Chapter 36

In the Great hall…

Silence echoed along the Slytherin table with occasional glares from other students. It had been three days of quietness amongst the house, and the tension was growing further. The Zabini twins were currently sitting at the far end of the table, slowly picking at their food. Draco had shunned them, and therefore the rest of the house followed. The siblings have received little to no contact with their dorm-mates and managed to remain calm throughout the reprimands.

“Blaise!” Grace whispered; she was beginning to get nervous.


“Stop glaring at Malfoy, you’re making a scene.”

Her brother turned his heated scowl towards her, “Don’t tell me what to do.”

Grace slid closer to her twin, “Look, I know you’re upset, but this is no way to handle it.”

“Just because you fancy him, doesn’t make me any less angry.” He hissed back.

“Please try to act like yourself. You’re being ridiculous.”

Blaise began to form a very chilling smirk, “Sure.” He began to raise her wand.

“No!” Her brother grabbed her wrist, “Are you mad?! Malfoy’s your best friend!”

“Malfoy my arse. If he won’t give us the slightest bit of sympath-”

“Blaise!” Grace lowered her head, “The smartest thing to do is just look down and let time pass.”

Her brother, like her, was one never to oblige an order.

“Head down, Blaise.”


“Head down.”

Blaise finally began to stare at her plate.


Draco sat in his formal place, roughly eating his food. The rage surging through him was being coaxed by pride, and he knew fairly well deep down he was taking things too far. So his most trusted friends had technically ‘offended’ him, all they knew was that his mother was dead. Nothing more. The Slytherin began to slow his violent chewing. Thank Merlin it was nothing more. His family’s past had yet to be unraveled, and that’s all he cared about. But the Zabinis were too close to the truth. He had to get them away from his presence as much as possible, knowing fully well the curiosity of the Italian siblings. He wouldn’t let anyone find out, not before he died. It was set. The prince of Slytherin looked up to observe his house table. This was his, his domain. He was the one who influenced others, the one who had respect, the one with power. The one who was so like his father. Soon everyone will know.


Harry gave his girlfriend a concerned look as he observed Ron’s behavior. The man in question hadn’t been eating since he sat down and the bandages around his torso began to tighten. Harry turned to him, “Ron, you alright mate?”

His best friend snapped out of his reverie, “Huh?”

“He asked if you are alright, Ron.” Ginny stepped in. She too, had noticed her brother’s questionable demeanor.

“Excellent, really excellent.” The man said as he shoved a spoonful of potatoes in his mouth.

Harry let out a collective breath he had been holding, but Ginny didn’t give up so easily. She nudged her boyfriend’s shoulder and presented her troubled face. Apparently he had noticed also. Their Ronald Weasley had obtained a very mischievous gleam in his eye.


Ron frowned at the rival house across the room with a suspicious attitude. Something must have happened. Neither of the Zabinis were sitting at the sides of their beloved leader and there has been no communication with either of them since. The redhead had tried to confront the mysterious Slytherin, but every time her brother would abruptly appear. Along with that, the rest of his own housemates were giving him worried glances and un-needed comforting comments. There was definitely something unusual in the air. And now was the perfect time to find out.

Ron began to shift out of his seat, careful not to disrupt the bandages that still lay over his body.

“Where are you going?” Harry asked with caution.

“The loo.” He said quickly and started to head towards the doors. He could feel two pairs of eyes staring at the back of his neck.

Ron’s heart began to race, as he got closer to the Great Hall doors. He was going to prove them all wrong. He was going to show them that Hermione was still here. He was going to show them that he still had hope. Ron swiftly turned left as he approached the doors and started heading towards the other side of the room, towards the Slytherin table.


As Harry watched Ron steer off his spoken path, he abruptly stood at his own table. That blasted boy. He began to run over to stop him.


Ron knew he had to be quick. He had already planned for Harry to attempt to stop him. The ginger picked up his pace.


Soon enough the whole hall became haunted with silence. Eyes watched the chasing game before them and contemplated what would happen next. Not one word was sounded, and quickly the anticipation began to grow. The few moments after left everyone speechless.


Just before Harry caught up with him, Ron blocked a hex thrown by him. He wasn’t going to ruin his chances. He was going to do this.

He reached Grace. Both her and her brother’s head remained downward, impeding all signs of the outside world. This was his chance.


“Yes, Ronald?”

The room gasped.

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