Chapter 34

The next day…

Draco entered the hospital wing as silent as possible. He walked a couple steps further, hoping to find a certain Slytherin. The man had spent countless hours roaming the castle in order to find her, and not once had he been successful. She couldn’t possibly be ignoring him. He did nothing wrong. Did he?

“What are you doing here Malfoy?” Ron spat from his cot. Harry and Ginny were sitting at the foot of his bed.

Draco froze, trying to keep his anger at bay. “None of your business Weasley.” He looked around. No sign of her. The blonde turned to go. As he opened the door Harry Potter’s voice reverberated towards him.

“You were looking for Zabini, weren’t you?”

The name echoed inside of Draco’s ears and a small flush began to creep onto his pale cheeks. The boy kept his hold on the doorway and turned his head lightly to peek at the Gryffindors behind him. To the trio, Draco’s actions resembled an implicit ‘yes’.

“She just left an hour ago. Don’t get too jealous Ferret, it won’t do you any good.” Ron chimed from behind his bandages.

The wrath of the Malfoy heir was rapidly making an appearance. Draco swung around and practically marched towards the injured soul. “I told you to never fucking touch her again!” Harry tried to pry the Slytherin off of Ron. “Do you want me to remind you!!!!” The blonde yelled as he punched.

“Mr. Malfoy! Get out of my office! There are sick people here!” Madam Pompfrey shrieked as he pushed Draco out the door.

The Slytherin prince stormed through the rest of the castle in rage.


“Well that was bloody fantastic!” Ginny sang with sarcasm.

Ron was still pale, “Holy blistering hell. What’s got his wand in a knot?”

“Don’t know mate, but we have to focus. Did you make the list?”

Snapping out of his stunned state, Ron rummaged under his pillow for the piece of parchment he spent all night making. Harry had asked him to make a list of all possible reasons why and how Graciella Zabini resembled Hermione Granger. The Gryffindors had decided that the theory was a valid one, but still completely maddening. As Ron unfolded the paper, he looked up to his friends, “These are all my ideas.” He handed his best friend the sheet.

Harry nodded and pushed his frames further up his nose bridge. “This isn’t much Ron…”

“Well what do you expect? An entire thesis essay?!”

The green-eyed boy gave back the parchment to his friend, “You need to add more.” He pointed for Ron to start writing, “She knows about the Marauder’s map.”

Ginny, who was watching the scene with little interest, began to continue Harry’s plan. “She gave back the Invisibility cloak yesterday. She knows about that too.”

“Hold on, slow down-” Ron panted as he wrote more on the small note. “Blasted quill…” The boy set it down and took a sip of water.

“Oh, and her patronus is an otter.” Harry added as he thought of more.

Ron choked on the liquid in his mouth, “Her what?”

Harry repeated, “Her patronus is an otter.”

The redhead sat back, causing the many bandages on his body to wrinkle at the movement. “Harry! That’s all the evidence we need! She’s a sodding otter!!!”

His sister, however, pressed a hand against her temple, “That’s not enough Ronald.”

“She’s an otter! That proves everything!!”

“Anyone could be an otter.” Harry argued.

“Hermione was an otter!”

“WE KNOW THAT!” Harry and Ginny yelled at once.

In the Slytherin common room…

Grace held an open book in her hands and tried to make sense of the words on the page. It was no use. She was anxious, more her than her brother, but Blaise seemed to be showing it more. The man was pacing along the length of the room, shoving his hands through his already messy hair and trying to breathe correctly. As time passed, Grace couldn’t help but remember their conversation in the library.

Last night…

“What am I going to do? I’ve been his best friend for years! I can’t just bring something like this up! I took an oath when I was seven! He would never forgive me! But he needs help, he can’t go through something like this alone-”


The male Zabini stopped his ramblings immediately.

“We are going to do this together.”

Blaise let out a sigh of relief, “It’s not that easy. If Malfoy found out, he wouldn’t take any of this lightly.”

Grace walked up and placed her hand on her brother’s shoulder, “I’m sure you know by now that I really do care for Draco…and that’s why whatever you do that concerns him, I’ll be right by your side.”


Grace bit her lip and Blaise stopped his pacing as they both watched who entered the common room next. Draco walked in with a large amount of attitude controlling his steps. It wasn’t hard to see that his eyes were filled with a fiery gleam and his teeth were sure to shatter from the way his jaw was clenched. Catching sight of the woman sitting on the couch, he stormed towards her.

“P-Pans, get everyone to their dorms.” Blaise demanded quickly from his stance at the fireplace.

The raven-haired girl quickly began to gather all the first and second years. Soon enough, the common room was empty, with only two nervous Zabinis and a very furious Malfoy.

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