There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do For You

The Sorrows of Young Sam Winchester

Prompt: Tag to Jump the Shark. What if Dean was the one in Sam's place?

Set in Season 4.

Title from The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Dean stirred as consciousness began to come back to him. Trying to move his wrists, he found that he appeared to be bound. Flickering his eyes open, Dean winced as a shooting pain pierced through his head from the site of where he had been hit with the butt of the gun. Glancing at his bindings, he found that he was tied to the table with thick rope wrapped heavily around his wrists while his body was held down by a large leather strap.

Adam's mother, or whatever was taking her form, was humming to herself while playing with a knife before she noticed that he was awake and turned to face him.

"Silver. No wonder none of the tests worked. You're not shapeshifters. You're ghouls." Dean realised.

"You know, I find that term racist." She pointed the knife at him before walking closer and leaning down to sniff his neck before nibbling slightly on his ear. "Mmm. Fresh meat. So much better than what we're used to."

Dean tried to move as far away from her as his bindings would allow him. "I should have known. It was the fresh kills that threw me. Ghouls don't usually go after the living. See, you're just filthy scavengers, feeding off the dead—taking the form of the last corpse you choke down."

"And their thoughts. And their memories. Like Adam, for instance." The new voice marked the arrival of the ghoul in Adam's form into the room.

"Well, we are what we eat." Mommy ghoul stated.

"You're monsters." Dean scoffed.

This statement caused Mommy ghoul to scowl before she roughly shoved up the sleeves of his plaid shirt and proceeded to run her silver blade along his skin, drawing a line of blood.

Dean groaned slightly.

"You know, you use that word a lot, Dean." Adam stated.

Mommy Ghoul leant down forward and began drinking the blood that was spilling from the cut. She handed the knife to Adam's form who then proceeded to slam it into the table beside Dean's head causing him to bolt slightly in shock. "

"But I don't think you know what it means." He continued.

"His blood, it takes different." Mommy Ghoul stated.

"Our father was a monster? Why? Because of what he ate? He never hurt anyone, Dean. Living, anyway." Adam stated.

Mommy Ghoul pulled the knife out of the table before walking around the side of the table. "No..." She lifted up Dean's t shirt revealing his stomach. "He was no monster..." Positioning the knife over his stomach, Mommy Ghoul slowly began to push the knife into Dean's skin, twisting and turning it to make the experience all the more unpleasant for Dean. "But the thing that killed him was..."

"Gah!" Dean screamed as he felt the knife ripping apart the skin.

"A monster named John Winchester." With one last push, she jammed the knife in further so that the hilt of the blade was only just above the opening of the wound before ripping it out.

"Guh..." Dean moaned as his eyes flickered.

"Thanks to your daddy, my brother and I grew up on our own. At least we had each other." Mommy Ghoul continued.

Adam was now drinking from his wrist too, blood all over his mouth and chin as he moved away to look at Dean in the eye. "Like you and your brother. Inseparable."

"Actually, it was very hard to get you on your own." Mommy Ghoul stated. "Sam is very protective of his little brother. So you could see our problem of how to separate the two of you."

"Le-leave...Sa-Sam...alone..." Dean willed his tone to be stronger, but it came out as a weak mumble.

"What was that Deano?" Mommy Ghoul smirked. "Leave Sammy alone?" Her expression turned monstrous. "I don't think we'll be doing that."

" have me..." Dean continued, fighting consciousness as he did so. "...just leave...him..."

Adam took the knife off Mommy Ghoul and proceeded to dig the point into Dean's arm. "Cause' revenge—it's never over, is it, Dean?"

"First, it was John's cop friend, and then his slut, and then his son." Mommy Ghoul listed.

"Then I called John, but the son of a bitch was already dead."

"So I guess you and Sam will have to do instead." Mommy Ghoul grinned.

"Sam won't interrupt us this time. We're gonna feed on you nice and slow—like we did with Adam." Adam's form stated.

"Oh, and, by the way..." Mommy Ghoul leant closer to his ear as she began to whisper. "...he really was your brother."

Anger flared up inside Dean as he clenched his fists.

"You should know that."

"He was still alive when we took our first bites." Adam's form explained.

