Feather in the wind

Chapter 17

Jack woke to an empty bed.

With a groan Jack rolled and looked at the side of the bed and the spot where the wheelchair had been.

Since getting the new wheelchair that Tosh had "adjusted" Ianto had been in it every chance he got. Jack was glad he had put his foot down over the stair climbing one though, god knows where the wee beast might run off to. Wherever he was, it was within the hub so Jack yawned and stretched before calmly stalking after his imp.

He heard him before he saw him and felt a wash of pleasure.

Ava Maria. Sung with a clear voice so crisp and sweet it clutched at his heart and he leaned against the wall as he struggled with his heaving chest.

Once Jack had himself controlled again, he walked into the main hub where he could see the back of Ianto's chair.

Three in the morning and Ianto was singing …serenading. Shit.

Jack felt his balls shrivel as he realised Ianto was not alone. She stood near the water tower as he sang, her head slowly swinging to look at him as he entered her line of sight.

She moved forward and leaned over Ianto who reached up without fear and stroked her face.

The song came to an end as the last note died away, and Ianto spoke softly to her in Welsh.

She cooed and then moved away, returning to her nightly wanders and Jack rushed to the chair with his heart pounding in his chest.

"Jack!" Ianto crowed, "You awake too!"

"Hello baby" Jack smiled as he crouched by the chair, "I didn't know she visited you last night."

"Don't know her name" Ianto said sadly, "I don't think she can tell me."

Jack looked at the corridor she had disappeared down and frowned.

"I never knew either" he admitted, "First time I saw her I thought I was hallucinating, then Alex told me that he had seen her too."

Ianto frowned at him and looked up at the ceiling. Then shrugged.

"We do call her something" he said and Jack frowned. "Not her name though. Her job."

The ethereal being that haunted the hub had been around as long as he had worked … well, resided there. She was beautiful, sad and elusive. Some said she was a ghost. Alex believed her to be an alien entity not quite contained.

"Jack, she does have a real name doesn't she?"

"Everyone had a name hon" Jack assured him, "Just, we don't always know our name until someone calls us by it."

"Ah!" Ianto seemed happy with the explanation and went back to softly singing.

Jack leaned back and thought some more about the sad woman who haunted their underground base.

Her dark hair seemed to crackle with electricity and her flowing while gown dragged in the floor but never looked dirty. She never looked you in the eye like she seemed to have with Ianto though.

It was also the first time he had seen interaction, let alone Ianto seeming able to touch her.

Ianto had finished singing and had started telling jokes to himself, laughing at his own punchlines. Jack knew he needed to go back to bed or he would be hell on wheels … literally … tomorrow.

"Come on Baby" he crooned as he pushed him back towards their bedroom.

Yeah, Jack had started thinking of it as theirs for some time and this had also been a factor in his desire for a home.

As they got settled and started to drift he suddenly had a moment of clarity.



"You said we already call her something?"

"Hmmmm" Ianto snuffled as he snuggled into Jack.


Ianto huffed and look up, then rolled his eyes like Jack was being silly.

When Ianto finally whispered it, Jack was so shocked he just lay staring into the dark with his mouth open.


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