Feather in the wind

Chapter 20

Tosh went and retrieved a confused Jack who quickly tried to cuddle the little boy crying in the chair but Ianto kept pushing him away as he cried.

His heart was broken, Jack felt a horrible pain as Ianto clutched at himself and gasped for air. Somehow Jack had hurt him.


He tried to think of what he had done wrong. He went over the whole day and wondered if he had flirted with her, had he said something? Done something?

He crooned, cajoled and in the end he just begged.

Ianto looked at him through his wet lashes, tired and bereft.

"My heart hurts" Ianto whispered with huge shuddering breaths punctuating each word.

Jack wanted to carve out his own heart and offer it on a platter.

Tosh explained.

Everyone gaped and Jack was the one who burst into tears.

Feeling Jack's pain snapped Ianto back and he stared at him. Stroking Jack's hair as he wept into Ianto's lap. He ordered everyone out and waited for an explanation.

Once Jack had himself under control and the bond was not as powerfully hurtful, he tried to explain.

"Ianto, Alice is my daughter. Stephen is my wee grandson."

Ianto blinked and looked into the distance as he processed.

"She barely tolerates a freak like me in her life. It's only because she needs the money that she even lets me near him, and he thinks I'm his uncle." Jack rubbed his face as he fought the horror at having lost control like that, "She would never move to Cardiff for me. God, she would rather I fell off the face of the earth the way she looks at me."

"Hon, the spare room. It's for … god. It's for Owen, OK?" Jack flapped his arms and Ianto felt his exasperation, "Owen was so upset when I confided that I wanted more time with you, I wanted a home with you and he didn't want you to go away. I had to promise one big enough for sleep overs and stuff. Owen wanted his own room."


"Oh Ianto, I can't believe I've upset you like this when all I wanted to do was give you something nice." Jack sighed, "A nice home, a little bubble of calm."

"Wait!" Ianto leaned forward and stared at Jack, "You said a home with me. Not for me."

"Yes" Jack laughed softly as he wiped Ianto's tears away with his hanky.

"You're not going to put me away?" Ianto asked in a small voice, "You are coming with?"

"Oh baby" Jack finally got a handle on his emotions and then he kicks him in the gonads. Damn.

"But you kept talking about a dog and spare rooms and …" Ianto flopped back and started to laugh.

"You want to keep me" Ianto crowed, his eyes shining with mirth and Jack felt the love flow over him like a warm bath, "You want to live with me in a real home."

"I got a few things wrong, didn't I" Jack smiled softly.

"I don't want a big dumb dog and a huge backyard with a garden." Ianto shook his head, "All that yard work!"

Jack grinned as he leaned back and encouraged Ianto to keep gaining speed.

"I love cats, Cariad." Ianto admonished him, "A little doggie, maybe. But I want a kitty. I don't need a big yard for a kitty. They just need somewhere to sleep and to shed all over!"

Jack snorted and pulled Ianto in for a hug. "So a little place with room for a kitty cat?"

"OH, if we could afford it, I would have got the penthouse" Ianto sighed as he accepted the cuddle and let his fingers stroke Jack's chest. "It was so pretty. The roof garden has raised beds so it can be tended to by wheelchair, a picnic and BBQ area and did you see that it was Cat safe? Those little fencings facing in at an angle is so kitty doesn't accidentally jump up and fall off."

Jack rubbed Ianto's back and wondered how he could have been such a fool, he had seen Ianto's eyes bugging as he looked at the floor to ceiling bookcase in the lounge, heard the soft exclamation as he looked over the city.

"I can buy it if you like it" Jack offered, "It has two spare rooms. One for Owen and one for the girls. Our bedroom is huge and I could set up a desk by the window."

"Oh …oh …. Oh …..Please ….oh" Ianto was flapping his arms and jiggling in the chair as he tried to get the words out and Jack helped the best way he could.

He kissed him.

"Please my darling Cariad." Ianto finally managed to say and Jack nodded.

He rose to make the call and opened the door.

Three embarrassed team members literally fell into the room and Ianto clapped his hands.

"Did you hear?" he crowed, "Daddy's buying me a home"

Everyone cheered from the floor.

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