"And he was a screamer." Mommy Ghoul emphasised before they both grabbed knives and began roughly cutting Dean's arms to shreds causing blood to stream from the wounds almost immediately into the white porcelain bowls they had positioned below.

"Gahh!" Dean screamed at each slash, screwing his eyes together to try and fight the excruciating pain.

"Dean, the more you struggle, the faster you're gonna bleed out. So you might as well lie back and relax." Adam's form advised.

"Hey!" Dean heard his brother's voice shout from across the room.

Just then there was the sound of a gun firing.

Mommy Ghoul's eyes widened before she leant down over Dean and bit his arm.

"Guh..." Dean eyes widened as he felt the ghoul's poison entering his bloodstream.

Mommy Ghoul then ran towards Sam.

"Sam, they're ghouls!" Dean shouted with as much strength as he could muster as he felt the poison spreading through his body like wildfire.

With this new piece of information, Sam paused and changed his target.

The gun fired once again before Dean heard the sound of a body dropping limply to the floor.

"Which means head-shots." Sam stated before he was grabbed by Adam's form and slammed back through the glass doors, landing on his back amongst the shards of broken glass, Adam over him with his hands wrapped around Sam's throat.

Throwing him off him to the side, Sam landed a punch across the ghoul's face before repeating the action again and again until Adam's forms movements became sluggish. This gave him enough time to grab a metal bar that was lying across the floor and slam it repeatedly down on Adam's form until he was sure he was dead. Getting to his feet, Sam wiped a hand across his face.

"S'm..." Called a weak tone.

Running into the room, Sam's eyes widened at the sight of his little brother. Blood was pouring from slashed wrists and a wound on his stomach. "Dean..." He quickly got to work removing his shirt and ripping it into strips to use as bandages to staunch the bleeding. "Dean...hold on, Dean." He stated as he cut the ropes from around his wrists and cut the strap freeing his brother from the table. "Dean..." Sam repeated, trying to get some form of response from his little brother. "Dean?..." He looked at his brother and gasped at what he saw.

Dean's eyes were closed.

"No! No, no, no, no, no..." Moving down closer to him, he placed his hands on his little brother's cheeks and felt the heat that was radiating from them. "Dean...Dean!" He shouted.

Dean's eyelids fluttered. "G'na be s'k..." He muttered weakly.

Grabbing the bowl used to collect Dean's blood, Sam sprinted over to the sink and dumped the contents in before returning to his brother in an instant. Sam knew he would have to hurt his little brother for his own safety next, and that made Sam feel like the worst brother in the world. Wrapping an arm around his brother's chest, Sam heaved him onto his side as he held the bowl under his brother's mouth with his other hand.

Dean screamed out in pain from the movement before he emptied the contents of his stomach into the bowl.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Sam cood, supporting his brother the best he could to try and stop his resting on his slashed arms. When Dean had finished being sick, he gently laid his brother back down on his back on the table.

"S'm..." Dean moaned once again as Sam saw a pain filled tear trickle down his cheek. "B'rns." He mumbled.

Sam's eyes widened. "What burns, Dean?" The revelation gave the oldest Winchester something new to panic about.

Dean didn't answer.

"Dean!" He shouted to keep his brother conscious. "What burns?"

"Arm..." Dean's voice trailed off before he gasped and began bucking on the table. "Gahh!" He screamed out as his body seized.

"Dean!" Sam screamed. "No, no, no, Dean!" It wasn't a seizure, but something was affecting his brother. Reaching across the table, Sam lifted Dean's arm gently as he took in the sight of the bite marks that were now oozing dark red blood. Sam immediately tried to remember what the book had said about ghouls. There was a clipping in the journal about the effects of a ghoul's bite. Although it was poisonous, it didn't do any lasting harm and wasn't fatal but did cause the sensation of burning and extreme pain for the victim.

"Gahh!" Dean cried out as more tears began to fall. "Ahhhh!" His voice was so childlike as he called out, the pain becoming too much to hold within.

"I know it hurts, De...I know...but you have to just hold on for me..." His tone was soft but petrified as he wrapped his arms around his little brother the best he could and gently began to cast a hand through Dean's light brown hair offering what little comfort he could give. "It will end...I know it's painful and that you hate me right now for making you suffer through this, and that I'm a shit older brother for letting this happen to you in the first place..." He paused. "Trust me, I know..." Sam began rubbing circles on his little brother's back soothingly. "...but you have to fight it. You can fight the poison, you just have to be strong, De..."

