Chapter 30

Back at Hogwarts…

“DRACO! DRACO PLEASE! OPEN THE DOOR! I NEED YOU! PLEASE!!” Grace banged on the boy’s door with her tiny fists. Heated tears began to run down the sides of her face and she subconsciously touched the withering piece of parchment in her pocket. She needed to find Ron, and she knew she couldn’t do this alone.

Suddenly the door opened and a tall pale Slytherin peeked out, his mop of black hair blocking out his hazel eyes. “Yeah?”

“Theo! Where’s Draco?” Grace cried in gratefulness, she leant back into the stairwell and recollected her proper demeanor.

“He’s on patrols.”

“It shouldn’t have taken him this long.”

“Well he’s not back yet, Grace. You need help with anything?” The boy leaned against the doorway, giving her a flirtatious wink.

Grace gave a loud audible sigh, “I guess you’ll do. Come…we need to hurry.” She grabbed the Slytherin by the front of his collar and started to drag him to her desired location.


A little while later, both Slytherins found themselves in front of the Gryffindor Common Room.

“Oh you have got to be joking. This is why you needed me?” Theo whined as he recovered from gasping for air.

Grace ignored the boy’s hasty commentary and turned to the portrait of the Fat Lady. “Dirigible Plum.”

The Fat Lady looked at the girl in awe, “Who told you the password?”

“Please just let us in.” Grace gave with a sigh; she peeked at the parchment in her pocket. The ink was fading quicker, “I promise you no harm.” She turned to Theo, “and neither will he.”

“I refuse, you are a danger to my students.”

“Let her in, you hag!”

“Nott, SHUT UP!”

The male Slytherin stepped in front of Grace and pointed his wand at the painting’s chest. “I will not hesitate to remove you from this wall.”

Grace then pulled him back and hissed at his actions, “DO NOT DARE DAMAGE SCHOOL PROPERTY.” She released the withered Slytherin from her grasp and returned back to the portrait, “I’m sor-”

The Fat Lady was gone. Theo then pulled the empty painting open and held it for the Italian to step in.

Grace and Theo entered the room quickly and took in the scene around them. Grace couldn’t have felt more at home as she cherished the warm array of colors that surrounded her. Theo, however, was fairly uncomfortable.

“What the hell are you doing here?” yelled a second year from the corner of the room. All life in the room stopped and stared at the rival duo that stood in their territory. The only movement that proceeded was the stiff figures of the older Gryffindors rising from their seats.

“Nott, you have no business here.” Harry spat from the other side of the room.

The male raised up his arms in defense, “Relax Potter. I’m only here as her bodyguard.” He shifted his head to look at Grace.

“Where’s Ron?”

“How did you get in?” Ginny said from beside Harry. Her arms were crossed in a defiant manner, very similar to her mother’s.

Grace bypassed the girl’s question and rapidly turned her head to face the raven-haired boy, “Harry, where is he?”

Harry’s voice began to rise, “Upstairs sleeping.”

“Are you sure?” The Italian stepped forward.

Ginny looked at Harry in a questionable glare, she mainly just wanted the rival house to get out of her common room. “Get out.”

Grace stepped even closer, bringing herself right in front of the two heads of Gryffindor, “Please. He’s not upstairs, I know he isn’t. If you don’t know where he is, I need your help.”

“He’s upstairs Zabini. Have a look, why don’t you, and then get out.”

“Harry, listen to me! He’s gone and I need to find him! You’re cloak is probably missing!”

Harry and Ginny stepped back in shock, clearly dumbstruck from the girl’s rambling.

“Harry, I need your map, it’s my only way of finding him.”

The golden boy mumbled out of his stunned silence, “Who told you about the map? Di-”

“Ron never told me a thing.” Grace quickly stepped in. “Please, Harry, I need it. It’s urgent.”

Harry turned to Ginny in a motion to help him decide, but she already had the answer for him. “No. Get out.”

“Ginny you have to understand. This isn’t about me, it’s about him. He’s dying! I need the map to find him…please.” Tears of desperation began to fill her brown eyes and she clutched onto Ginny’s robes for support. “You need to understand.”

Harry pulled the emotional being off his girlfriend, “Er-One second.” He turned to head up the boy’s dorms.

“HARRY, YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!” Ginny yelled after him once she finished wiping the tears of her jumper.

A minute or two later Harry descended from the stairs with a white face. He halted in front of the steps and gulped a deep breath, “My cloak is gone.” Green eyes shifted towards the Slytherin, “And so is Ron.”

He lifted a shaky hand and pulled an old piece of folded parchment from his back pocket. Placing it in Grace’s hands, he turned to Ginny, “I’m going to find him.”

“Harry you-”

“He’s my best mate Gin, I have to make sure he’s safe.”

The redhead clutched onto her boyfriend’s robes in an attempt to stop his departure. “She’s lying, Harry! Th-they’ll kill you. If Ron really is missing and with Hermione’s disappearance… I can’t…you can’t leave me.” She whispered with watery eyes.

Harry leant his forehead against hers, “I’ll be fine…I won’t be going anywhere.” He placed a soft kiss on her lips.

Grace swiftly stepped back, “I won’t hurt him... I swear it.” The Slytherin tucked the parchment into her robes and looked over to Ginny. “I will bring both back in one piece.” She gave her friend a comforting smile, “You can trust me, I’m a Gryffindor remember?” She swiftly ran out the door with Theo and Harry following a few paces behind.

A couple minutes after the students had left and the initial shock of the events died down, a third year blurted out of realization, “Wait. Did she say she’s a Gryffindor?”


Outside the common room, Grace, Harry, and Theo had already made their way towards the left gate near the Ravenclaw commons. Stopping briefly in the hallway, the Italian knelt on the ground and pulled out both pieces of parchment out of her pocket. “See this,” she pointed her wand towards the piece of the Weasley file and showed the two other boys the article, “the ink is becoming transparent, he doesn’t have much time.” She hovered her wand over to the map. Opening it fairly quickly, she searched her lighted wand over the paper. “Where are you Ronald?” She mumbled into the icy air.

“There.” Harry pointed his finger towards the outer edge of the castle, “He’s there. Let’s go.”

“Nott head back and inform McGonagall. Tell her to have Madam Pompfrey prepared, after wait in the commons and let my brother or Draco know where I am if you see them.” Grace rambled as she and Harry set off towards the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Behind them a Slytherin ran in the opposite direction.

Outside the castle…

“RON!!!” “RON!” “RONNN!!” the two yelled into the chilling air. They had made it in a matter of minutes and were currently searching an open patch of trees. Grace pulled out the Ron’s file with numb fingers and reflected upon the words, “Harry, he’s almost gone. We need to find him now.”

Suddenly a low grumble greeted the space around them. “Harry what was that?”

“No idea.” The golden boy instinctively stepped in front of Grace to shield her body. Yet, she stepped out of his protection and armed her wand in a fearless stance. Harry couldn’t help but be reminded of Hermione from the girl’s actions.

Breaking out of his thoughts, Harry heard another growl. Apparently Grace did too, because she blindly shot two spells in between a set of trees. The air began to whip their faces and the snow finally reached the center of their soaked clothes. “RON!!!” Grace cried a last time before everything went dark.

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