Feather in the wind

Chapter 22

Jack was beside himself.

The Doctor had been on the Plas outside the Hub and he'd missed him.

Ianto listened to him smashing things in the office as the rest of the team raced around trying to work out what to do to placate him.

When the phone went Ianto was the only one on the hub floor and he automatically answered.

"Hello, this is the Mermaid Quay Tourist Office, how may I direct your call?"

"I want to speak to Harkness!"

Ianto recognised the voice from the Telly and smiled, "Oh Prime Minister Saxon, how lovely to hear from you. You have such a lovely telephone voice."

"Huh? I do?"

"Oh yes. Very commanding yet, quite ….um …what's the word … Handsome!"

"Oh. Well. Thank you there young man."

"Ianto Jones, Sir. I really like your suits. The red one you wore to the opening of the new Mall was popping! Where do you get them?"

"Oh. I'll have to ask the missus that one Ianto my dear boy." Saxon laughed and Ianto smiled some more.

"Oh, I loved the poster with you looking fierce. I wanted one for my collection but didn't know where to get them."


"I collect posters of famous people! I have Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and such. I even have one of the Queen Owen gave me but I think he did that to be a twat. So, I put that in the men's toilet on the door of the stall he likes to use!"

Saxon was laughing, choking and slapping at his leg.

"I don't mean to be rude, but could I have your autograph next time Jack has to come and do his song and dance for you?"

"Song and dance?"

"That's what he says" Ianto said cheerfully, "Time to do the song and dance for the budget darling!"

Saxon sniggered and then sighed down the line.

"You sound tired sir." Ianto said sadly, "Poor man, so hard being the one in charge, no-one understands how tiring all the thinking can be, then they expect you to always have the right answers. I see it with Jack. I could never be in charge."

"It is tiring you lovely wee ape" Saxon sighed again, "Bloody election was so stupid. I was going to win, why draw it out like that!"

"Oh I know, and the cost. So silly" Ianto agreed, "You had the nicest smile. I knew you would win with a lovely smile like that."

"Lovely boy."

"Oh, I'm sorry. You're so important and busy and here I am wasting your time. If you were here I would have gotten you a nice cup of tea" Ianto soothed, "Wonderful stuff, tea. Coffee is my specialty though."

"I would kill for a good cuppa" Saxon sighed, "Might have to."

Ianto laughed and called Saxon silly then they politely said goodbye and hung up.

It wasn't until after he'd hung up and started the coffee that Ianto realised the Prime Minister hadn't asked for anything.


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