Feather in the wind

Chapter 18

Jack drew the SUV to a stop outside the old dance hall as Tosh prepared to leave the vehicle.

As they walked towards the hall Jack and Tosh went over what they had been told.

"Music, sometimes ghostly people" Tosh said and Jack hummed.

The Coms burst into life, "Jack?"

Scuffling was heard in the background and Jack gaped at Tosh as they realised who had the coms. Owen's voice came across faintly.

"You little shit, did you lock Gwen in the loo?"

"Ianto?" Jack stopped walking, "Honey, what are you doing on the coms?"

"I need a hamburger"

Ianto get off there, bloody hell, how did you get the chair on the platform you little bugger

"Ianto! You do not need a hamburger, you need to eat whatever Gwen has lovingly prepared for you." Jack said calmly.

"No." came the sulky reply, "I need a bloody hamburger. I hate salad!"

Jack sighed and rubbed his face. He couldn't believe she gave him a salad. Ianto hates salad.

"I'll run and get him one while you have a quick look around" Tosh offered and Jack smiled. Good old Tosh.

When she returned to the Hub Ianto was beside himself and he roared at her when she tried to offer him the burger.

Owen was upset and the girls kept insisting he must have done something to cause Ianto's distress.

Jack came bursting into the hub and everyone stared as he ran to Ianto and gathered him into his arms as they both sobbed.

"You went away" Ianto howled as he slapped at Jack and Jack crooned as he pulled him into his arms.

"My lovely boy, oh gods I've missed you so much" Jack sobbed as he kissed his face, "My Ianto."

"Jack?" Owen stepped closer.

When they learnt of the time jump they were horrified. That Jack had lived all this time in seclusion as he waited until the time the jump occurred, just to come back to Ianto just blew their minds.

"But you left me"

"Only for a moment for you" Jack crooned.

"But a lifetime for you" Ianto pouted, "You were with him."


Tosh handed over the photo they had found of Captain Jack Harkens and Jack laughed. He told them who he was and that he had lived as James Harper all this time.

Tosh brought up his records and they saw the good firefighter who never married, his son who looked just like him and went on to be an artist that painted welsh country scenes … and never married.

"All that time, alone?" Ianto's bottom lip was really wobbling now and Jack smiled.

"You were just beyond my grasp." Jack said softly, "The memories of you kept me warm and gave me hope."

"Cuddles!" Ianto demanded, "NOW!"

Jack didn't bother waiting for the wheelchair to come on-line, scooping Ianto into his arms as he ran for the bedroom and everyone giggled as they heard the door slam.

Jack dumped Ianto on the bed and panted with need as he tore at Ianto's clothes.

"My suit!" Ianto cried as he heard fabric tear.

"I'll buy you another baby" Jack snarled as he plastered their naked bodies together, "Fuck. I'll buy you a whole fucking wardrobe."

Ianto sighed as the first finger breeched him. Enjoying the cool lube and frantic thrusting as Jack struggled with his own control as he gently stretched and prepared his baby.

Pushing in was the final coming home.

Their first true coupling since Lisa and it was over within a few thrusts with Jack sobbing and crying Ianto's name.

Ianto hummed his pleasure as he rubbed Jack's back and marvelled at the length of time Jack had waited for him.

The bond had restarted the moment Jack had touched him and the relief and love that thrummed left Ianto weak.

Jack had waited for him.

Years and years and years.

Jack had been faithful.


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