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A series of stories exploring the lives of Sam and Dean through the years if Sam was the older brother and Dean was the younger. Lots of Hurt/Comfort & Fluff.

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A Tale of Two Winchesters

Author's Note: So this is a new series that will revolve around Sam being the older brother and Dean being the younger. It will be open for you, the readers, to suggest and request prompts that you would like to see happen. Either message me your prompts of leave them in the review section. Your prompts must not feature slash.

For example, your prompt could: be something based around Mary being alive, focus on a canon event from any of the seasons re-written with Sam as the older brother, etc.

I hope you enjoy this chapter, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Title comes from the book A Tale of Two Cities

Prompt: A hunt goes wrong and Dean gets hurt meaning that Sam has to take him to hospital. When John arrives, Sam is soon on the receiving end of John's anger. Lots of fluff.

Sam is 17 in this story and Dean is 13

Gripping the steering wheel so tight that his hands were white, Sam kept glancing back at his brother in the backseat every five seconds, checking that he was still breathing. The darkness that had quickly set in was making it harder for Sam to keep an eye on his brother as his black jacket that he had used to try and staunch his brother's bleeding stomach was making him blend in with the Impala's black upholstery.

"Dean..." he called.

No answer.

He glanced back once again to find his little brother's eyes closed.

"De...Come on De, open those eyes for me..."

A groan could be heard as Dean's eyes slowly flickered awake. "It's Dean..." Dean groaned in a weak tone.

Sam smiled slightly at the fact that even when his little brother was barely holding onto consciousness, his first point of concern was still the correction of his older brother's nickname for him. "You need to stay awake, we're nearly at the hospital."

"What about Dad?" Dean asked.

"What about him?" Sam replied.

"He won't want us going to a hospital."

"Dad can go fuck himself, because you need a hospital right now." Sam looked at his little brother's worried expression. "It's okay, you know?" He began softly. "Dad's not angry at you, he's angry at me."

"But he's angry at you because of me." Dean stated in a saddened tons.

"Hey..." Sam reached a hand back and rubbed his brother's knee in reassurance. "I don't mind dealing with don't need to worry about him."

"But he's really mad." Dean replied.

"So am I!" Sam stated. "He practically just used you as bait!"

"But I screwed up."

Sam could feel himself getting angrier as he gripped the steering wheel even harder. "You didn't screw up, he did..." Sam reassured. "'re thirteen for christ sake! The man is supposed to be taking care of you and then he just goes and sends you into that fight blind with no chance to defend yourself!"

Dean's eyes traveled to his older brother's shoulder and side.

Sam instantly knew what he was concerned about.

His side and shoulder had been slashed when he had ran in and thrown himself in front of Dean to act as a barrier between the creature and his little brother. His side was still bleeding because he had neglected the wound as he dealt with his little brother's injuries.

"You're hurt..." Dean stated in a tone that showed his concern.

"It's not as bad as it looks." Sam answered to reassure his little brother. "Doesn't even hurt." He lied. His side was starting to hurt from sitting upright in the seat, and his shoulder was feeling the strain of having to drive.

The hospital came into view just as Sam watched his little brother lose consciousness. Speeding into the parking lot, Sam pulled the Impala up outside the entrance before rushing out and flinging open the back door as he grabbed his jacket and threw it on to hide his injuries before scooping his little brother up carefully and entering the hospital.

"Help!" Sam shouted. "My brother needs help!"

He was met by a flurry of nurses. One of them wheeled over a gurney and took Dean from his arms as they wheeled him off down the corridor.

Sam tried to follow but was held back by one of the nurses.

"I'm sorry, Sir, but you can't accompany your brother any further. There is a waiting room down the hall."

It felt like he had been waiting forever when the door opened and their father walked in. His expression showed his anger as he walked across the room over to his eldest.


"So you finally decided to show up?" Sam stated.

"Don't use that tone with me, Sam." John replied in a stern tone.

"Why? What are you going to do?...Hit me? Or throw me to the dogs like you did with Dean?!"

John grabbed his eldest by the collar, pulling him up from his seat.

Sam scoffed. "I'm not scared of you anymore."

John's temper built up before he finally snapped, Sam on the receiving end as he landed a punch across his eldest's face causing him to fall backwards and hit the wall.

Sam regained his balance, putting a hand to his now bloody mouth. "You can hit me all you want, but it won't change anything."

"Maybe if you'd been looking after your brother better, he would have gotten hurt." John accused."

"You put Dean in here! You! And you won't even fucking admit it!" Sam shouted.

At that moment, the eldest Winchester brother was cut off by a nurse walking into the waiting room.

"Family of Dean Smith?" She asked.

"Yes, I'm his father."

"If you would like to follow us, you can see your son now."

They followed the woman to the room where Dean was lying in the bed.

Dean smiled as he noticed them, although it was obvious that he was worried about what their father was going to say.

John walked inside.

Sam stopped and turned to the nurse. "So he's going to be alright? No lasting damage?"

