Surviving At Stanford

Chapter 17

The stars were scattered in the sky as I walked through the town. The streets were empty and the night was silent. We were in need of some more salt. I had noticed the note stuck to the fridge door which was obviously Caleb's hunting shopping list, and salt was obviously one of the items. I volunteered myself and had left the house about 10-15 minutes ago, walking into town to find some. A quick trip to the Gas N Sip later, and I had acquired salt and was now on my way home.

"Hello, Carrie." Came a voice.

I jumped before turning to the source. "Cas!" I scorned. "Don't sneak up on me like that. You're gonna' give me a heart attack."

"I apologise."

I smiled. "It's okay, I'm just too jumpy for my own good, that's all."

"I don't think it's wise for you to be out here by yourself when it's dark." Cas stated in a caring tone.

I truly appreciated his protectiveness. It's adorable to witness how much he does actually care about me. "I'm fine, Cas." I smiled reassuringly. "We were just running low on salt so I had to make a run to the store. I've walked home tons of times when it's been dark."

"I know, we first met when I pushed you out the way of a car that was on course to hit you." Cas stated.

"I'll agree, as introductions go, our wasn't the best." I smirked. "But honestly, I'm fine. I'm sure you have much more important stuff to be doing instead of looking after me."

Cas smiled. "Your safety is more important, Carrie. You are my friend, and like I told you, it's my job to look after you."

"My guardian angel." I smiled too.

Cas smiled once again. "Can I walk you home?" He asked.

I nodded. "Of course you can." I linked my arm with his.

Cas furrowed an eyebrow as he looked down at our linked arms with a confused expression. "Emm..."

"Well if you're gonna' be my escort." I smiled.

"Does that require you wrapping your arm through mine?"

I smirked.

As we walked through the town, I looked up at Cas. "You know so much about me, so why is it that I know so little about you?" I asked.

"I have made it my interest to know every detail about you so that I can protect you." Cas answered. "Plus, the life of an angel is much less interesting than the life of a human."


Cas nodded. "Human life is...intricate...more profound. Something that should be cherished."

I lowered my head.

Cas must have noticed this. "In your life, you have been through pain and unimaginable anguish. But you mustn't let it dictate your future. All of the pain you have been feeling, you can't let it fester, or yiu will never recover. You will never be happy." He explained. "You humans are much stronger than you believe yourselves to be." Cas paused. "Some humans don't realise that before it's too late."

"I'm not going to try to kill myself again if that's what you mean." I stated in a quiet tone.

Cas stopped, unlinking his arm from mine as he turned me round so that I was facing him. Placing a hand on my chin, he lifted it up gently so that I was looking into his blue eyes and nowhere else.

"You are not lost, Carrie. You still have family, friends, people in your life that are there for you as want to help you." He paused. "I know you felt like that was the only way out, and that you're still struggling now, but you know that those boys would do anything for you...isn't that enough to make you want to stay?"

Tears pricked at my eyes.

"Like I said on that rooftop, the brothers, they will be the ones to truly end your suffering, and you should seek their help. Talk to them, because they will be able to help you."

The tears that had been threatening to fall were now tricking down my cheeks.

"You are not alone, Carrie." Cas stated softly.

Closing the gap between Cas and myself, I wrapped my arms around him, resting my head against his chest as I cried.

Cas wrapped his arms around me protectively as I cried. "I will always be here for you too, Carrie...Whenever you need me, I'll be there..."

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