Feather in the wind

Chapter 2

Jack got the answers he expected, though didn't want.

Cyber tech.

Implanted long ago.

Total conscious control of the subject.

Fatal tendencies.


Jack sat in his chair, leaning back as he studied the table. Tosh was furiously typing away and Owen was muttering to himself as he looked though Ianto's results. Gwen was chewing her bottom lip as she stared at the screen that showed live feed of the unconscious man.

"Recommendations?" Jack asked the room.

"I don't know" Tosh said softly as she looked up, "It is imbedded in the part of his brain that controls mood and memory. Removing it will probably take a huge part of him, if not kill him!"

"If I take it, there is not guarantee that he'll wake up" Owen agreed, "Poor bastard has nothing to come and go on so he will probably just fade away."

"We have to try" Gwen argued, "We have to give him a chance. The choices are … he might die or he will die. We need to try."

"Gwen's right" Jack sighed, "We have to give him a chance. Even if it's slim, it's better than giving up on him."

"OK, I'll prep for the surgery" Owen huffed and Tosh offered to assist.

Jack went back to Ianto's side and took his hand. He rubbed his thumb over Ianto's knuckles as he thought about what was going to happen.

"I don't know if you can hear me" He said as he bent close to Ianto, "If you can, please know that we are trying to help you. We aren't angry with you, we understand now. God, I am so sorry. So sorry, Ianto."

Jack kissed him gently and held back a sob, "I'm sorry she made you do … things to me. I so wanted you to, I … Gods, I wanted you to love me. I will never forgive myself knowing how horrible it must have been for you."

Jack stroked Ianto's forehead and waited until Owen came down.

"Ianto, it's Owen" Owen touched Ianto's hand, "If you can hear me mate, I am going to try and remove the thing in your head that's been controlling you. It's not gonna be easy though and … well it might not bode well for you."

Owen looked uncomfortable and Jack spoke, "If he doesn't, you will die. That's a given. This is the only chance to save you."

He nodded at Owen who then calmly checked Ianto's vitals and applied the gas mask. Wouldn't do to have him regain consciousness half way thought surgery now, would it.

Jack wanted to stay but knew Owen was on edge enough as it was, so he retreated to the observation rail and stood with Gwen who gripped he rail so tightly that her knuckles were white.

"Is it going to work?" Gwen asked and Jack shrugged.

He hoped so.

It took over four hours and Owen finally stood back with the laser scalpel in his hand.

"Expert close if I do say so myself!" he preened, "Not even a scar."

"Owen?" Jack called out and Owen looked up at him.

"Twenty four hours Jack, time will tell." Owen called back, "If he I still breathing this time tomorrow, then I'll put odds on him. Yeah?"

"Thanks Owen" Jack smiled and Gwen approached.

"There is a room that he was sleeping in, Tosh and I moved some of his stuff up to a store room by the cells." Gwen explained, "A bed that might be more comfortable than that table and nicer to wake up in."

"Thank you Gwen," Jack smiled as he stepped forward to pick Ianto up, "Good job."

They moved to the room and Jack gently placed the young man in the bed, a towel spread under him in case of accidents. Owen was concerned that he hadn't urinated and the catheter was staying in place.

The machines were muted and Jack settled in a comfortable chair to watch and hope.

He must have drifted off and was startled awake by gentle shaking.

"Ianto?" he asked as he roused.

"No change" Owen said softly, "its lunchtime."

"I'll eat later" Jack waved a hand dismissively.

"Jack, the girls are upset and I think you need a break from that chair!" Owen said sternly, "Go bloody eat and show them that things are still OK. I'll sit with him until you get back."

Jack hesitated, unsure.

"Go!" Owen barked and Jack begrudgingly walked off.

"Right, it's just me and you now" Owen sad to Ianto, "You can wake up now. Come on, he's not here."

Owen looked hopefully at the screens then his shoulders slumped.

"Oh well, no hurry eh?" he patted Ianto's shoulder.

"Just don't fucking die."

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