Chapter 9

The rest of the common room, still gaping, set out towards the Great Hall for dinner.

“You never told me you had a sister, mate.” Malfoy stated, his tone becoming much calmer.

“It never came up.” Blaise placed simply.

“Blaise, I’ve been at your Manor several times. Not once have I seen…seen her.” Malfoy started, the saliva sticking to his throat.

“I’ve been at a boarding school in America, mum thought it would be a great thing to try. However, I think it was mainly to keep me away from the war.” Replied Grace with ease. They had already come up with their stories so they could be prepared.

“Well, yes… Nice to have you… uh...”

“Graciella, you may call me Grace.” She said, helping the Slytherin along. This really was just too much fun. Before, this man would be spitting on the ground she walked on, but now he was putty in her hands.

“Grace.” He replied firmly. He let out the famous Malfoy smirk.

With that, Blaise wrapped his arm around his sister’s shoulders protectively, “I’m hungry Gracie, want food?” “Sure Blaise.” They both turned and exited the room.

“Bloody hell”, was all Draco could murmur as he threw himself on the couch. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. The way she smirked. Oh god the way she smirked. It was perfect; it could rival his father’s. Her eyes were so deep and her hair was so fine, he just wanted to…bloody hell. This couldn’t happen to him. Not from his best mate’s sister. “Bloody hell”, he said again, dropping his face in his hands.

Several minutes had past and the boy made no effort to move from his position. Draco suddenly felt a cold grip creep around his neck, the veins bulging out from underneath the freezing constriction. His ears echoed with the sounds of metal and screams. Abruptly standing from his position, his eyes still wide in fear, Draco made his way out of the common room and down towards dinner.


The Great Hall waited in whispers. Apparently a fourth year Slytherin saw a newcomer that was chosen for his house. And he couldn’t be prouder because, “she was hot” (in which he quoted), so with that the news spread rapid fire towards the rest of the house tables.

Blaise and Grace arrived before the Great Hall doors hand in hand. “You ready?” questioned Blaise, and with a tight squeeze as a reply, he opened the large doors for the both of them.


Harry and Ron looked up to see why the hall became silent, and then they saw. At the hall doors Harry squinted to see the two people that made an appearance. Apparently Ron saw them first. He let out a gasp and the rest of the Gryffindor table looked up to see a starting pool of drool.

“Baby, close your mouth. It’s most unattractive.” Lavender sighed, who then followed his gaze and cringed with anger. “Who. Is. That.” She breathed in puffs.

“Apparently that’s a new Slytherin, their whole house says they can’t wait to see her walking around in her night clothes,” replied a first year Gryffindor.

“Lucky bastards.” Ron unconsciously said. With a withering glare from the Ron’s current jealous girlfriend, the first year scooted away from the couple.


Back at the front of the hall, the response from the whole school was most amusing to Grace. She didn’t think she would get such a reaction based on only her appearances, and now she was anticipating their reactions to her academic abilities. Glancing over to her left, she saw Harry, Ginny and Ron. Oh how she missed them, it was living hell not being able to talk to them, but she had a plan that Grace Zabini will soon become a close friend to the three Gryffindors, despite if she was in Slytherin house or not. Out of habit, Grace raise her right hand to wave to the trio, but was caught by Blaise’s arm. He gave her a short glare stating ‘you don’t know them, remember’ and clutched onto her hand. Grace gave him a brilliant smile that captivated the already gaping students. They quickly made their way towards the Slytherin table and Blaise let her sit down on the bench before he did. Making sure she sat slowly to avoid the pain, Grace effortlessly made herself comfortable at the open table set. When the food appeared, the students began talking again, as if they hadn’t been staring at a single student for the past two minutes.


The Slytherin table was very quiet compared to the Gryffindor table, Grace noticed. Everyone seemed to try and sneak glances without her knowing, but obviously, she noticed. Blushing greatly, she leant over to Blaise’s ear, “They’re looking at me…” Her brother then gave her a sly look that said ‘I told you so,’ and resumed eating. Grace picked at her food, trying to hide her face of pain from the wounds, but she eventually ate. Without looking up, someone slid his or her plate near the brother and sister duo.

“Mate, why are you staring at your plate?” Blaise muttered between bites of corn.

