Feather in the wind

Chapter 10

Ianto was in the bath, enjoying the feeling of the water as it washed over him.

Bubbles filled the bath and Ianto's favourite lavender scent filled the air as he was being treated for eating all of his dinner without screwing up his nose at the sprouts. Too much.

It had been two months since his fall from grace and he was recovering. More words were being forced out to those who deserved them and Ianto had been allowed in the chair all afternoon, stapling reports for a meeting.

His deft fingers working calmly through the booklets and if anyone was surprised to see the special table Jack had produced, they weren't commenting. It was wooden and gleamed with the high level of polish as it wrapped around the chair giving Ianto a perfect table top. Jack must have had it specially made and god knows what it cost. A dark red stain that matched the chair pleased Ianto who had run his fingers over the wood with a happy hum.

Jack had ordered the evening meal for everyone and the surprise delivery from the local restaurant, complete with dessert, had been a wonderful treat.

Jack had calmly sat and fed each mouthful as Ianto played with his stapler and it hadn't been until Jack rose to get the dessert that they discovered Ianto had stapled Jack to Ianto's own trousers.

Mad giggling ensued as Tosh had hunted for her staple-remover and Jack scolded an unrepentant monkey while looking like they were strange Siamese twins.

Jack had said the dessert would be withheld as punishment, but the way Ianto's face had gone from gleeful to horrified changed his mind and he apologised, saying he was only kidding.

Ianto continued to pout and whimper until the chocolate mousse was revealed and the sun came out again.

Now, he was tired and Jack had called time.

Jack was humming, his voice gentle and soothing as Ianto drifted, more asleep than awake.

Owen walked in and stopped, watching as Jack leaned over the side of the bath and kissed Ianto on the forehead.

Owen sat on the toilet and handed over the syringe.

Ianto immediately opened his eyes and glared at him as he shrugged his apology.

"Come on, you know you need your shots" Jack scolded, "You are still too weak and injection is better than pills with your poor stomach still getting used to solids again."

Ianto huffed and slashed weakly in the water.

Jack leaned back and sighed, "He's gonna sulk now!"

"Sorry Ianto, mate" Owen said as he rose to leave, "You're looking good though. We just have to put a bit of meat on those bones."

Ianto looked up and smiled weakly, his eyes moving to the needle in Jack's hand again.

"Well, a shunt might mean infection" Jack said, "Also, you can't get back into a suit shirt if you have a shunt in the way and you keep sending me images of your suits."

Ianto pouted and Owen laughed from the doorway. "God, he is a handful!"

"Yeah" Jack smiled fondly, "Quite the drama queen when he wants to be"

Ianto snorted and splashed bubbles towards Jack who squealed and fell back while wind milling his arms.

Ianto snorted again.

"I don't have to hear his thoughts to know he's just proved who the drama queen is here!" Owen pointed out and Jack frowned at Ianto from the floor.

"You bloody shit!" Jack roared as more bubbles came over the side at him.

Owen and Jack roared with mirth as Ianto gave a big belly laugh.

"Come on sweetie" Jack crooned, pulling the plug and throwing a huge bath sheet over him.

Jack scooped him out and sat on a stool with Ianto in his lap. He dried him off and made sure to get what creases he could, then let the sheet drop back so the when he picked Ianto up the sheet fell to the ground.

Jack then carried the naked man through to the bedroom.

Tosh had laid another bath sheet on the bed and Jack laid him on it, reaching for the baby powder and he proceeded to powder Ianto's butt and balls as Ianto grunted and reached for the container.

Jack was distracted and didn't realise Ianto had it until the first puff of powder hit the air and Ianto huffed with humour.

"Oh no, Jack!" Gwen yelled as she ran in, trying not to look at Ianto's naked bits, "The little bugger has the powder again."

Ianto growled at her as they wrestled of the powder and Jack opened his mouth to warn her but was too late as Ianto's eyes narrowed and he gave it a mighty squeeze.

Gwen yelled as it hit her face and she drew back, spluttering as powder dripped from her hair.

Ianto was huffing with humour and Owen had come running at the yell. Owen stood looking at the scene and then turned to Jack.

"How many of these are we going to go through before you learn to put it back on the table out of his bloody reach!" Owen scolded and Jack tried to look sorry but he couldn't stop laughing.

"Ah, come on Owen" he chortled, "He's never done it to you!"

"Yeah, well" Owen sighed, "Not for want of trying. He's getting quite strong."

Jack leaned over and kissed the cheeky monkey who was still grinning like a loon.

"You little beast!" Jack growled as he rubbed noses with the giggle monster.

"Oh well" Gwen sighed with good grace and then laughed.

"A girl does like to powder her nose."

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