Chapter 37

“Yes, Ronald?” Grace said with a tinge of annoyance.

A collaborative gasp sounded throughout the room. The Zabinis’ face shot up towards the crowd. Grace’s eyes became wide; she had done it. She had revealed herself.

“Hermione… It is you!”

Blaise shook his sister out of shock. The scene unfolding wasn’t going to end well; he could feel it. Grace snapped out of her state and began to feel the tension piling in the air. It was too easy for her to openly admit her true identity. She was mistaken of her own awareness.

“Grace!” Her brother began to shake her again.

Ron boomed, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!!” He stormed towards the male Slytherin. Harry, frozen at the outcome himself, stood behind the redhead as he threw himself onto Hermione’s so-called brother.

“Grace, get out of here!!” Blaise yelled from Ron’s chokehold.

“RON, GET OFF OF HIM!” She screamed as she tried to pry her brother’s neck out of Ron’s arm.

“You sick son of a bitch, what did you do to her?!” Ron spat in Blaise’s face. He then proceeded to grab the boy’s neck by his hands and slam the Slytherin further into the brick wall. “What did you do to Hermione?!”


Blaise was turning purple and blood was seeping through his teeth. Gasping for air, he choked a few painful words, “Grace! Run!” He threw a couple punches at the Weasley’s face before he got a good bit of air.

The actions didn’t affect Ron at all; he slammed Blaise into the wall yet again, this time causing blood to appear along the man’s hairline.

Blaise resisted the urge to beat up his sister’s best friend and slowly raised his wand to Ron’s chest.

“NO! BLAISE, DON’T!” Grace cried as she stepped in between them. “He’s injured already!”

Ron knocked her to the ground.

“GRACE, RUN!!!” Blaise yelled. His sister caught a good look into his eyes.

Retracing his gaze, Grace turned her head to notice the Great Hall glaring at her with hungry eyes. She got up and started for the door.

“RUN!!” She heard her brother shout behind her.

“Harry! Get her!” Ron ordered as he pounded the Slytherin several more times in the face.

The golden boy snapped out of his shocked state and began to run after his long-lost best friend.


“HERMIONE!” Harry yelled a few yards behind her.

Grace kept going. Her heart was racing and she could feel the danger surrounding her. She made a left.

“Stupefy!” Harry shouted into the empty corridor.

Being Hermione Granger, Grace was quick to defend herself. She rounded the corner.

Harry picked up his pace. “Hermione!” At last, he grabbed her wrist.

“Let me go!” She started to scratch at his hand.


“Harry, I’m sorry. You have to let me go!” Tears began to collect in her eyes, “Let me go!”

Harry’s grip loosened just enough, “Hermione…”

She ran off.


Once Grace entered her dorms, she placed a sealing charm on the door. She had been instructed to go straight to McGonagall’s, however she couldn’t leave one thing behind. With a wave of her wand all the Zabini, Malfoy, and Weasley files flew into her grasp. A small shiver began to creep over her as she imagined the files finding their way into the wrong hands.

Grace quickly prepared herself for the venture to the Headmistress’s office. Grabbing her cloak, her wand, and the files, she swiftly wrote a small note to her fellow Gryffindor friends and reminded herself to give it to McGonagall right before she left. She didn’t want to leave again, but this time it was a matter of life or death. With a small strain of fear coursing through her veins, Grace uncharmed the door and stepped out.

In the Hospital Wing…

“YOU STUPID OAF!! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU’VE DONE?!” Blaise shouted from his bed. The two men had been petrified by Hagrid (who was in the dining hall at the time) and lifted into the school’s medical clinic. The gamekeeper simply dropped them off and went to find the headmistress.

Ron yelled his response from across the room, with the spell holding him back. “ME?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? LOOK AT HER!”

“That’s how she really looks, you dimwit!!”

At this point, Harry entered the room with a tired expression on his pale features. It appeared he had been panting from a long hard chase.

“What do you mean?! Her-” Ron started.

“Potter! Did you get my sister?!”

Harry looked up, “What?”

“Harry, did you catch her?!” Ron snapped.

The golden boy’s eyes wandered from each side of the room. Both Blaise and Ron were stuck in a binding spell. “Hermione? No.”

The Slytherin broke down, “Shit. Shit. Shit.” He looked up to the man across the room, “WEASLEY I’LL KILL YOU IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO MY SISTER!”

“She’s not your sister you fat arse!!”

“Blast that daft brain of yours! She IS my sister you conniving little bastard!” Blaise shouted from the tops of his lungs.

Harry watched the outburst with weary interest. “Zabini, who is your sister?”

Blaise looked at him with frightened eyes. “Graciella Rosa Zabini.” Harry mouth opened to say something before he interrupted again, “…and Hermione Jean Granger.”

Silence stretched to every corner of the room. Even Ron, appeared to stop breathing. Once the redhead regained his voice, Blaise was already glaring daggers into him. “Not a word Weasley. What you did was in front of a table full of Slytherins, I hope you realize that.”

Ron gulped.

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