“H-huh?” Draco said. It was most unlike him to comeback without a full statement.

Blaise set the goblet he was drinking from down firmly. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Draco said, looking up to prove a point. He quickly glanced over to the beautiful girl next to his friend and looked back down, trying to hide his flushed face from running out of the dungeons.

“Sure mate.” Blaise stated, knowing there was no point in trying to get an answer out of a resistant Malfoy.

With half an hour left in dinner, the Slytherin trio had yet to leave. Grace heard another great wave of gasps and looked up to see a fifth year Ravenclaw in front of her. Hearing hisses and growls from the fellow male Slytherins, Grace chose to give the brave lad a smile.

“Hello.” She said with confidence.

“H-hi. I-I’m Laurence Gr-Griffin.” The boy said shyly.

“I’m Grace-”

“Are you single?” The Ravenclaw said in a rush.

“Back off.” Blaise hissed, his arm protectively wrapping behind his sister.

Grace glared at her brother. She wanted to make a fool out of him; she too could be like a Slytherin, her family was full of them anyways.

“And what makes you have any claim on her?” The Ravenclaw snapped. This boy was very brave.

Before Blaise could comeback stating that she was his sister, the boy already scurried off. Shifting his view, he could see that Draco was now standing from his seat, stiff in rage, and lowering his wand.


Draco couldn’t help but let his temper get the better of him as he saw a flash of anger cross Grace’s face. It was obvious that the boy didn’t have any respect for women, talking as if she was an inanimate object. He didn’t know why he cared so much, but this girl. This girl had something so different, so familiar, so great about her, and he couldn’t stand there watching other people look at her like she was not a human being. Sick, disgusting, people. An evident shiver of cold air ran down his back as Draco sat back down. An empty feeling created a knot in his stomach and he was prepared to leave as soon as possible.


“Thank you.” Grace said softly towards Draco. Now was his chance.

Giving that famous Malfoy smirk, he spoke, “No problem. Since you’re new, why don’t you let me take you on a tour of the castle? I’m a prefect so I have to make my rounds tonight anyways.”

Blaise and his sister stared at the blonde before them. They both knew fairly well that Draco Malfoy was never one to offer his services, let alone voluntarily introduce himself to someone. Both Zabinis stayed in their frozen appearances for a few minutes before Draco gave a soft smile towards the siblings as if to say, ‘Well?’ Then, Grace’s expression of shock quickly turned into a knowing sneer. Blaise glared at his sister, knowing perfectly well her response. “Sure, but if it isn’t a problem, I would like Blaise to tag along. He’s told me a lot about the school and he’s always telling me he wants to see my reaction when we enter the library. I really like books you see.” She flashed Draco a winning smile. “I’ve read all about this school from Hogwarts: A History.”

“Really now?” Draco answered, making conversation. “That’s actually my favorite book.” And it honestly was, Draco loved to read about how the school begun and the secret rooms he learned definitely became of help third through sixth year. He was, in a nerdy way, excited about the next edition to come out, just so he can read about the Final Battle and Hogwart’s part in it.

“Wow. Mine too!” Grace said in amusement. She hadn’t met anyone else who seemed to respect that much history. Ron and Harry always teased her for it.

“Great. Brilliant.” Blaise said as he finished off his pumpkin juice.

“Oh come on Blaise. Don’t be such a wanker.”

“Yeah Blaise, come on.”



Across the hall, Ron couldn’t stop staring at the new girl. Screw if she was a Slytherin, she was gorgeous. He watched as she smiled to the ferret across from her and proceeded to laugh with the rest of them. How he would kill to hear that laugh right in front of him. Ron was determined to get her to notice him. Hell, he could get any girl he wanted, he could easily get this one.


Beside her boyfriend, Lavender was having a hard time not stabbing his arm with her fork. He needed to stop staring at her. She wasn’t that pretty. She really wasn’t. Lavender looked up. Shit. She was beautiful. She has a kind of exotic beauty that no one in the hall could compare to. This one was going to be a challenge. She had already gotten rid of the other ‘girlfriends’ Ron had thrown himself at. If Ron were to leave her for this stupid bint, it would be the end of her. She had to make Ron claim her, and she knew exactly how.

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