"S'm..." Dean moaned as he sought out his brother's hand.

"I'm right here, De..." Sam gently took his little brother's bloody hand in his, squeezing it gently in reassurance. "I'm right here...and I'm not going anywhere. You're gonna' get through this."

When the poison had finally passed as Dean was sleeping peacefully, Sam was a wreck. Having called Bobby to tell him what had happened a few hours earlier, he arrived to find the eldest Winchester stood beside the table in which his little brother was lying on keeping vigil over him.

"Sam..." He called softly.

The eldest Winchester brother turned to him with a sorrow expression and dark red eyes from crying.

Closing the gap between him and John's eldest, he gathered the kid in his arms.

Sam broke down in Bobby's arms, burying his head into his surrogate father's shoulder as he sobbed.

Bobby knew that the boy had obviously been scared about losing his little brother, and looking over at the state of John's youngest, he could see why. The kid's arms were covered in a mass of tightly tied fabric strips of what had once been the eldest's shirt. It also appeared that Sam had had to improvise as a cloth had been stuck over what Bobby guessed to be a wound on Dean's stomach. The ropes that must have once bound Dean to the table were still wrapped around the youngest's wrists, Sam obviously not wanting to put his little brother through anymore pain through having to untangle and peel the ropes away from Dean's bloody wrists.

It was rare to see the Winchester boys cry.

At a young age, John had always told the boys that crying was a sign of weaknesses, stating it was pride damaging rather than healthy. So to see the eldest Winchester so broken and openly sobbing into his shoulder told Bobby just how much he was struggling.

Pulling away from Bobby, the eldest's expression showed slight embarrassment in having broken down in front of him before he wiped a hand across his eyes and walked back into the other room.

Bobby followed before taking in the kid's expression as he looked at his little brother. He placed a hand on Sam's shoulder. "It's not your fault, kid." He stated softly, knowing that Sam would be ripping himself to shreds inside for allowing his little brother to get hurt. Because it was against everything in the kid's coding. John had drilled it into Sam's head ever since he was little that it was his responsibility to look after Dean and keep him safe. And so Sam had. But on those occasions when Dean got hurt, even if it wasn't Sam's fault, Sam would always get the brunt of it off John for not looking after his little brother. The guilt Sam experienced would then practically eat him alive as he cursed himself for being stupid enough to allow Dean to get hurt. Because that's the impact that John had had on the kid. Sam would punish himself for his little brother getting hurt, stating that it was his fault and could somehow of stopped it from happening. And Bobby hated the fact that the kid always did this to himself. What he was doing now.

"I should have just stayed with him, then none of this would have happened." Sam stated, his eyes not leaving his little brother. "It would have been me."

"Sam, there wasn't anything you could have done." Bobby spoke in reassurance.

"I wasn't there for him when he needed me, and they nearly drained him dry, Bobby..." Sam's voice trailed off slightly. "You don't know how much blood was in those bowls when I got to him!"

"All that matters is that he's safe now." Bobby stated. "Now we need to get him back to my place and stitch him up."

Sam nodded.

Bobby sighed. "Sam..."

Sam turned to look at him.

"This wasn't your fault."

Sam didn't answer as he reached into his pocket and threw Bobby the keys to the Impala before gently wrapped an arm around his little brother, being careful not to disturb the cuts and wounds before wrapping another arm under his back. Lifting him into his arms, Sam walked through the house, kicking the door open with his foot gently before making his way outside.

Bobby followed the eldest and opened the backdoor of the Impala for him.

"Thanks." Sam acknowledged before leant down and placed his little brother across the backseat before climbing in himself and gathering him up in his arms, resting Dean's head in his lap. Casting a hand through his hair gently, he sighed. "I'm sorry, Dean...but I'm gonna' make it right."

Bobby climbed into the driver's seat. Looking in the rear view mirror at the two boys in the backseat, he smiled softly at just how much the eldest loved his little brother before putting the keys into the ignition and starting her up.

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