Feather in the wind

Chapter 21

Moving day was hectic and not without tears.

First came the Myfanwy saga.

No she can't come.

No you can't sneak her onto a roof cage.

No. She lives here. You will get to feed her before we leave.

No she will be fine with Janet.

Ah, shit.

No Janet can't come.

No she can't stay in Owen's room.

Finally Ianto became sulky and sullen as he glared at everyone, his hand firmly on the brake.

"Please poppet" Jack begged, "We need to move this load before the rain."

"But I like our bed." Ianto pouted.

"If you take it to your other home, what will you sleep in when you spend nights here?" Tosh asked and Ianto frowned.

"Sleep here?"

"Oh baby" Jack knelt, "I won't keep you away from here every night. We will still have night shifts where you can keep me company monitoring the rift."


Jack face-palmed as he wondered why such a simple thing hadn't occurred to him to explain. No wonder Ianto was acting like he was losing a limb.

"Tosh?" Ianto asked when they were alone.

"Yes baby?"

"Mainframe." Ianto said looking at the door, "Will the new place have mainframe?"

"Oh, for your books and games?" she smiled and Ianto looked stricken, then nodded.

"The new portable mainframe will be hooked into the bedroom of your new place" she assured him.

"CCTV and the like?"

"Yes, screens, camera … oh. You a bit scared?" Tosh patted his arm, "State of the art cameras and such, same as here. I promise, I already set it up."

Ianto sighed with relief. At least one friend would be going.

They hadn't seen the new place until today and Owen had crowed at the size of his room, loving the bed and the ensuite. "Do they all have one?"

"Yep" Ianto popped the P. "High end."

"Wow" Owen enthused and Gwen tried to hide her jealousy. She and Rhys couldn't afford a place like this.

"Jack?" she couldn't contain it, "How did you afford this?"

"Oh, the money I made over the years in the stock market" Jack joked and enjoyed her gasp of horror.

"I just spent an entire lifetime away from Ianto, reliving my past. All that money was hoarded away and added to the large sum I already have." Jack admonished her, "I am quite wealthy ya know. Her Majesty is a kind employer who rewards those who show long service. No-one is longer serving than me"

Gwen coloured and stammered an apology and Jack shrugged, "I don't blame you for asking but I do have it covered. I could have bought him ten of these and not felt the impact."

"Oh" Gwen squeaked as she wondered how much he was really worth.

Jack wandered off humming, glad to have upset her a wee bit after seeing her green eyed monster shown to Ianto as she had told him it was probably going to be cold in winter.

The master bedroom overlooked the city, same as the main room and the desk was set so Jack could sit at the desk while looking out over the city. The computer was set up and hooked into the system Tosh had installed around the apartment. Then she booted the system and sat back.

The screens flickered, the PDA in Ianto's hand flickered, flared and then lit up. The screens followed and the 'T' started to turn as Mainframe came on line.

Tosh turned to talk to Ianto but he was already engrossed in the PDA so she smiled and left him to his game.

Mainframe like the new place, she stretched and explored the building.

Ianto was happy that she had made it, that she had come along and she was glad as well.

This was going to be a grand adventure.

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