Feather in the wind

Chapter 19

When Jack said they were leaving the hub for a wee shopping trip, this was not what Ianto had in mind.

This was the third house and still no Tailor Shop.

Ianto tapped his fingers against the chair arm as he waited for Jack to do something interesting. Tap, tap, tap, tap.

The woman seemed nice as she preened and cooed with Jack but Ianto was so bloody bored and couldn't work out why they needed a safe house that was wheelchair assessable. Unless they were maybe expecting three foot aliens.


That might be it.

Pretty boring though.

Finally the woman called it a day and told Jack she had one more stop to make for file, a client she was meeting next. They could come up if they wanted to see her place. It was for sale as well, she explained as she gave Jack directions, her relationship had failed and she wanted to move on.

The main foyer was so grand and Ianto couldn't stop staring at the clean, ornate style. Black and white with a hint of apple green. Wow.

An elevator that you could party in that went all the way up.

A turn of a key and you were in the penthouse. Wow.

Jack politely took a tour of the house … well penthouse as Ianto explored.

Jack was being furtive. He was shielding and had been for days. Not this.

Ianto suddenly realised this was not to buy a safe house. This was a hunting expedition for him.

Jack was trying to find somewhere to put him.

Ianto whimpered softly as he stared out the window. The pane was the entire wall, floor to ceiling glass and the city looked so pretty at night.

The cat that jumped up to ask if he was OK was nice too.

Ianto liked cats and he found himself sniffing as he cuddled the furry friend.

"Here he is" the woman laughed, "Found the cat."

Ianto turned to see them descending, like bloody jackals and he sighed as the cat tensed under his fingers.

"OH my God!" the lady said with a gasp, "Look. Voldemort likes him. That cat hates everyone, especially my ex-partner's chair."

"He's lovely, aren't you sweetum diddly bum?" Ianto crooned and the cat meowed as it snuggled some more.

"I love cats" Ianto sighed dreamily, "They always have a hug for me. Never met one who didn't. Catkind are so wonderful."

Jack stood dumbfounded by the statement and gently told Ianto it was time to leave.

"No more of those horrible houses today? Ianto asked then looked horrified, "Oh sorry. I didn't mean to be rude."

"It's OK honey" she laughed, "You didn't like any did you."

They drove back to the hub as Jack chewed on the events. Ianto hated the houses. All of them?

Tosh was waiting and her face fell as she saw the look of thunder Ianto gave her as he powered past. Gwen missed it and clapped her hands as she demanded pictures.

Ianto watched as Jack opened the folder and laid out the houses. Gwen cooing appropriately and they settled on the sofa to pour over them.

"You didn't like any possum?" Tosh asked and Ianto rolled his eyes.

"Jack kept talking about a dog and family sized home." Ianto grumped, "Whoever this house is for, they are bloody lucky."

"I bet they are" Tosh smiled and patted his arm.

Ianto ruminated and then he remembered the way Jack kept making sure the spare bedrooms were large as he wanted one for "the boy".

Oh my god.

Ianto remembered the whispered phone call he had tried not to hear. The words of endearment the horrible secret he unfolded within minutes of asking mainframe.

"He is buying it for his family" he sighed.


"She has a little boy he calls Soldier. He has Jack's eyes" Ianto whispered, "He always ended the phone call with, "I'll send you a cheque" and "I love you too Sweetheart!"

"He dreams about them, is running to get to them but they're always one more step away, reaching back for him. He wakes so upset but won't tell me about it. He forgets that I can see things. He forgets that I'm not really stupid."

"Talking about dogs playing in the back yard, and wanting a room for 'him', it's all quite clear now." Ianto slumped and Tosh saw his bottom lip quiver. "Jack's moving his family closer so he can be happy again."

"Oh, honey" Tosh sighed, "I think you have it wrong."

"No I don't" Ianto finally gave in and let a sob escape. "He's gonna leave me."

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