fancy him or something?”

Grace paused in frustration, “That has nothing to do with it…and it’s none of your business!” Her brother gave her a long knowing smirk. “He told me he wants to destroy his file, I want to know what’s in it that he doesn’t want anyone else to see.”

Blaise stopped, taking a stance with full seriousness, “If he doesn’t want anyone to see it, then don’t look through it. And besides, you can’t destroy the files. They’re indestructible.”

“I don’t want to destroy it, I want to read it!”

“Come on Grace, this is a bad idea.”

“I know you’re curious too! Why can’t I see it?!”

“Why can’t you get it?”

“Because father is already furious for me taking the Weasleys’ and our own! Come on! It’ll only be for a day or two!” She gave her twin large sad eyes.


“Blaise pleeeeaaasssseee.”


Grace sniffed, “B-Blaise...”

Her brother sighed and ran a hand through his hair, “I’ll get it tomorrow.”

“Yay! I love you!!” She kissed the boy on the cheek.

“You too sis.”

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