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Arisa curses and drops onto the sand beside the Togruta. “I thought that it would be easier than this considering he has my father’s blood." Arisa is a Sith, and the daughter of the two most powerful Sith Lords in history - Anakin Skywalker and Natalia Artemus. Seth is a Sith, and the son of a powerful Sith Lord who was apprenticed to Anakin - Ahsoka Tano. Decades have passed since the fall of the Republic, and the Dark Side has blossomed in its absence, giving birth to two new Sith with the blood of both Jedi and Sith in their veins. On a search to find her half siblings, Arisa must attempt to convince them to join her and Seth to save their lives. They will discover that, sometimes, the darkness can be kept at bay by the hope of the light. © Chey Eveleigh | January 2019

Adventure / Fantasy
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Arisa curses and drops onto the sand beside the Togruta, resting her head on his shoulder. “I thought that it would be easier than this considering he is my half brother, with my father’s blood flowing through his veins, but my guess is that the old guy’s already gotten to him.”

Seth chuckles and slides his arm around her, kissing the top of her head. “Your father and mother both are stubborn, your father more so somehow. You’ve taken after them, as Luke has taken after your father and his mother.”

“Padmé Amidala. A former Queen and Senator of the Republic. It’s a shame she died giving birth to Luke and Leia. I would have liked to meet her.”

“You would have killed her, A. I know you would have. It’s just who you are.”

Arisa smiles and her yellow eyes look out to the horizon, taking in the two suns that rule over Tatooine during the day. One is a brilliant red, and the other is almost white right now. Both could be considered symbols for both sides of the Force. The red for the Power and bloodshed of the Dark Side, and the hope and honesty of the Light Side. The white for purity and righteousness of the Light Side, and the coldness and freedom of the Dark Side.

They’re both right. Both sides have their ups and downs, and both Arisa and Seth were raised by Sith - two a former Jedi Knight and his Padawan - who had seen and struggled with the rules and constriction of the Light, and found their freedom in the Dark. Rebels of the Light had destroyed their home a few years ago, and left Arisa’s father with more scars than he originally had, and has left her mother in a coma for the past five years. Seth lost his father that day, and, since then, what remains of the families live in a constantly moving Sith cruiser that is undetectable.

Arisa’s father has become unstable without her mother, and refuses to show his face until she comes out of it, donning a black outfit, and keeping the lightsaber her mother gave him when he first became a Sith attached to his belt at all times. Seth’s mother hardly leaves her former Master’s side, awaiting orders like she used too when she was a Padawan over twenty years ago, and her mind has become dark and twisted due to her grief of losing a sister and her husband.

“We have to do something, Seth,” Arisa murmurs. “Our parents are going insane.”

Seth agrees. “We need to heal your mother and wake her up. That way everything will go back to how it was.”

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