Deanna Winchester

Make A Wish

Pre series - Deanna is 21 and Sam is 16/17

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"Dad..." Deanna began, hating to have to even ask in the first place.

John turned to his eldest.

"I was wondering if I could borrow a few dollars?"

"Why?" John furrowed an eyebrow.

"Well it's Sammy's birthday tomorrow, and I was wanting to get him something. I mean, I'll pay you back, it's just I don't have enough from the garage to pay for it."

"You know we can't afford to buy presents, Deanna."

"I know, but..." She tried.

"Deanna..." He cut her off. "No."

Anger flaring, Deanna scoffed. "I have done everything you have ever asked me to do! What, does that only work one way?! When I ask one thing from that's too much!" Deanna shouted.

"Deanna..." John began.

"Forget I asked." She looked at him with an expression that reflected her anger before beginning to walk off towards the bedroom she was sharing with her brother.

"Deanna, don't walk away from me when we're talking!" John shouted before grabbing her arm, turning her round so he she was facing him. "We're not done here!"

"What's there to say?" She asked.

"I'm trying to keep you and your brother safe here, Deanna. Stop making me into the villain just because I'm not giving you money for a present."

"Why is everything always..." Deanna began, her anger exploding as she slammed her hand across the small table sending the bottle of whiskey and the glasses flying. " fault!" She screamed. The assortment of glass smashed on impact with the floor. "You'd blame anything on me! Just so you wouldn't have to blame yourself. Cause' that's who's fault it really is! I'm working a job at the garage, what the fuck are you doing to provide an income?! Nothing! You'd rather have us starve if that meant you could kill that demon! It's..."

Deanna was cut off as John slapped her across the cheek with enough force to send her tumbling to the ground, un-expectant of the blow.

"Dad!" Shouted Sam's voice as he rushed in, standing between his sister and father.

John's expression returned to a calmer one before realisation kicked in, followed by guilt.

Sam was knelt beside his older sister now.

"It's okay, Sammy...I'm fine..." He heard Deanna reassure Sam in an almost whisper.

"Deanna..." He began.

Deanna ignored him and got to her feet once again before crossing the motel room and walking out the door.

There was silence for a few seconds before John spoke up.

"Go after your sister, she shouldn't be alone right now." He stated softly.

Sam didn't say anything as he looked at his father before he too headed out of the motel room.

Sam walked back in an hour and a half later with a concerned expression.

"I couldn't find her. She'd already took off before I got outside, and I've looked all over town..."

"She can't have gone far, she didn't take the Impala." John stated. "Did you try the bars?"

"Yeah but they were packed, I wouldn't have been able to see her amongst the crowds even if she was in there."

"We'll go together, got a better chance of finding her that way."

"Surprised you care so much." Sam muttered.

"Sam...she is still my daughter. I made a mistake earlier, and I feel guilty as hell for what I did. I worry about her too, you know." John got up from his seat on the edge of the bed and walked over to the table. He was just about to grab the key's to the Impala when there was another knock at the door. John rushed over and quickly opened it.

There was Deanna, wrists in handcuffs, being held by the arm in the Sheriff's tight grip. There was blood running from her nose while she had bruises all over her face. She also had a cut on her forehead which meant that her blonde hair was stuck to the blood slightly in some places.

"You John Newick?" The Sheriff asked.

"Yeah." John nodded.

"Well, Mr Newick, I suggest you keep a closer eye on your daughter. Cops were called after a bartender reported a fight outside his bar between Deanna here and a group of bikers. Apparently she had been playing cards with the group about twenty minutes prior to the fight." The Sheriff paused. "She's on her last warning. Next time I will not hesitate to throw her in the cells."

John nodded. "Thank you, Officer. It won't happen again."

"Make sure it doesn't." The Sheriff stated before he took the key for the handcuffs out of his pocket and began to unlock them from Deanna's wrists.

Once off, Deanna began to rub her wrists to try and get some of the feeling back in them from having the cuffs on for so long. Noticing the look on her father's face, she quickly walked into the motel room.

"Goodnight now, Mr Newick." The Sheriff walked off.

John nodded before he closed the door.

Deanna was sat on the edge of the bed now, still rubbing her wrists.

Sam had sat down next to her, fussing already.

"Do you realise what could have happened if they'd thrown you in there?!" John asked.

"I'm 21, Dad, they can't take me off you." Deanna stated in response.

