Chapter 27

The next day…

A portion of the Gryffindor table was completely silent at breakfast that morning. The only noises that could be heard were the angry grunts and dramatic motions of a particularly agitated Ron Weasley.

Last night…

Harry had brought his best mate down to the common room and forced him to reveal to Ginny and Lavender his ‘absurd’ theory.


“Ron! It’s been tough on all of us, you aren’t the only one who misses her…” Ginny yelled, tears running down her cheeks. Harry quickly conjured a tissue and held his girlfriend against his chest.

“Why would I miss her? She’s in the Slytherin common room right now!”

“Ronald, stop it!” Lavender cried, frustrated with her ex’s speculations. “I even agree you’re taking this too far. Hermione’s gone! Good riddance! Out of here! Vanished!” She waved her arms frantically, trying to emphasize her point.

“Lavender, get out of here. You’re making it worse. And if you ever say ‘good riddance’ with ‘Hermione’ in the same sentence again, I wouldn’t make an exception to hex you, even if you are a girl.” Harry said in a stern voice, his eyes flashing with anger.

Ginny’s sobs soon turned into small hiccups and she slowly unraveled herself from her boyfriend’s robes, being careful to remain in his embrace. Lavender stormed out of the room in pure rage, slamming the dorm’s door in a loud echo. “Ron, please try to be rational. You don’t need to think these kinds of things.” Ginny stated, leaning her cheek on Harry’s chest.

Ron groaned in his failure and went off to bed.


“If you eat slower you have a smaller chance of choking.” Ginny said, looking up to watch Ron stuff three eggs in his mouth.

Once he finished swallowing Ron wiped a napkin over his mouth, simultaneously grabbing his goblet. “How can you be so calm when she’s sitting right over there!” Ron pointed towards the Slytherin table, where Grace was chatting very happily next to Draco Malfoy.

The rest of the group didn’t bother looking over, “Blimey Ron. Get over yourself, you’re making everyone stressed.” Harry argued, leaning his head closer to his plate, trying to avoid Ron’s angry glare.

“I will no-”

A clutter of chirps was heard and everyone cleared their dishes out of the way. Looking above, Lavender spotted a school owl and quickly found a great interest of a scratch in the wooden table. In her peripheral vision she watched as Ron received a small letter and the owl retake flight.

“You didn’t owl mum did you?” Ron asked curiously, he rarely got letters nowadays, just a lot of fan mail every now and again.

“No…” Ginny responded, her eyes just as questioning.

“Well let’s see it then-” Harry began, watching Ron rip the envelope with a quick finger.

Ron’s eyes went wide and froze in his place. It couldn’t be. It-It shouldn’t. It can’t. He looked back down at the parchment in front of him.

Dear Ron,

By the time you read this it must be weeks from when I first sent it. I miss you so much. I’m so sorry for scaring you and Harry, but you must know I’m safe. Please do not worry about me. Things are complicated and I can’t come back. I can’t particularly tell you why I’ve left but know that I’m alright. I can’t stand not seeing you both, which is why I’m coming to check on you the last Friday of November. You should have this letter by then. Meet me at 9:30 near the Flutterby bush on the outer edge of the Forbidden Forest. I can’t enter the castle, not after the way I left.

Please come, I miss you.


“Harry?” Ron’s face blanched; he gave the letter to his friend with shaky hands.

“Oh my god…” Ginny murmured, looking over her boyfriend’s shoulder.

Harry’s face went just as white as Ron’s, but quickly became the color of a howler. He slammed the letter down on the table, “Really Ron? This is just low.” He stormed out of the hall.

Ron sat in his seat in utter confusion, slowly turning to his sister for help. She didn’t offer any sympathy, “You didn’t have to go this far Ron. Pretending like she still cared about us is just cruel, especially to Harry. He loved her too.” She quickly got up and ran after her boyfriend.

Ron sat back in complete defeat, his eyes flickering between the girl across the room and the letter. This didn’t make sense.


Blaise, Draco, and Pansy heard three small strides of feet behind their blindfolds.

“Where are you taking us?” Pansy whined beside Draco.

“Shhh. It’s only fair that you tortured me, that I get my turn.”

“But why do I have to come?”

“Because I thought you would enjoy it too.”


“Pans just shut it. You’re voice is giving me a headache,” Blaise groaned. “Grace, you know it was all fun putting you on a broom…we didn’t mean anything by it.”

“The best revenge is to be UNLIKE him who preformed the injury.” Draco quoted; he too was intimidated by Grace’s mysterious actions.

“Well, nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge.” Grace said, opening the large door. “In you go.” She led each Slytherin into the room.

“Why does it smell like burnt wood?” Pansy sniffed as her face crinkled in disgust, her blindfold slightly going over her forehead.

Grace waved her wand over the large space in front of her, placing a spell to cover up the charred stench. “You can take off your blindfolds now.”

The three other Slytherins lifted their masks and stared at the vast amount of green in front of them. The ‘sun’ glowed form somewhere in the ceiling, making every inch of space vibrant in spring colors. It was a simple plain of grass, complete with a backdrop of hundreds of trees, separated by a short brick wall. They seemed to be in a park.

“Where are we?” Pansy was the first to speak.

“The Room of Requirements.”

“A what?” Pansy muttered, still utterly confused about the soft grass beneath her feet, which in reality the ground was cold and snow-covered outside.

Blaise ignored Pansy’s question, “What are we doing here?”

Grace’s smile became a full-on smirk, eyeing each Slytherin with pure deviousness. Both Draco and Blaise were immediately frightened from her sudden switch in attitude and they both stepped back in caution. Grace lifted an elegant finger and pointed towards the left corner of the room. All three Slytherins followed her limb and caught eye of a metal rack, each indentation holding a large thin structure. Her smirk got wider. “Those are bicycles.” Grace said in sly tone.

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