The Chimera Within


The laboratory on the twelfth floor of the Thomas Starzl Biomedical Science Tower in Pittsburgh was deserted save for one lonely figure suffering from insomnia.

Tom Jones was having difficulty concentrating and making sense of his data, yet consuming interest in his experiments caused sleep to flee from him.

He was also hiding from his nightmares.

The unwelcome chime of his phone ringing interrupted his thoughts. He decided to answer when he saw that it was Gwen. Why would she be calling at this ungodly hour?

"I'm sorry to call you like this, but we really need you to come back to Oscorp."

"That is out of the question. Harry made it very clear that I'm no longer welcome there."

"Well Osborne doesn't make all of the decisions. Not yet. It's the president of the company that has asked for you personally."

"Mark Iraklis? I thought he had moved on and forgot that I existed."

"On the contrary, he has really warmed up to you. Plus, you're the only person that can help him."

"Help him with what?"

"He's looking for a miracle."

"Well in that case, I have a couple of spare miracles stashed away in my backpack that he's welcome to have."

"I'm serious, Tom. Dr. Connors inspired you to believe that the miraculous was possible, and you have already been able to accomplish some pretty amazing things."

"Okay, out with it already. What does Iraklis want from me?"

"He wants you to help him to be able to see again."

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