Feather in the wind

Chapter 15

Ianto was hungry but no one was coming.

He sighed and checked the clock again, half an hour late.

"Sorry Hon," Gwen bustled in with his tray and he pouted.

"Where's Jack?" Ianto asked sulkily and she sighed as she rolled her eyes.

"Sorry pet, he's still arguing with Unit at the crash site so I drew the short straw" she nattered as she dumped the tray down.

She looked up and saw Ianto's face, then realised what she had just sad.

"Oh!" she cried as her hands flew to her mouth, "I didn't mean it like that. Oh me and my stupid mouth!"

"It's OK" Ianto said sadly, "He's been busy all week and it's only Wednesday!"

Gwen couldn't help but smile at the childlike comment and leaned in, kissing him on the forehead. She then reached for the tray, hooking it closer.

"I brought mine as well" she showed him two bowls of spaghetti, "Thought we could eat together."

Ianto smiled up at her and she felt a swell of affection for the wee thing, so broken and fragile.

She handed him the fork and watched as he carefully tucked his napkin into the front of his PJs.

"You not getting dressed today?" she asked as she ate with gusto.

"Jack dresses me" Ianto said softly.

"You don't want to be in your PJs all day, what will you wear tonight?" she asked playfully.

Ianto looked at her out the corner of his eye and snorted.

"You could borrow my PJs from when we had the sleep over bond-a-thon but I don't know if pink love hearts are your thing" she prodded.

Ianto stopped eating to consider then she caught a smile before he frowned again.

"You could always wear a sheet, like a toga" she pulled at the sheet and Ianto pulled it back.

"Janet might have a spare set of overalls"

Ianto smiled again, this time with a snort.

"How about the feather Boa Tosh found last week and thought was an alien life form? I only shot it once"

Ianto laid back and pushed the half empty plate away. This was nothing new, he seemed to carefully eat only half a meal so they made sure to all have large portions.


Ianto looked at her shyly and whispered, "My suit."

"Your suit?" Gwen gaped, "Won't that itch?"

"Nope!" Ianto popped the P and she smiled softly.

"OK" she agreed, collecting the empty bowls and leaving the room.

Ianto waited until she was gone and huffed into the empty space.

When Owen arrived to bath him, he found Ianto upset as he struggled in the sheets.

"Here, here. Hey, what are you doing?" Owen crooned, "The old wet blanket torture was not prescribed by yours truly"

"Ah shit, you couldn't reach the piss bottle. She left it over there?" Owen sighed as he clicked on.

"Come on Spock, let's get this sorted."

"Spock?" came a small voice, informing Owen he had a child in his arms.

"Yeah. Jack - Captain idiot shag-a-lot. You - His side kick Spock, who knows everything and does the eyebrow thing." Owen revelled in the giggle and raised eyebrow, "Me - The acidic doctor who saves everyone while saying "Damn it" a lot. Tosh – Scotty. The clever engineer who can get the whole thing talking any language and moving faster than the speed of light. Gwen … well. I guess she's uhura. Big tits, big hair, little brain and looks busy when she's just fiddling with something that might blow up the world."

With both of them laughing Owen, with Ianto's help, got Ianto into the chair and into the bathroom where the bath waited. Owen didn't know how Jack managed to turn this ordinary bath into a bloody angled one but he suspected alien tech misuse …again, big enough for the whole wheelchair to roll into at an angle and still engulf Ianto up to his chest.

Ianto huffed with amusement and as Owen lent to check the water was still hot, Ianto kissed him.

A gentle peck on the cheek and a soft sigh as he enjoyed the warm water. Owen tried to hide his smile and quickly washed and dried his charge.

They returned to the bedroom to find the girls had been in and the bed was ready for him with a "sorry" note leaning against a pretty vase of flowers from Gwen.

Tosh was probably still berating her upstairs and Owen didn't need coms to know Tosh was mad.

"So what are you wearing?" Owen asked and Ianto giggly told him.

Jack arrived back to find an oasis of calm and everyone working diligently.

"My boy been OK?"

"Yep, had his bath and evening meal." Owen said hiding his grin, "Just waiting for your cuddle."

Jack tripped into the room to find his baby waiting. He grew closer and noted something immediately.

Tented sheets and a wanton look.

Ianto waited in his favourite suit.

His birthday one.

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