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“You don’t remember me, Lelouch vi Britannia? You don’t remember your Knight?” The reach of Britannia has finally reached to the independent nation of Australia in the year a.t.b 2015, and it’s easily taken by the Holy Britannian Empire in a desperate attempt to gain more support against the rising power of the Black Knights in Japan. It is renamed ‘Area 8’. In response to the occupation, a group appears and fights back against the invasion. Declaring themselves as the Australian branch of the Black Knights, a young girl stands tall and fights for the freedom of her current nation - under the rules and morals of Zero, Lelouch Lamperouge. © Chey Eveleigh | 2019

Adventure / Fantasy
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◌ allie ◌

The black, red and gold Gawain lands in front of her and she watches in amazement as the Seventh Generation Transformable Knightmare Frame’s cockpit opens and a masked man climbs out and lowers himself to the ground with the black retractable rope installed in all Knightmare Frames. He walks over to the girl clad in a Black Knight’s uniform - with a bit of a twist to distinguish her as their commander - and smiles behind his mask at how young she is.

She almost freezes at the appearance of her idol, but quickly regains her composure and bows in a proper greeting. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Lord Zero.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Miss Everly,” the man in front of her replies, the voice distorted but still familiar to Allie in some respect. “There is no need to bow to me. I am no prince or king.”

She straightens and smiles warmly at him. “Please, come in. I apologise for any mess - the Knights here aren’t exactly the cleanest.”

“I assure you that it’s no problem.”

Walking into the headquarters, Allie’s blue eyes widen in horror for a second before her face twists into a murderous scowl, rage glinting in her eyes. Opening her mouth, a copious amount of curses and derogatory comments leave her lips as she calls for the Knights in the building to come down and clean up the mess. Behind his Zero mask, Lelouch can’t help the amused grin that graces his face at the sight of the sixteen-year-old girl taking charge.

Not even a minute later, around thirty to forty people rush into the room and begin to clean it up, not noticing the guest standing behind their commander. The first one to do so is a young boy around fourteen or so, and his eyes widen in disbelief, his lips parting in shock. He drops the plastic bag partially full of rubbish to the ground and bows, showing his respect.

Noticing his movements, several other Knights around him mirror his movements. Soon enough, everyone in the base is bowing, much to Allie’s delight and Lelouch’s amusement. With a single word, they continue their cleaning and bow once more before leaving Allie and their idol to talk things over. All Allie can do is continue smiling as the door closes behind the last Knight.

Once they’re gone, Lelouch turns to the younger girl. “You have a strong hold over them. I am impressed, Miss Everly.”

Allie flushes and looks up at the taller male. “Please, call me Allie. I’m not that much younger than you, and you know that, don’t you, Mr Lamperouge?”

Behind his mask, Lelouch’s face morphs into one of horror, disbelieving.

“Bring your Knightmare in and meet me in my quarters. I’ll have Louisa show you the way. We can talk privately there.”

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