Feather in the wind

Chapter 11

Ianto was in a suit.

Not his favourite but he gave Jack points for choosing one of the nice tailored ones from his collection.

Midnight blue with a pale blue shirt and dark tie to match the suit. Jack had carefully buttoned and adjusted him then sat back as Ianto shakily shot his cuffs.

"You look like sex on a stick!" Jack growled, kissing Ianto gently on the lips and Ianto whined as he leaned in for a longer kiss.

"Easy baby" Jack said softly as he stroked his cheek, "I know what you want, I know. It's too soon. You're not strong enough for that kind of contact and I want out reconnection to be special. It can't be special if you are not fully able to engage."

Ianto pouted even as he agreed, Jack was right. He wanted to be able to please him as well.


Jack grinned as the word came clear and true into his mind.

"I love you" Jack crooned, styling Ianto's hair into a rooster's comb and showing him with a mirror.

Ianto growled and shakily tried to adjust it but his hands wouldn't behave today and Jack could feel him getting upset. He quickly put the mirror down and fixed his hair, then kissed his button nose before raising the mirror again.

All day Ianto sat as he was praised for his appearance and leered at … yeah, Jack.

Still the sadness continued to strum through the bond and Jack wondered what might cheer him up.

Owen, bless his cockney arse, worked it out and announced it over afternoon tea.

"I want a Bond-a-thon!"

"What?" Jack looked up from the spoon halfway to Ianto's mouth and Ianto looked around as well.

"I want a Bond night!" Owen repeated, "The new one is out, I want to watch the two before it, to get into the groove and I want popcorn, ice-cream and fizzy!"

"Me too!" Ianto hooted and everyone smiled as he clapped at Jack, "Me too, Cariad."

"Oh Ianto" Jack sighed, "Really?"

Ianto jigged in the chair and hooted again, banging the table with glee.

"Jones, Ianto Jones" Ianto growled and Jack remembered their first meeting, an image Ianto latched onto as well as he grinned at him.

"Please Daddy?"

Everyone had a moment's pause as Jack looked at Ianto with shock.

"Oh baby" he whispered.

"Please Daddy?"

"Yes Ianto," Jack said as he stroked his cheek, "Yes, we can have anything you want."

"Yes!" Ianto enthused as he turned to wave to Owen, "Bond!"

When Owen had done the tests and told Jack that Ianto had regressed, his brain damage meant some days he would be coherent and a simpler version of his old adult self and others he would revert to a childlike state, it broke his heart.

Now Jack had adjusted to the new Ianto, finding humour in the little boy as well as a cheeky nature the adult Ianto had lost somewhere along the way.

"Well, I will want to come" Gwen enthused, her excitement making her shake, "Tosh?"

"Oh, yes please! I have dibs next to Ianto!" she squealed and Ianto clapped.

"Well, shopping to be done!" Jack went to fetch the credit card while they made a list.


"Yes hon, we put that down" Gwen patted his arm, "What about some crisps?"


"Look, there. Owen already wrote it pet" Gwen said distractedly.


"Can someone please help Ianto with his cup, he wants his coffee" Jack called out as he went through his pockets and they all swore softly.

"Sorry mate, a bit excited here!" Owen said as he held up the cup and Ianto growled as he tried to take it from him.

"Steady on, you'll take me hands as well" Owen laughed as he lifted it to Ianto's lips.

Ianto took a deep slip and hummed happily as Owen frowned and called him a greedy guts.

"Is it a good idea to give him caffeine when he's 'little'? Gwen asked using the title they had decided on for his infantile moods.

"You want to take it off him?" Jack asked as he walked back down the stairs.

Ianto growled again as he bit down on the plastic cup possessively and they all groaned.

Nope, not going there!

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