Feather in the wind

Chapter 25

They headed for the base and Ianto caught sight of the Tardis, his cry of pleasure making them all turn to follow him as he reached the doors.

"Ianto" Jack yelled, but the wheelchair seemed to roll over the lip of the door on its own accord and he was inside before Jack could reach him.

They all powered inside and found Ianto staring up at the vaulted ceiling of the flight deck.

"Oh, you are so pretty" he breathed, "I knew you would be."

The moment Jack stepped inside, she shuddered and moaned then they were thrown sideways as she took off.

"NO!" Jack screamed, "NO! TAKE US BACK, NOT IANTO!"

The Doctor was slamming his hands against the panel as Martha hugged the confused man in the wheelchair.

Their landing was less than polite and Jack hit the edge of the control panel. Hard.

"Where are we?" Ianto asked, fear in his voice obvious to everyone.

"Its OK baby" Jack crawled over to him and Ianto pulled out his handkerchief and began wiping the blood from the cut to Jack's forehead.

"Oh Cariad" Ianto said softly, leaning forward to kiss the bump, then blow on it.

"Thank you baby" Jack said as he shakily reached out to stroke his face.

The Doctor watched the exchange and frowned, this was weird. Also, definitely …. Not the Captain Jack Harkness he thought he knew.

"Where are we?" Martha asked and the Doctor frowned as he looked around. "What happened?"

"I don't know" he admitted, "I think… I think she ran to the end of time, I don't understand."

"I wanna go home" Ianto whimpered and the Doctor sighed.

"Can I go look around?" Martha asked and the doctor sighed again.

"Be here when I get back or I'll never find you!" the Doctor growled and Jack stood, turning to face them.

"Here" Jack said, removing his VM and handing it to her, "It doesn't work the way it used to but the old girl can lock onto its location from anywhere in time. Just bring it back when you're done sweet-cheeks."

"Thanks" Martha said with a smile, "But don't call me sweet-cheeks."

"I wasn't talking to you" Jack winked as he flicked a thumb at the Doctor.

"Cheeky Ape!" The Doctor muttered good-naturedly as he opened the doors for Martha. "Don't get into any trouble."

"As if!" she scoffed as she tripped out the door.

"I like her!" Ianto chirped as the Doctor cajoled the Tardis to take them home.

"Me too" the Doctor whispered with a wink.

They arrived back on the Plas and Ianto frowned. "Will you go back for her now?"

"Well, I did promise" he smiled and Ianto hummed.

After the Tardis had dematerialised, Ianto sighed and turned to Jack with a cheeky grin.

"I want one!"

Jack laughed and knelt by the chair.

"You know the piece of coral on my desk, under the heat lamp?" he asked softly and Ianto nodded with wide eyes.

"That's a baby Tardis" Jack told him, "A little baby that the Tardis left behind and I managed to save. It will take a long time, but one day she will travel the stars."

"WOW!" Ianto breathed, "So, you won't be alone. It'll look after you and have adventures with you."

"Yes darling" Jack swallowed, the thought of being without Ianto one day tore at his heart.

"Sorry" Ianto whispered, reaching for him as the bond thrummed with sorrow.

"Its OK baby" Jack smiled, "We have now. And every day I have you is a gift."

"A gift?" Ianto said with a gasp, "Does it mean a party if there are gifts?"

"Ianto!" Jack chided, "Don't put on the act with me! Gwen and Tosh might fall for it but we both know you are playing."

Ianto sniggered and rolled his eyes.

Worth a try.

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