Feather in the wind

Chapter 14

Owen was hurt, oh god.

Jack was furious and he had stormed in with Owen struggling in his arms, dumping him onto Ianto's bed.

"Tell him!" he roared and Ianto instinctively shrank back. "Tell him how we nearly lost you!"

"Fuck off" Owen sobbed, burying his face in Ianto's bedding.

Ianto was watching with huge eyes filling his face as Jack dragged Owen from the bed and held him as he cried.

"You bloody idiot" Jack growled as he rubbed his back.

"I'm sorry" Owen sobbed as he clung to Jack. "They had Janet and you said she would be fine and …. Oh … the fucking bastards. You saw what they were doing to the weevils."

Ianto opened his arms and Owen crawled across the bed, groaning with pain as he sank into his embrace.

"He was cage fighting a weevil!" Jack sneered as he straightened the bed.

"Really?" Ianto asked Owen as he touched his cheek.

Owen nodded mutely and Ianto sighed as he stroked his face. Jack snorted and turned away.

"That must have been scary" Ianto whispered.

"I was so angry" Owen sighed.

"Who won?"

Owen pulled back and stared at him then started to laugh.

Jack had stormed back out of the room to get Ianto a drink and returned to find the two men holding each other while they howled with laughter.

"Did I miss something?" he asked with his own smile forming as he forgave Owen.

"Tell me" Ianto chortled, "Did the smell get to you before the fists?"

Owen snorted and wiped his eyes, "Trust you to believe I might win."

"Why not?" Ianto demanded.

"Really?" Owen giggled.

"You're my Owen" Ianto sniffed, "Of course you won."

"Ah little buddy" Owen sighed as he settled back into the hug, "I do love your optimism."

"And I love you" Ianto said softly, "Don't ever try to leave me again, I need you."

Owen sighed and closed his eyes but Ianto caught the small smile that flickered across his face.

Jack nodded as he left them to sleep.

Owen won't do that again!

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