The Chimera Within

The Orphan Girl in the Cemetery

Chapter 35

The Orphan Girl in the Cemetery

Run away, o human child

To the deserts and the wild

May the Angels guide your hand

For the world's more full of weeping

Than you should ever understand

- paraphrased poem by W.B. Yeats

The sun began to set, and the dusky dim light in the desert town made figures difficult to see in the enveloping dark, yet glorious colours refracted off of the dust particles in the air, creating a backdrop of orange, pink, and purple hues that could almost make one forget one's sorrow.

The bright and wondrous palette, painted and spread across the horizon as if by a brilliant artists palette knife, also reflected off the infinite grain of sand of the American desert, and to the little orphan, seemed to beacon a ray of hope into her otherwise be darkened little heart.

The world is big and wide, and nowhere else is this evident then when you're standing on the fringe of a vast and open desert plain. It draws on your courage just to contemplate an existence on the other side, yet the little orphan cast her eyes up to heaven, and upon getting to her feet, set her indomitable little will upon crossing the world fraught with wickedness and evil dangers, while daring herself to dream.

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