Apprentice Ω Kylo Ren [3]


He rolls his eyes, but lets it slide. “I’ve always wondered what true Sith eyes looked like. I wonder why Sith today do not have them.”. Amalia Tano is the only remaining child of the Skywalker bloodline from Anakin and Natalia Skywalker; Decades have passed since Luke Skywalker became a Jedi, and he's trained countless Younglings, but only one survived - Kylo Ren, the son of Han Solo and Leia Skywalker. In this darkness, Amalia is torn between the Dark and Kylo, and the Light and Rey. Somehow, she must make them work together for the sake of balance. © Chey Eveleigh | 2019

Adventure / Fantasy
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Ω a m a l i a Ω

She couldn’t help but stare at the man clad in black before her. After all, she had never met her grandfather - their grandfather - but she could imagine that he’d of looked something like this in his Lord Vader getup. Not to mention, she’s never met her cousin before, and this is leaving quite an impression on her, and it’s only been a few minutes.

Confidently walking forward, aware of the concentrated gaze pinned on her by her cousin and Troopers alike, Amalia steps up to her cousin and smirks. “Hello, cousin. My name’s Mali Tano. I’m Arisa and Seth’s daughter.”

The man behind the mask might be struggling to smile, but it doesn’t sound like it when he speaks. “Amalia Tano. Yes, I have heard of you and your family. The blood of Skywalker, Artemus and Tano flows through you; the blood of Sith and Jedi alike.”

“It’s nice to see someone from your side of the family become a Sith. Let me guess, Luke didn’t do a good job of teaching you.”

“This is no place to discuss family matters. Go aboard the ship and wait for me to finish here.”

Amalia mockingly salutes and walks onto the ship, lightsaber swinging by her hip, fully aware of the eyes on her. Behind her, Kylo rolls his eyes behind his mask and turns back to the matter at hand - finding Luke Skywalker. She leans against a wall and watches the scene unfold, and a man attempt to stand up to the Dark Side and the Sith without any means of fighting, and she watches as one of the Troopers refuses to shoot their blaster, making her smirk.

There are going to be some fun times ahead if there is going to be rebellion within General Snoke’s own regime, and, not to mention, Amalia can sense the constant battle of Dark and Light within her cousin - the blood of his father and mother battling that of his grandfather’s; their grandfather’s. The Sith woman’s smirk grows as Kylo turns and stalks back into the ship, hand clenched by his side and annoyance radiating off him.

The door closes once everyone is in, and Amalia is led to a remote area of the ship by her cousin. The young male takes off his mask and dark hair falls out, making Amalia raise her eyebrows in surprise. None in their family had dark hair, unless it came from his father’s side of the family. His unblemished face breaks into a welcoming smile and Amalia wraps her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly as his hands move to wrap around her middle.

“It’s good to finally meet you, Ben,” Amalia sighs happily, releasing the taller male after a moment. “I have heard so much about you from my parents, and from nearly everyone I meet. They’re afraid of the eyes, you see. No one in this day and age has seen a yellow-eyed Sith. I’m the last one.”

Kylo shakes his head. “I do not go by that name anymore, Mali.”

“Not around your soldiers or Snoke, anyway,” she teases.

He rolls his eyes, but lets it slide. “I’ve always wondered what true Sith eyes looked like, and now I’ve seen them myself. They’re truly something to behold. I wonder why Sith today do not have them.”

“It’s to do with how you’re being trained by that ignorant, foolish idiot Snoke. He’s not teaching you everything about being a Sith because he knows you’ll be stronger than him, without a doubt. Not to mention, there are some very specific details he doesn’t know about being a true Sith.”

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