Feather in the wind

Chapter 16

"Baby?" Jack said softly as he reached out to stroke his face.

Ianto whined and wriggled in the bed, his eyes pleading for some help here, damn it all.

Jack knelt and lifted the sheets, seeing his gorgeous Welshman's happiness to see him and sighed softly as he looked back into steely pools of determination.

"Ianto, are you sure?" Jack was watering at the mouth but still hesitant. "Is this something you want, or something you think I want?"

Ianto's hands shot out and pulled the sheet back down, the flash of hurt on his face broke Jack's heart and he knew he had miss-stepped.

"Never mind" Ianto muttered as he struggled to roll onto his side, presenting his back to Jack.

"Ah, shit" Jack sighed as he reached out and rubbed Ianto's back, "I'm sorry baby, I really do miss you but I don't want to hurt you."

"Like you just did?" came the growl back.

Jack quickly disrobed and slid under the covers to spoon against Ianto. Ianto could feel his nakedness and the semi-erect penis against his butt.

"I'm sorry hon" Jack tried again, reaching around to rub his belly and getting a handful of throbbing dick instead.

Ianto groaned and bucked into the hand as Jack hesitated, then squeezed.

"Oh Jack, please" Ianto sighed and Jack was undone.

Jack slid down the bed and rolled Ianto onto his back, taking him deep, down his throat. Ianto cried out and bucked again, his hands grabbing Jack's hair as Jack lovingly saw to his boy.

Ianto was panting, begging and sobbing as he came, Jack swallowing while holding one of the hands that was in his hair.

Jack slid back up the bed and drew Ianto into his arms as Ianto shuddered through the afterglow.

"Better baby?" Jack whispered as he kissed Ianto's cheek.

"Oh, Jack" Ianto sighed softly, "That was wonderful."

Jack held him as he drifted off the sleep and wondered what the future held for these two men. Torchwood would intervene no doubt, was this right?

He got his answer the next morning when Ianto was not only happy, but excitable and playful.

Even Owen was laughing as he jiggled to get out of the bed, Owen taking too long for him.

Ianto slid himself into the chair and they all tried not to show their surprise or pleasure at the simple act of self-sufficiency and they were nearly to the main hub floor before Ianto realised what he had done.

"I did it!" he crowed, "Did you see? I got in my chair all by myself. Jax, did you see Cariad?"

Jack smiled down and touched his head, running his fingers through his hair. "Maybe an electric wheelchair you can work yourself now, aye?"

Ianto hooted and nearly ran Owen over, who yelled with fake annoyance as Ianto and Tosh wheeled past him making siren noises. Gwen ran after them laughing so much she kept tripping.

"Will need a frickin' bell" Owen snarked and Jack laughed at the image of Ianto as Mr Toad going 'beep, beep' as he mowed down the staff.

"He can have whatever he needs and whatever he wants," Jack said softly, "Owen, we need to talk."

Owen followed him to the office and they watched Ianto as he enthusiastically fed Myfanwy from the chair.

"I need more time off" Jack said calmly, "I need a real home for him. A house, a yard so I can get him a dog, a life."

"Jack, you can't leave us" Owen gasped, "You can't take him away."

"Oh, Owen" Jack smiled as he drew him into a hug, "We will come to work like everyone else, but at night he heeds a routine. I need to help him find his peace and for that he needs space. A roster means you can help look after him we can have sleep overs when the rift is quiet and when it's not … he can still be here."

"I get my own room!" Owen pouted and Jack laughed.

"Yes Owen, you can have your own room and stay over any time you want" Jack assured him, "Ianto is quite fond of you, ya know."

"He does need a wheelchair assessable home, at least until he's walking" Owen agreed.

"Will he?" Jack blurted, "Will he walk again?"

"If you'd asked me at the start of all this, I might have said no" Owen admitted, "But now. I think he will be stubborn enough to overcome his coordination problems. Yeah. I think he will walk again one day."

"Owen" Jack pulled Owen under the stairwell as they reached the hub, "Last night he wanted sex."

"What did you do?" Owen asked calmly.

"A blow job"


"Owen, he was begging. I mean, he made me feel like shit for saying no. like I was rejecting him" Jack sighed, "I wanted him to be happy, to feel … loved."

"And you?" Owen asked, "How did you feel?"

"Well…I felt, happy. Satisfied that I had satisfied him" Jack shrugged, "I slept like a baby."

"No release of your own?"

"Jesus Owen, why not just get personal." Jack snorted, "No. It was like... when he came, I felt the euphoria of it."

"Through you connection?"

"Maybe" Jack looked thoughtful, "Yeah. Maybe."

Jack looked out over the hub and saw Ianto laughing as Gwen twerked. He resisted the urge to laugh as well, felt it bubbling up.

Yeah, maybe.

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