"Really?! Maybe if you started to act like it, I might actually treat you that way!"

"Screw you, Dad...I'm really not in the mood." Deanna stood up, wincing as she did so and walked off to the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

The room fell into silence.

John looked at Sam before sighing. "Look after your sister." He grabbed his jacket before heading towards the door.

"Dad, where you going?" Sam asked.

"Out. I'll be back." He left, closing the door behind him.

Sighing, Sam got up and walked across the room to the bathroom before knocking gently on the door. "Deanna, open up." He called. "Dad left." Sam added.

The lock on the door clicked.

Sam opened the door slowly and peered round it to see Deanna sat on the toilet seat lid. Walking inside and closing the distance between them, Sam crouched down in front of his sister and began to take in all the bruises and cuts. He reached out a hand but Deanna swatted it away. "I'm fine, Sam. Perfectly capable of cleaning myself up."

"Never said you weren't." Sam responded before reaching for the flannel in the sink, he soaked it in cold water before gently taking Deanna's chin in one hand before angling her head up slightly as he began to gently dab away the blood on her face. Once the blood was all cleaned away, Sam grabbed the first aid kit and took out a needle and some dental floss from the box.

Deanna reached into her jacket pocket before she pulled out a parcel which had been wrapped with newspaper. She handed it to me. "Happy Birthday, Sammy." She smiled softly.

"You remembered." Sam smiled too.

"Of course I remembered. I wouldn't be much of a big sister if I hadn't."

Then realisation kicked in. The conversation he'd overheard parts of this morning becoming clearer. "How'd you get the money for this?" He asked.

"Sam..." Deanna began but was cut off.

"You shouldn't have done that." He stated.

"Why?" She challenged.

"Because you could have gotten yourself killed!" Sam retorted.

"I don't care!" Deanna shouted.

"Why?!" Sam shouted too.

"Because I'm sick of seeing you go without!" Deanna answered. "No birthday presents, no Christmas presents...I'm sick of it!"

"De...I'm gonna' be 17 tomorrow, you don't have to worry about getting me presents. I'm old enough now." Sam tried to reassure in a much calmer voice.

"Yes I do..." She sighed. "You're my little brother."

"And just because I'm your little brother doesn't mean you can just pick a fight with a biker to get some money to buy me a present."

"Hey, I won that money fair and square. They were the ones who wouldn't accept that I'd won." Deanna stated. "Stupid assholes jumped me on the way back."

"So how do they do?" Sam asked.

"Oh...not good. Not good at all. Frankly, they were pathetic. They only managed to get a few punches in here and there, packed some power mind I'll give them that, but other than that they were rubbish. They were practically whimpering when I was done with the douchebags. I think they saw blonde and let their assumptions take over."

"Good to hear you set them straight." Sam smiled. "But please don't get into a fight just to get me a birthday present."

"I don't know why I bother, I mean you haven't even opened it yet." Deanna smirked.

Sam smirked too as he began to unwrap the present, smiling as he finished. "Deanna." He looked up at his sister. "How?..."

"How did I know that you've been feeling over that book for like the last four months? Sammy, you've looked at it in every bookshop in every town we've been to." Deanna smiled. "It's about time you got the friggin' thing."

"Thank you." Sam thanked as he hugged Deanna in appreciation.

"You're welcome, Sammy. But let's not turn this into a click flick moment. Get off me." Deanna smirked, pushing her little brother off her with a smile.

There was a light knock on the bathroom door.

Turning, the two siblings saw their father stood at the door holding a small cupcake with white icing and a blue candle in it. "Peace offering?"

Deanna smiled, thankful that their father had took his head out of his ass and actually listened to her.

Sam still looked pissed about everything as he turned to Deanna protectively.

Deanna shot him a look of 'leave it, Sammy' before she took her lighter out of her pocket and threw it over to their Dad.

Sam eventually smiled as he saw the lit candle. "Thanks, Dad."

"You're welcome, Sam." Their father smiled back.

"Don't forget to make a wish." Deanna reminded.

Sam smirked but did as he was told and made a wish before he blew out the candle.

"What did you wish for, Sammy?" Deanna asked.

"You're not supposed to tell, De." Sam answered.

"Well that's stupid."

"You're stupid." Sam retorted with a smirk.



In truth, Sam hadn't wished for anything. He had everything he wanted right here.

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