Surviving At Stanford

Chapter 16

After what seemed like a ridiculously long drive, Dean pulled down a small back road before a house came into view at the end of it. I didn't really mind how long the journey to wherever we were going had taken. I missed all of the days spent in the Impala when I was hunting with John and the boys.

"Where are we?" I asked.

Dean didn't need to answer my question as the door of the house opened before Caleb and Pastor Jim walked out onto the wooden porch.

I beamed.

Sam and Dean were smiling to each other, obviously pleased that their plan had had the desired effect.

Getting out of the car, I lugged my duffel off the backseat and walked towards the house, up the wooden steps before I dropped it down as I was collected into a hug by Pastor Jim who also had a smile on his face.


"Hi Pastor Jim." I smiled too, wrapping my arms around him.

As we pulled away, I then turned to Caleb. My relationship with Caleb would probably be looked upon as being really weird by anyone else, but Caleb and I...the two of us traded insults the same as people would trade thanks and compliments.

"Long time no see, runt!" He smiled.

"Who you calling a runt?" I smirked before I too was pulled into a hug by Caleb.

"There's someone here that also wants to see you." Caleb smiled as he pulled away and stepped back from the door.

I furrowed an eyebrow. It was then that I heard the patter of frantic footsteps before I was pounced on, knocked backwards on my ass on the wooden porch. The ball of fluff that I had left had grown into an even bigger ball of fluff. "Rummy!" I grinned.

He smiled back at me with his tongue hanging.

I smirked. "Did you miss me, buddy?"

Rummy barked.

"I'll take that as a yes." I smiled, rubbing a hand through his fur. "Has Caleb been looking after you?" I joked with a cheeky smile.

"I am perfectly capable of looking after a dog, thank you very much." Caleb stated. "But he hasn't really stopped howling since you left him here."

"So you did miss me." I smiled, giving him a cuddle. Rummy leant his head against me.

"I feel cheated." Dean stated with a smirk as Sam and him joined me on the porch.

"I can't believe you just got wiped out by a dog." Sam laughed. "Your hunter senses are outstanding."

"Bite me, Sam." I smirked in reply.

"Speaking of hunts, I better get going." Pastor Jim stated.

"Leaving us already Pastor?" Dean asked.

"He's got an Invasion of the bodysnatchers sorta' deal to take care of." Caleb answered.

"You thinkin' Shapeshifter?" I followed up.

He nodded.

"Eww..." I screwed my face up.

"I know, but the cops down there are starting to get suspicious about the number of grave robberies and we don't want them falling into the path of one of the fugly bastards. This town needs all the friggin' cops it can get, without them being slowly disbanded through the entire squad being dead." Pastor Jim stated.

I smirked.

"Hey..." Caleb spoke up. "I happen to like where I live...It's characterful." Caleb smirked. "Besides, only weird people are from Blue Earth."

I reached up and hit him on the arm.

He laughed.

Sam held out a hand, and pulled me to my feet.

"Thanks." I smiled.

"I'll be back before you know it." Pastor Jim smiled before walking off towards his car.

"So, what have you cooked ready for our arrival?" Dean teased with a cheeky grin.

Caleb hit him over the back of the head with a smirk. "You know where the fridge is."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Service with a smile."

"This isn't a hotel, and I'm not your maid." Caleb smiled.

"Are you sure? I thought you loved dressing up." Dean retorted.

"Oh my god! Images I don't want!" I laughed, despite my traumatisation at the thought.

Sam was the same, mortified but in hysterics.

Caleb scrubbed a hand down his face as he smirked. "You are the weirdest bunch of freaks I have ever met." He stepped back from the door.

We laughed, walking into the house.

Still laughing from what Dean had said, Caleb shook his head. "God, that even traumatises me!" He stated as he closed the door.

Walking downstairs the next morning, I noticed Dean sat on the couch in the living room.

Noticing me, he quickly reached for the remote and turned off the TV.

I furrowed an eyebrow, but let it go as I walked in and over to him. "Hi." I smiled.

"Hey." He smiled back, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me down onto the couch.

I fell against him with a giggle before pressing a kiss to his lips.

"For god sake!" I heard Sam say, looking over the back of the couch to see him stood in the doorway shaking his head. "Could you not?" He asked with a smirk.

"Emmm..." Dean stopped to think for a moment. "No." He smiled before pressing another kiss to my lips.

Sam rolled his eyes before walking into the room and sitting down on the two seater.

Dean sighed. "Really?"

Sam shrugged, clearly not giving a shit.

I was holding in my laughter.

"Dean!" Caleb called.

"Look's like you're wanted." Sam stated with a smug smile.

Dean stuck his finger up at him on his way past.

Sam laughed.

I let out my laughter too, before reaching for the TV remote and pressing the on button.

"What the hell..." I was so confused by what I was seeing.

"Oh my god!" Sam smirked, walking over and sitting down next to me on the couch. "Has Caleb been watching this?"

"No." I shook my head. "Dean had the TV on when I came down. He turned it off really quickly when he saw me."

Sam laughed even harder. "Oh my god!"

"I'm slightly worried about my boyfriend right now." I stated with a smirk.

"He's obviously a fan." Sam teased.

"What, of telenovelas?"


"Por favor, no te mueras! Por favor, no te mueras!" The woman on the screen was sat with her arms wrapped around a guy who had what looked like a bullet hole in his chest.

Neither Sam or I had a clue what she was saying.

"No, Alonso!" Sam mocked in the woman's accent. "I'll miss your musk!"

I laughed. "I didn't mean to spill ketchup all over your shirt!"

We both burst into hysterical laughter.

And that's how Dean found us a few minutes later, lying in two heaps on the floor laughing our heads off, still coming up with our own interpretations.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"What are you doing?" Sam followed up with a smirk. "Telenovelas? Very manly."

"It's a guilty pleasure." He finally admitted after a few seconds.

"Awww." I smirked, getting to my feet and wrapping an arm around him. "It's okay that you want to get in touch with your feminine side sometimes." I grinned, cheekily.

Caleb walked in. "What...on...Earth?" He furrowed an eyebrow. "Dean, have you been watching telenovelas again?"

Dean just looked done.

Sam and I were in hysterics again.

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