My Cold Searted Seatmate


"Would you please stop bothering me starting this day? I hate you"his words pierced through my ears. "Sorry..."then I was left alone here, cold. #Fanfic #Jungkook #BTS

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Chapter One


The wind breeze is now hitting my face making it feel cold and cozy in the first morning.

I walk, bickering with my own thoughts. Slowly rubbing my hands together as I put it in my sweater pocket.

It's July but why does it feels like winter. I kept my pace slow as I looked at the cloudy sky. I knew what is about to happen. As soon as the sky let everything out.

I ran to the nearest shelter. I guess... I'll be late on this first day of school. I ran my fingers through my slightly wet hair. I wiped my forehead with my handkerchief.
Breathing heavily.

If only I should've brought my unbrella with me. I would have been inside the bus already. I kept my mind so busy not even paying attention that there was also a guy beside me, wet.

As I turned to my left, I flinched in shock. A handsome man standing infront of me, hair's tips wet. He lifted his gaze towards me and I looked away.

He's so gorgeous! I saw his uniform. Wait, Is he a transferee? I haven't seen him anywhere there in my 3 years of studying in that academy. Ohh well.

As soon as the rain stopped. I walked away, heart beating fast. Is it because I am already late or is it because of that guy earlier? No shit sherlock! Pay attention to yourself Naeun!

I walked to the bus stop and exactly the bus arrived. I went in tapping my card. I sat down and to my shock... The guy from earlier came in too. Panting. I looked at the window.

Not minding him. I put my earplugs on and played my favorite music 'Lost Stars' I hummed as I look out the window.

Until a tear slowly fell down my cheeks. I looked up to the sky. Then tears continued streaming down my cheeks. When I felt the bus stop.

I quickly stood up then went out. I wiped my tears off then put on a smile running to the University. "Naeun!" as soon as I heard that voice I stopped on my tracks.

I turned around and saw my best friend running after me. "What happen? Did you cry? Why is your eye red?!" She panicked.

"Ara I just dozed off when I was in the bus" I smiled, reassuring her. "You better be not lying!" she threatened me. I chuckled hiding my nervousness. I cling onto her arms then we walked.

"We're late you know that?" She asked as we enter the office getting our schedules. I chuckled at her. "I know a perfect excuse for myself" I said as I saw her rolled her eyes.

"Shut the fuck up" with that I burst onto laughter as we walked out the office. "Let me see your schedule!" I said as I snatched her schedule away from her hands.

"Yah!"she shouted slapping my arms.I turned to her with a sad look."We don't have any classes together. That's unfair!"

I fake sob. "Aish! Really? You and your childishness! Grow up already!" she said rolling her eyes walking away.

"Your schedule missy!" I said as I ran after her. We chat until we separated paths. I went inside and saw no teacher yet. I sighed deeply rushing to the back seat.

I took my seat beside the window and put my earplugs on again. I grab my sketch pad then laid my head onto one of my arms as I started to doodle.

I felt someone sit beside me but I didn't mind. I kept doodling until my eyes suddenly diverted to the one who seated beside me.

I almost jumped off my seat. I slowly sat up straight due to shock but soon turned to a smile.

It's him...

"Hello my name is Han Naeun. What's yours?" I asked as I reach out my hand for him to shake.

He didn't even bother to look instead his gaze turned darker. I sighed then l pulled my hand back.

"Rude" I muttered but smiled again. Until I saw him do something in his notebook. I peeked a little and saw him sketching.

He's good at sketching. He stopped then looked up diverting his eyes to my direction. I quickly sat up straight, looking away as if I was not watching him earlier.

He did a 'tsk' sound. I also felt him rolled his eyes.So Rude be thankful you're handsome.
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