Chapter 40

“She tried to kill my daughter!” Mrs. Zabini yelled from McGonagall’s fireplace. Being restricted to their household, the Zabinis were only able to use the floo network by entering only their heads.

“I’m sorry, but I am under no jurisdiction to punish her further. Let the ministry do the rest.” The headmistress said to the flames.

“Expulsion won’t stop it McGonagall.” Mr. Zabini added as his face appeared.

“Just keep your children safe, there is nothing more I can do.”

Once the green flames had diminished McGonagall strolled over to Dumbledore’s portrait.

“Well put Minerva. Short and sweet.” He said with a grin.

The headmistress gave a small sigh, “If you were here Albus, it would be so much simpler.”

Back at Zabini Manor…

Mrs. Zabini walked down the hall and opened her daughter’s room. “Harry? Ronald? Would any of you like some tea? Pumpkin juice?” She asked the two boy’s sitting by her child’s bedside.

Both of them shook their heads with a polite smile. “No, ma’am.”

She smiled back, “Alright then, you know where the kitchens are.” She left.


Inside the room, Harry and Ron remained silent and stared upon the woman before them. This was their best friend. It shocked the two of them at first, but they initially became comfortable with the idea, this was Hermione Granger after all.


Grace began to shift under her covers and opened her eyes into the darkness of her room. Her room at home. She sat up.

“Careful!” Harry said as she got up.

“Harry! Ron!” A smile began to spread across her face and she hugged the both of them. “What are you doing here?”

“To visit you of course!” Ron laughed at the girl’s excitement. Harry ran up to call her parents.

“Brilliant!” Her grin began to die down.

“What happened?”

Once Harry got back, he glanced at Ron. “You were…tortured. You’ve been home for two days.”

“Two days?!” Grace looked around, “Where’s Blaise?”

“In the conservatory with Malfoy-”

“Draco’s here? Can I speak to him?”

“Ugh…” Harry muttered, “This whole time, he’s been adamant about visiting you.”

Grace blanched, “Oh.”

“They’ve been through a lot, you know. Not as much as you have of course, but-”

“What do you mean?”

Ron glanced at Harry yet again, “They both got suspended.”


Harry scratched his head, “Yeah, Malfoy sort of used a tickling charm on Goyle, Cassian, and Capone for ten minutes straight. Your brother…er… ‘obliviate-ed’ Parkinson and then set her hair on fire.”

Grace stared at her friends in upmost surprise. Who knew what Slytherins were capable of?

“Uhh…C-can we ask you something?” Ron asked.

Grace snapped out of her daze and looked at Ron questionably.

“Should we call you Hermione or Grace?”

With that, she laughed.

On the main floor…

Blaise sat on the couch and watched the house-elves hang up strings of wreath. “Exams are next week,” He said absentmindedly.

Draco looked up from his position near a window. “Yeah. Are you coming back to school for them?”

“I have to…” Blaise looked off into space. Soon a small house-elf entered the room and bounded towards him with quick steps. As the elf whispered something in his ear, Blaise’s grin became wider. “Grace is awake.” He said after the elf left. “Do you want to see her?”

Draco froze, “No, it’s fine.” His eyes remain directed on something outside.

“Draco.” No response. Blaise said it louder the second time, “Draco.”


“Come on, go and see her. She would want to see you.”

“It’ll be better if she doesn’t.”

A couple minutes passed before Blaise asked another question, “Are you still going to do it?”

Draco turned his head, “Do what?”

The Italian gave a large sigh, “The day I got your file was the same day you asked my parents for their blessing. I heard you from the second floor.” He watched Draco physically gulp, “Now. Are you going to do it?”

The man across from him opened his mouth to respond, but Blaise got there first. “You have my blessings too, you know. I really do encourage it.”

Draco was speechless; he looked at Blaise with an impressed nature, but made sure to shut away the rest of his emotions.

“You aren’t having doubts because of her past, are you?” The Italian initiated further.

“No.” Draco glanced back out the window, “How could she ever forgive me?”

“She already has.”

The blonde shook his head, “I should go.”

“Draco, come on. Say hi to her.”

“I’ll see you next week.” He was gone once the green flames dwindled in the hearth.

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