Chapter 39

The men ran faster as they heard screams echo off the dungeon halls. McGonagall had left them to obtain Madam Pompfrey, and they were currently searching for the Slytherin commons. Once they got there, Ron blasted the portrait open as Draco, Blaise, and Harry ran inside.

“GRACIELLA!” Blaise yelled right before Pansy let out another Unforgivable. He jumped in front of his shriveled sister and covered her with his body.

Draco was already on the move, by the time he entered the room he had disarmed every Slytherins’ wand, leaving Harry to petrify them in place. The two jogged over to the siblings with Ron right behind them. The scene they saw next would not be ignored for years to come.

Blaise held onto his sister with gentle arms, “Graciella…” For the first time, Draco saw tears in his best friend’s eyes, “…sorella.” (“…Sister”).

Draco’s heart sunk. The being before him was savagely tortured. In Blaise’s arms, Grace was bleeding in several places with her eyes rolled up to the ceiling, and a small pool of collective sweat and blood lay right beneath her body. Her arms appeared to be scarred all over and her frame had become limp. The girl was pale, revealing the many veins along her neck and chest. Rage began to course through Draco’s body and he clenched his teeth in order to keep it at bay.

Ron fell to his knees as he saw his best friend, “H-hermione?” He had trouble imagining that this was, in fact, the same girl he had grown up with. However, Ron remembered Hermione’s face after Bellatrix Lestrange had tortured her, and his temper began to rise. Apparently Harry did as well, for he gripped onto his wand with a brutal force.

Blaise clutched his sister and wrapped her face in his hands, “Io sono qui. Io sono qui.” (“I’m here. I’m here.”) He tried to suck in his tears, “Vi prego di scusarmi.” (“Please forgive me.”) He placed a kiss on her forehead.

Draco knelt down besides his best friend and reluctantly placed his hand on Grace’s neck. She still had a pulse. The blonde then turned his head slightly to see two fuming Gryffindors. “Potter, get Weasley out of here before he hurts someone. She needs medical attention, try to find McGonagall.”

Understanding his plan, Harry pulled Ron out of the doorway, knowing the two of them could unleash their wrath any second.

Draco turned back to Blaise and carefully unraveled him from his sister. “Blaise…”

The man broke down again and grabbed ahold of his twin, “GRACE!!!” He shouted into the air.

Now Draco’s anger was starting to get the better of him. Leaning into his best friend’s ear, he whispered, “I’ll leave Pansy for you.” He then proceeded to get up and walk towards the rest of the petrified souls in the room, wand at the ready.

Blaise choked down every last tear before he slowly got up to join his friend. Right before he reached Pansy, he could have sworn he heard a muffled gulp from behind the immobilization spell. As he got closer, his victim cringed in terror.

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