Chapter 38

Grace opened her eyes with a dry taste in her mouth. She was in the common room and her body was tightly restricted. The Slytherins that gathered around her had the same vengeful sneer plastered on their features and looked down upon her with pure hatred.

“Well…” Grace had heard this voice before, “What are you doing? Pick her up!”

The Italian felt heavy as the view before her became vertical. Pansy, along with a few other upperclassmen, looked at her with interest.

“I’m going to mobilize you now. Don’t try to run away.” The raven-haired girl flicked her wand and immediately Grace felt the constrictions subside. She stepped forward. “Nah-uh-uh!” Pansy flicked her wand again; she was now in a full body bind.

“Please, I have to-” Grace began.

Pansy’s words mocked her voice, “I have to-…how sad.” The girl walked up to Grace with an arrogant attitude. “I don’t know what happened back there, but I sure do want to find out. Don’t you?”

The other Slytherins snickered. Pansy smirked. “Well then, why don’t you tell us what that was all about?”

Grace bit her lip, “I don’t-”

Pansy slapped her straight in the face, “Don’t be coy, dear. Spit it out.”

Tears resurfaced in the eyes of Grace Zabini, and because she was cursed, the uncomfortable feeling began to sink in her stomach. Pansy slapped her again. “I don’t know who you are… She hissed through clenched teeth. “…But you are no Slytherin.” The girl kept a hold on the Italian’s hair and yanked hard, causing Grace to scream. Letting go, Pansy took pride in seeing her work.

Suddenly the door opened and Draco walked in, causing the crowd to stir and part as he made his way towards the front. “Yay! Drakie, help me out.”

The blonde smoothly settled himself at the event before him. For a minute or two he stood his place and stared into Grace’s eyes. He looked closer. The rest of the room remained silent at their head’s endeavor and respected his calm approach to the situation. Grace as well stayed quiet, and searched into Draco’s eyes for any sign of emotion. There was none. With that same unreadable expression, Draco walked out of the room without a word.

Once the door clicked shut, Pansy pulled out her wand, “We all trusted you…” She pointed it at Grace and let resentment fill her pupils. “Bitch.” With a wave of her wand, Grace fell. “Crucio.”


Draco entered the hospital wing in slow strides. He immediately caught the attention of the only three students left in the room. Walking to the left side, he appeared at the bottom of a patient’s cot.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He said in a cool tone.

Blaise perked up at his reaction, “It wasn’t my job to tell.”

Draco placed his hands in his pockets, “It would’ve been nice to know.”

“Did she tell you?”

The blonde looked up, “No. I just saw it…in her eyes.”

“So you did see her?” Ron interjected from the other side of the room, Harry was right beside him.

Draco turned around, “Yes, Weasley.”

Blaise let out a strangled breath. “Thank Merlin.”

“So…she is your sister…right?”

The Italian nodded his head. Draco looked to his side and shifted his head slightly, he understood. The door opened unexpectedly and the Headmistress ran in, her robes swiftly moving behind her.

“Is everything alright?” Was the first thing she said. The three men in the room nodded their heads. “Mr. Zabini come with me, we will get you home-… She waved her hand and the spell broke from both students. “Come, we must hurry. Where is Ms. Zabini?”

Blaise froze, “Sh-she’s not with you? She didn’t already go?”

McGonagall went pale; there was a student in potential danger roaming around the castle. She, out of all people, knew exactly the amount of animosity one student could hold (look at Lord Voldemort for example). Yet, even she couldn’t prevent a student’s rage whenever she was not present. The headmistress had to act quickly.

“She was supposed go straight to your office!” Blaise gripped onto Draco’s robes, “Where was she last?!”

“C-common roo-” The Slytherin paused. His eyes widened with fear and slowly Blaise released his grip.

“Pansy.” They both said at once.

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