The nurse smiled sadly at the young man stood in front of her. Their situation obvious. The young man was clearly heavily responsible for the younger and by the look of his now bloody lip, had obviously been blamed for the youngest being in hospital. Even now, the young man was asking the questions that needed to be asked, unlike his father. "No lasting damage."

"Thank you." The young man smiled before walking into the room.

The nurse followed.

"Sam." Dean smiled.

"Hey De." Sam smiled back at his little brother, glad that he was okay.

Then Dean noticed his older brother wavering slightly on his feet, and he immediately knew why. "Sam? Have you been checked out?"

The nurse furrowed an eyebrow. "Is there a problem?"

"No." Sam shook his head quickly.

"Yes." Dean answered. "His side and shoulder are hurt."

Sam sighed.

"Take off your jacket." John ordered.

Sam was reluctant to.


Removing the jacket slowly revealed his bloody side and shoulder.

The nurse suppressed a gasp. "Sir, you need to be treated."

"I'm not leaving my brother."


"I'm not leaving him." Sam asserted.

"Okay...then at least sit down for me so I can check for infection and stitch you up." She motioned to the leather chair.

"I don't know why you're making such a fuss about this Sam? Wasting the nurses' time by not telling her in the first place." John questioned.

"He's not wasting my time, he was just obviously worried about his little brother. But you should have alerted us to the fact that you were hurt too and then we could have treated you along with your brother instead of giving the wound a chance to become infected." The nurse had collected the items she needed and was now stood beside the eldest Winchester brother. She took in his side and shoulder. Dark red blood had spilled out previously from the wounds and was now dried on the shirt. There were numerous rips in the shirts material, along with a large tear by the shoulder. Checking the wound for infection, the nurse was glad to find that the wound wasn't infected, before she began to stitch the young man up. "Well, apart from a ruined t shirt, everything seems to be fine." She smiled, once she had finished. The nurse noticed that the young man appeared to be in pain. "Would you like something to help? I could get you some pain killers?"

"No, it's fine." Sam answered. "But thank you anyway, and thanks for stitching me up." Sam smiled. "Sorry for being a pain."

"It's okay." She smiled back. "Just next time, tell us."

He nodded.

The nurse walked out of the room.

Once she was gone, John turned to him. "How could you be so stupid?!" He shouted.

"Dad..." Sam really wasn't in the mood to argue, and couldn't take anymore rounds if his Dad wanted to take another swing.

"Do you realise how much damage you could have cause through your own stupidity?! If they had called the CPS on us, they would have taken you brother away."

"I wouldn't let them do that." Sam stated.

Dean looked over at his brother and saw the determination in his eyes. He knew his older brother would never let that happen. "Dad, it's alright..."

"No, it's not! Where were you when Dean was attacked?" John accused.

"Dad..." Dean spoke up again.

"Where were you when your brother needed you?"

"Dad!" Dean shouted.

John turned to look at this youngest.

"None of this is Sam's fault!" Dean stated.

Sam turned to his younger brother, surprised at the fact that he had actually spoken up against their father.

"He should have been covering you, but instead you ended up getting hurt."

"I'm alive because of Sam!" Dean shouted. "That thing slashed me up and Sam was the one who jumped between it and me." he explained. "He got hurt too, and then you made him drive!"

"Dean, leave it." Sam spoke up.

John shook his head before walking towards the door.

"Dad, where are you going?" Sam called after him.

"I'll be back at the motel." He walked out.

As the door closed, Sam walked over and dragged the leather chair over to his brother's bed before siting down in it. "Just ignore him, he'll calm down eventually."

Dean sighed before noticing his brother's lip. "What happened!"

Sam furrowed an eyebrow.

"Your lip!" Dean asked before realisation kicked in. "Was it Dad? Did he hit you?"

"Dean..." Sam sighed.

"He did, didn't he?"

Sam didn't answer.

"Does he hit you a lot?" Dean asked.

"No." Sam shook his head. "He was just mad, that's all. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"That's not an excuse." Dean stated.

"It's Dad, Dean. I probably deserved it." Sam replied.

"How did you come to that conclusion?" Dean asked.

"Dean, just leave it...please..."

"Fine." Dean sighed. He knew exactly why Sam just took the hits. If Sam was the one taking them, then Dean wouldn't be on the receiving end. Sam would take all the verbal crap and all of the hits just so his little brother wouldn't have to. Sam saw it as his job to do this because of him being the older brother. Dean knew that Sam and their father's relationship had always been a bit strained, all the more in the past few years. They had been having more arguments than ever as Sam put across his point of how messed up their whole life was. Of course, Dad had just shook this off ignoring Sam's accusations of treating them like soldiers more than his sons. Dean never knew what to do when they argued. He was never in the middle during their arguments as he was usually just listening in on them, but from looking at Sam's lip, and drawing memories of previous bruises and cuts that he had seen on Sam's body through the years, this may not have been the first time that John had taken his anger out on Sam.

"You alright in there?" Sam asked, noticing that his little brother had zoned out into his own thoughts.

Dean turned to his brother and nodded. "Yeah, sorry." He tried to suppress a yawn, but his body betrayed him.

