Deanna Winchester

The Girl with the Demon Blood

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Stood in the salvage yard, Cas became alert at the sound of wings fluttering.

"What did you do?" Anna asked in a stern tone.

"You shouldn't have come, Anna."

"Why would you let out Deanna Winchester?" She paused. "Cas, you saw her. She's drinking the demon blood. It's much worse than we thought. Sam was trying to stop her."

"Sam was killing her!" Cas growled.

"We have to find her, Cas..." As Anna took in Cas' expression, realisation kicked in. "You know where she is..." She shook her head. "So it's not bad enough that you're the one who let her out in the first place, you're now harbouring her too?!"

"She's not dangerous, Anna."

"The hell she's not! Deanna Winchester must die. I will be the one to kill her before she brings everything down upon us."

"Anna, we've been through much together, but if you come near Deanna, I will not hesitate to kill you."

"Why are you protecting her, Castiel?! She is effectively demon spawn and yet you treat her like she is some devine being that must be defended at all costs."

"Deanna is my friend."

"We both know that you and Deanna haven't been just friends in a very long time..." Anna paused. "You love actually love her. You love the girl with the demon blood..." She paused once again. "Oh Cas, you're so deluded. She's a monster, and nothing more!"

In seconds, Cas had closed the gap between him and Anna and was now standing with his angel blade positioned against her throat. He growled. "Don't you dare talk about her like that!"

"She really has got you tied round her little finger, hasn't she. Her own little pet angel. Cause' that's all you are to her. Just a little puppy that desperately wants to rebel against his Daddy and his home. She's using you, Castiel! Why can't you see that?! She's using you to shield her from the angels that she knows want her dead!"

"You're lying!"

"No, Cas...I'm not. Look at what Deanna grew up listening to from her father. Do you think that angels ever meant anything to her? Hell, she didn't even believe in them until she met you. She shot her little brother down endlessly when they were on that case. Sam had been right though, he had seen an angel that day, and angels did exist, but Deanna didn't want to believe it." She paused. "Deanna sees angels as a means to an end. Nothing more. You're just a tool in her plan to kill Lilith. Nothing more." Anna sighed. "My, Cas. She's going to kill Lilith and she's not gonna' let anything get in her way. Nothing...not even angels that have romantic attractions to her."

"You're so wrong, Anna." Cas stated.

"Sometimes...but not this time." Anna clicked her fingers and a group of angels appeared, all wielding angel blades. She then disappeared.

"Deanna!" Cas' eyes widened before a punch landed across his face.

Deanna was still lying asleep on the bed where he had left her earlier.

"Deanna! Deanna!" She heard Cas' panicked voice as she felt herself being shook.

Deanna groaned as she flickered her eyes open. "Cas?" Her eyes widened.

Anna was stood beside the bed. She grinned. "Hello, Deanna."

Deanna groaned internally as she pushed herself into a sitting position and began to back away from her across the bed. "Get away from me!"

"I can't do that I'm afraid. I have to kill you."

"Great..." She answered in a sarcastic tone.

"The angels need me dead."

"They do or you do." Deanna scoffed. "I mean, when have you not wanted me dead?"

Anna didn't respond but did pull a angel blade from her sleeve.

Deanna's eyes widened. "Shit!" She looked at Anna. "Why do you want me dead?"

"There's a vast list of reasons, Deanna."

"So what are you gonna' do, just stab me right here right now?" Deanna asked. "Wouldn't want to stain the sheets."

"Enough!" Anna bellowed.

Deanna silenced. "Fine, bring it on, bitch!"

Anna pounced to strike with the blade but Deanna threw herself out of the way, falling from the bed and landing in a heap on the floor painfully.

"Guh." She moaned before pushing herself as quickly to her feet as she could manage. "What did you do to Cas?"

"Nothing. I thought he would have been here by now, but apparently he doesn't care about you as much as you think he does."

Deanna rolled her eyes. "How stupid do you think I am?..." She paused. "Don't answer that."

Anna pounced once again, barrelling into Deanna and sending them both falling to the floor.

Deanna swung and landed a punch across the angel's face, forgetting how bad of an idea that was as she recoiled her throbbing hand. "Ahh..." She winced before resorting to plan b. Kicking out against Anna, she managed to push her off her, pinning her down to the floor by her neck.

That's when she felt it.

"Guh..." She moaned as the metal pierced through her stomach. The sting of the blade caused her to gasp as she looked down to see it stabbed through her, Anna's hand holding it there. And then it was gone. Anna having ripped it from her stomach, her blood now staining it red.

Deanna felt woozy as she struggled to keep herself upright.

Anna proceeded to land a punch across her face, knocking her backwards to the ground so that she landed in a heap on her side. Her head resting against the wood of the motel's laminate flooring, leaching the cool chill from it.

"It will all be over soon." Anna stated as she placed her hand over Deanna's heart before she closed eyes.

Deanna furrowed an eyebrow as she felt nothing for the first few seconds, then it hit her. "Gah!" She moaned as the pain began to radiate through her. Denna could feel her heart slowing as black dots danced in her vision and her eyelids began to flicker. Her body was screaming for release against the excruciating pain flowing through her whole system. The pain from the demon blood withdrawal seeming pathetic compared to the pain she was experiencing now.

Deanna struggled to focus on Anna as she weakly struggled to keep her eyes open. "Cas..." She began, surprised by how pathetic her weak, shaky voice actually came out. "Cas...I need you...please..."

Deanna felt pathetic as the pain heightened. She was supposed to be strong. Well...she wasn't really much of anything nowadays. Like her brother said, 'Try weak. Try desperate. Try Pathetic.' 'Monster, Deanna. You're a monster.'

"Cas..." Deanna whispered, as she curled into herself further, wrapping an arm around her stomach as she moaned quietly.

"Shhh..." She imagined Cas' soft tone through the haze. "Just sleep...just sleep, Deanna." She could feel him gently stroking her long, blonde hair as the lights started to go out around her. Hazy Cas smiled at her before he disappeared too.

Deanna couldn't fight the impending blackness, and eventually succumbed to it.

Author's Note: Don't worry, there is another chapter to come :)

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