Feather in the wind

Chapter 23

The day a poster arrived with the fierce look that things got weird … and it was autographed.

Ianto hooted as he hung it carefully in the kitchen and Jack shook his head.

The news said the Doctor and his complain, Martha something, were in trouble and Jack yelled and threw stuff some more.

Ianto was getting used to this and just made some more coffee.

It was while he was doing this that Tosh screamed. He moved as fast as the chair would allow and rolled into the main hub.

On the screen, he saw what he remembered to be the flight bridge of the Valiant Airship. He'd seen pictures in a folder somewhere, and he frowned.

Something felt weird. Off. Bad.

Ianto said Jack's name and reached out for reassurance but Jack was standing with his mouth open as Saxon stepped over a dead body and smiled for the camera.

"Tosh?" Jack whined.

"I'm locked out" she wailed and then ….


Ianto snarled as he convulsed in the chair and Owen cried out in alarm as he raced to help him.

Flipping the chair onto its back Owen held Ianto and tried to soothe him as Jack had some sort of conniption. Screaming and grabbing at his own head, then he fell in a heap.

"What the fuck was that!" Owen cried as he rocked the now unconscious Ianto.

Gwen moved to Jack and they stared at each other as Tosh frantically clicked at her keyboard.

"What have you done?" Gwen asked as Jack started to rouse.

"I didn't know if it would work, it's a bubble" Tosh explained, "It stops time, for a short while. We needed to stop things, to slow down a take a moment. This lets us do that. We have five minutes, then time re-starts."

"Jesus Tosh" Owen snorted, "You bloody genius."

Tosh coloured and looked down with a small smile, "I'm hoping to make it stronger and for a longer period.

Ianto sat up and looked around.

"What was that!" Ianto demanded, angrily crawling over to Jack and slapping his face.

Jack looked at his lover with shock as he loomed over him.

"Jack!" Ianto barked, "What the fuck just slammed us psychically?"

"I don't know baby" he said as he shook himself and stood.

Ianto reached out his arms and Jack immediately lifted him onto his feet and cradled him against his hip. Ianto wavered and clutched onto Jack as he stood for the first time.

"The Doctor is in trouble" Ianto said and Jack huffed.

"He'll be OK" Jack said, "He knew where I was if he wanted me. He never wanted me though."

"I do"

"Oh god, once upon a time I would have chased him down and demanded answers for what happened to me" Jack sighed.

"He'll be back" Ianto said calmly, "ask him then. I need to pee."

Jack laughed along with Owen who helped Ianto into his chair. "Pee, then an exam. I want to make sure you're OK after that … whatever that was."

The second Whomp was gentler and Ianto gasped as he looked at Jack.

"What was that?" Ianto whispered with wide eyes.

"I don't know baby" Jack said as he looked at the screen, "There. There's the Doctor. Whatever it was, he's fixed it."


"Sorry baby" Jack helped Ianto to the bathroom and Ianto shakily transferred to the toilet as Jack turned on the water for his shy bladder.


"Yes baby."

"I don't like Saxon anymore."

"No baby, me neither!"

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