"It's okay." Sam smiled. "You should get some sleep, Dean...It's been a long day."

Dean didn't argue as he rested his head back against the soft, fluffy pillow and fell back to sleep in minutes.

Dean looked so innocent as he slept, causing Sam to smile sadly as he cast a hand through his little brother's soft, brown hair gently. After doing this, he took hold of Dean's hand and held it in his own to offer his little brother the comfort of knowing that he was still there, and wasn't leaving. He wished his little brother could have escaped the life. Sam was already screwed, the life of a hunter had been first forced upon him at the age of four after the night that their mother burnt on the ceiling of the house they once called home. But Dean, Dean could have a life. Dean could get out, go to school, have a family. Sam knew his little brother's attitudes towards education were rapidly changing as he began to neglect homework and skip classes, blaming it all on being 'too thick' to understand it. It was all bull though. Dean was smart. Very smart, he had just lost interest in the whole concept of education after their father had upped their training regimes and introduced Dean to new weapons and allowed him to come on tougher hunts. It was obvious that Dean did enjoy hunting, which Sam found worrying.

It had been a couple of months since he had submitted his entrance paper to Stanford, and he was still awaiting the letter back saying whether they wanted to take him or not. He knew his chances were low because the only way he would be able to study there would be that if they gave him a full ride because there was no way that their father would put any money towards it, and even then, they wouldn't have the money available to do so. Sam accepted that. He wanted to study law at Stanford, but not at the expense of his family. They came first. They always came first, and nothing would change that. Sam was mainly worried about leaving to attend Stanford and getting a phone call from a hospital telling him that there had been an accident. Because John had never been the most careful man when it came to hunting. How safe would Dean be with him if they went out hunting together? Dean was a good hunter, but he wasn't anywhere near the level that he would need to be to back their father up alone. That had always been Sam's job. The person behind their father's lead and in front of his little brother.

And Dean, how would he react if he told him that he was leaving? The two of them had always been close. Much closer than most siblings because of how they had grown up. Sam looking after his little brother for weeks on end in some motel their father had dumped them in while he went off on a hunt. Sam would usually get a break from being Dean's primary caregiver on the off chance that their father had left them at Uncle Bobby's, as Bobby would purposely allow time for Sam to be a kid himself. Have some fun, or just some time alone in he needed it. The time they spent at Uncle Bobby's would also be the time in which Sam got to eat as when their father would leave them in motel rooms, he would throw a few bills at Sam for food. This money never really went far, and their father would often return late from hunts meaning that Sam always had to be conservative when it came to the money, buying only enough as they needed. Sam would go hungry so that his brother wouldn't. So when they were dropped off at Uncle Bobby's, Bobby would always make it his mission to make sure that Sam would eat more before screaming at John for neglecting his kid when he came to collect them.

'He's a growing kid and he needs to eat. You can see his ribs through his t shirt he's that skinny!' Bobby would complain, which would usually lead to a vivid response from their father about how Bobby should stop telling him how to raise his own kids.

'You don't deserve those kids, John'. Bobby had replied the last time they had seen him, which was the reason why they hadn't been back since.

And then there was their father. What would his reaction be to the news of Sam getting into Stanford. He probably wouldn't let him go. He would get the whole 'you have a duty to this family' speech which he always used to guilt trip Sam into doing or not doing something, using Dean as the anchor for his argument which Sam always folded to. He knew that if he did get his acceptance letter, the whole conversation regarding it was not going to be pretty, and that was what he dreaded most. That and the puppy dog eyes that he knew Dean would deploy on him to try and make him re-consider his choice.

There was a quiet knock at the door as the nurse from earlier popped her head round the door. "Visiting times are over." She whispered before noticing that their father must have left as she took in the sight of the two young boys. The elder was as close in his seat as he could be to the bed in which his younger brother was lying on, hand holding the youngest's smaller hand, offering comfort. It nearly brought tears to her eyes as she witnessed just how much love the eldest had for the younger, and had shown throughout the time that they had been at the hospital tonight. She knew that she couldn't split them up. "I suppose we could make an exception, just for the one night."

Sam smiled at the woman's kindness. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, sweetie." She smiled back. "I'll go and get you a blanket."

"You don't need to do that..." Sam began.

"Don't be silly, it's no problem." The nurse cut him off, knowing that the elder clearly felt that he was causing a fuss when in fact he was doing just the opposite. It was clear to her that the eldest mustn't be used to being looked after himself. It was obvious that he was very good at looking after the younger, but there were also obvious signs that he was used to neglecting himself to provide or care for the younger. Earlier had been a clear indication of that when the elder had kept quiet and hidden behind his jacket, not alerting them to the fact that he had been injured too.

"Thanks." Sam nodded.

The nurse walked out of the room, returning a few minutes later to find the elder leaning against the bed, head resting against his little brother's arm, hand still holding the younger's as he slept. She smiled and walked over to the eldest, draping the blanket carefully over him, being careful not to disturb him. "Goodnight, boys." She stated on her way out of the door.

"Night, Mom." She swore she heard the eldest mumble as the door closed.

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