Deanna Winchester

Missing Cas

Prompt: AU - Deanna is the one with the demon blood.

Tag to The Rapture (4x20) and When the Levee Breaks (4x21)

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Sam came running through the door.

"What's wrong?" Bobby asked, slightly taken aback by the youngest Winchester's abrupt entrance.

"It's Deanna, she's missing." Sam answered. "We were at the warehouse and then something happened and she took off."

"Sam, she came in a couple of minutes ago and went upstairs." He explained.

"Deanna's upstairs?!" Sam's eyes widened.

Bobby nodded.

Sam ran off upstairs.

Bobby followed him.

Noticing that the bathroom door was closed, Sam walked over to it and gently knocked. "Deanna?"

The sound of muffled crying that could be heard from behind the door stopped, Deanna sniffling. "...go away..." Came a frail voice, plagued with hints of just how scared Deanna seemed to be.

"Deanna, please let me in." Sam called.



"Just...go away!" Deanna shouted. "...please..."

"No." Sam answered. "You need to unlock the door, or I'll pick it."

"I don't need help." Deanna stated.

Sam sighed and slunk down the door to the floor where he rested back against it. "Well I'll be out here then until you do."

"Sammy, don't be stupid."

The silence signalled the end of their conversation.

Rolling her eyes, Deanna slowly pushed herself to her feet, using the bath tub for support. She looked in the mirror. Her reflection said it all. Blood was thickly smudged around her mouth from where she had drank from the demon while her eyes were dark red from crying and veiny from the power the blood gave her. Her blonde hair was a mess. Just like her. Desperational, agonising rage built up inside her as she hated what she saw in the mirror. "Guh!" Deanna swung and punched the mirror causing it to smash as her knuckled came into contact with it. Some of the shards of glass from the shattered mirror fell down into the sink while others were lodged into the now bloody skin of Deanna's hand. Breaking down into sobs again, Deanna held onto the rim of the sink with a vice like grip as she cried.

The door clicked behind her.

"Don't come in!" She shouted through the sobs, not wanting her little brother to see her like this. "Please...please don't come in..." Deanna glanced towards the door to see Bobby.

He said something to a panicked looking Sam before he closed the door behind him.

"What did my mirror ever do to you?" Bobby asked with a smirk.

Deanna's sobs let up as she too smirked slightly. She adjusted her grip on the sink.

"Sit down before you fall down." Bobby gently wrapped an arm around her waist before he put the lid of the toilet down and helped the eldest Winchester sit down. He looked her over before sighing. "I'm not here to judge, but you gotta' tell me what's going on, Deanna."


"You're drinking the blood again?"

"No." Deanna answered.

"Your face would say otherwise."

"I had to..."

Bobby furrowed an eyebrow. "What d'you mean you had to?"

"Cas came into my dream and told me to meet him at some old warehouse. Turns out there had been some kind of angel on angel fight and Cas had been beamed back to the mothership. We found his vessel Jimmy and helped him out. Then some demon possessed his wife and Cas came back and possessed the kid. I had to drink the blood cause' the demon was in his wife and I couldn't use the knife on her. It would have killed her and then I would have made this kid an orphan...I wasn't going to do that. So yeah, I drank the blood. It was the only option."

"So what happened to Cas?"

"I don't know. He got zapped during the battle. I'm guessing it was back to Heaven."

"So what's the problem?"

"He isn't exactly Haven's favourite angel. They probably will have jumped at the opportunity to screw with him. You know, turned him back into bible school Cas. Bible school, no free will Cas who saw me as an abomination and hated everything about me." She lowered her head.

Bobby sighed.

"He left me, Bobby." A tear trickled down Deanna's cheek. "I miss him so much."

"Hey..." Bobby began as he smiled softly.

Deanna smiled back before she wiped away the tear and shook her head. "Sorry, I'm being stupid...God, get it together, Winchester." She told herself.

"Let's get you cleaned up." Bobby stated as he grabbed the first aid kit and began treating Deanna's hand.

"Sorry about your mirror." She apologised.

"Don't worry about it, kid."

"Thanks, Bobby."

Once her hand was stitched up, Bobby got a flannel and wiped away the blood around her mouth.

"You're gonna' put me down there aren't you?" Deanna asked in a quiet voice.

"I'm sorry, but we have to." Bobby's tone held as much emotion as Deanna's did. "You need to ride out the withdrawl symptoms, and it's the safest place to do it."

"Fine...better get it over with then." Pushing herself up from the toilet seat, Deanna screwed her eyes together as she fought through the stabbing pain that was attacking her stomach. "Ughhh."

"Easy there, kid. Just take it slow." Bobby stated as he once again wrapped an arm around her for support.

Another stab ripped through her stomach causing her to scream in pain.

"Gah!" Deanna screamed as she opened her eyes finding herself in the panic room. She had lost count of how many hours she had been down there. She didn't know whether it even was hours. It could be days for all she knew.

A tear trickled down her cheek as realisation kicked in that what she had felt had all been just a dream. A stupid dream. She hadn't been given the chance to explain herself. She hadn't been shown any kindness. She had simply been tricked into entering the panic room before Sam and Bobby slammed the heavy door closed behind her and went off upstairs, leaving her to deal with the demon blood withdrawal by herself.

Lying on the bed, Deanna continued to cry as her body shook from the pain that was surging through her. Deanna screwed her eyes closed to try and block out the excruciating pain as she bucked in the hand and foot cuffs that they had put her in, chaining her to the metal framing of the bed. "Ahhh..." She moaned quietly.

She had already been visited by her father, her younger self, and Sam.

They had all looked at her with disgust in their eyes.

But not her mother.

Her mother had been kind. She had listened to her. She understood what Deanna was trying to do. Why she was drinking the demon blood.

None of them understood.

None of them cared.

The room stank with the stench of vomit. In the early stages of the withdrawal, the blood had made her be sick to clear it from her system. This obviously caused her craving for more blood to heighten as more and more of what demon blood remained in her stomach was expelled.

She had screamed and begged from her brother and Bobby to help her. To stop the pain. But no one had answered her calls.

Their only visit to the panic room being to handcuff her wrists and feet to the metal framing of the bed after the withdrawal had caused her to have seizures and thrown her around the room.

"Gahh..." She moaned once again as her body shook from the pain. Yet another tear trickled down her cheek.

She was desperate for release.

Death was be but a gift for her right now.

She wanted it to be over.

She wanted the pain to stop.

It was then that Deanna heard the sound of one of the handcuffs clicking.

Opening her eyes through the pain, Deanna was shocked to see that the handcuff had been unlocked.

There was another click, then another, then another as all of the cuffs opened, freeing her from the bed.

She then spotted a figure standing by the far wall of the panic room. The figure rushed over to her.

Deanna's eyes widened. "Cas..."

Cas smiled.

"" She paused. " got zapped back to Heaven."

"I broke out." He answered. "Which is exactly what I am going to help you do." Cas closed the distance between them and gently wrapped an arm around Deanna's back as he helped her to sit up. He then sat down next to her and wrapped an arm around her back for support.

Deanna still looked shocked. "It's really you?..."

Cas nodded.

Deanna smiled before she pressed her lips against his.

Cas placed a hand on her cheek as he kissed her back.

When they eventually pulled away, Cas looked towards the door. "Let's get out of here."

Deanna nodded.

Lifting her into his arms, Cas smiled as he saw Deanna curl in him for protection and rest her head against his chest. He then poofed off, leaving the panic room behind them.

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