Chapter 26

Harry walked up the stairs to the Gryffindor boy’s dorm, ready to change into more comfortable clothing. Opening the door and walking over to his bed, he noticed his friend rummaging with something over his own covers. “Ron, what are you doing?”

“Trying to focus…”

“You know you can’t focus.”

“Well I’m bloody well trying!”

“Okay fine you’re trying! What for?” Harry said in defense, simultaneously pushing up his round spectacles.

“They are just too alike-” Ron mumbled, going over several items on his bed.


The ginger continued with his antics, causing Harry’s face to fill with worry. “I didn’t see you at dinner today… you’re always at dinner.”

“I’ll go down to the kitchens later,” the boy stated, still looking down at a large piece of parchment.


“What?!!” The redhead yelled, fully breaking out of his concentration.

“What is going on with you?!” Harry yelled, causing his fists to clench with frustration.

Ron waved him over to his side of the room, making space on the covers so his friend could sit. “Look here,” he pointed at one parchment to another, “look at the writing.”

Harry leaned over the inscriptions with careful weight, “What about them?”

“Really Harry? You’re smarter than me and you can’t even see it?”

“Well, what is it then?”

“They’re alike!” Ron beamed, pushing the papers towards his best mate.

“So? What does that have to do with anything?”

“Look again Harry!”

Green eyes scanned the documents with pure interest, but no avail. He looked at Ron with a defeated expression.

Ron gave out a dramatic sigh and rolled his eyes, “Oh honestly,” he pointed a large finger at the corner of each parchment.

As Harry’s head lowered towards the paper, his expression got larger with curiosity, Grace Zabini, his eyes shifted to the parchment parallel to it, Hermione Granger.


Draco sat back in his bed with true serenity in his mind. He picked through all his memories with Grace and the one created that day was the final straw for him. Draco closed his eyes and recollected the feeling of her fingers touching his arm, her soft words breathing what he felt was his heart and soul at that moment. She physical mended him from his pain and worry, tore the very fabric of hate he had been wounding around himself, and fought against all the disgusting displays he had done in the past. That was the final straw.

The blonde then opened his grey eyes and sat up, bending over so his head sat on his knees. That moment in the library was not when he realized love, it was that day. It was all of those days. From the moment she first stepped in the common room. He loved her. Draco gave out a long strangled breath. He was so determined. So determined to finally do it. To finally give up on life, get away from the world that had become of his. He was going to surrender to his demon of a father. He was going to do it. But then she came along. Grace showed him absolute joy and spirit. She showed him there is good, that… he… could possibly be good. He couldn’t conceivably give up the fight, not after what she did to him.

Getting out of bed, Draco walk over to the dorm room window. Rain slipped down the glass in beads of chilled fog, the snow outside melting and reforming in a new life. The trees were bare from their familiar green coat and leaned horizontally under the weight of ice. Draco placed a warm hand against the frozen gass. He was going to do this right.


Harry was back on his bed, folding his robes for tomorrow. “How did you get Hermione’s notes?”

“I would always forget to give back her Arithmacy notes, so she started making copies for me.”

“Does Zabini do that too?”

“Yeah she does…” Ron said in awe, everything was laid out before him and he still couldn’t wrap his mind around it.

“What do you suppose it means?” Harry stated, sitting down on the floor.

“Can’t you see Harry?!” Ron got up and strode towards the window, leaning his forehead against the glass. “They’re the same.”

“What’s the same?”

“Who, Harry. Who’s the same.” The redhead turned back around, the moonlight shinning through his ginger strands.

“You’re confusing me mate.”

“Grace! Grace and Hermione are the same!” Ron emphasized, his arms waving in the air around him.

Harry leaned his head back against the frame of his bed, “You’re blimey joking. I think you’ve gone a bit mad.”

“I have not!”

“No two people can be the same Ron.”

“They are! I’m sure of it!”

“First off, they aren’t. Zabini is another girl. Hermione is…well she’s Hermione. Second, you only looked at two sets of notes. That’s not enough to prove anything of the sort.”

“Come on Harry! You can’t be kidding!”

“Ron I think you should talk to Ginny or something. You’re getting ridiculous.”

Ron stomped over to the his best mate’s bed, “Look. They have the same personality. Everything! It’s almost like they are in different bodies but have the same brain!”

Harry’s eyes rolled upwards in annoyance, “Frankenstein doesn’t exist, Ron.”

“What’s Franken-st-wah?”

The raven-haired boy got up and placed his hands firmly on Ron’s shoulders, “It’s a muggle story. Anyways, you need to calm down. I know it’s been hard with Hermione’s disappearance and all, but you can’t go on like this.”

Ron stepped back, his eyes widening with bewilderment. He quickly sat down on the nearest bed and placed his head in his hands.

Harry walked over and patted his best friend’s back; “It’s been difficult for me too…”

“No.” Ron looked up in excitement, “No. Don’t you see? Harry! After Hermione left, Grace came! It all fits!”

Harry shoved a hand through his hair and sat back in annoyance, “Honestly Ron you need to stop. This theory is maddening and improbable!”

“I swear Harry, it is her!”

Harry sighed in defeat, “Whatever you say mate.”

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