Feather in the wind

Chapter 26

"He never got to see the hub" Ianto groused as they stood on the lift stone.

"He'll be back" Jack assured him, "The Doctor was intrigued with Mainframe and never forgets something like that."

Ianto hummed as they came to a stop at the bottom and Owen ran over with a look of thunder.

"You bloody little shit!" he roared, "I turned around for a second, a bloody second and I heard the lift."

Jack laughed and gave Owen a gentle hug. "It's OK. He was looking for me."

"You little bugger!" Owen sighed, "You scared me."

"Sorry Owen" Ianto said with surprise, "I didn't mean to."

"I know" Owen smiled, "Sorry I shouted."

"Wow" Jack said with exaggerated awe, "Owen knows the word 'sorry'!"

"Stuff it Harkness!" Owen snarked and then bustled off with a snigger.

"Did you hear that" Jack asked, "He actually found me funny."

"He often finds you funny" Ianto quipped as he rolled towards the kitchen, "Just doesn't tell you."

"Cheeky monkey" Jack snorted.

"Nope!" Ianto popped, "I'm an ape!"

Jack pretended to swing at him and Ianto shrieked, then laughed as he easily evaded the slap.

"Coffee!" Gwen crowed as she rose from her desk and clapped.

"Well, maybe some are trained monkeys" Jack muttered loud enough for Ianto to hear and they giggled.

Later, at the penthouse Ianto removed his PDA from the backpack he had hung over the back of the chair.

"Did you talk to her?" he whispered and then grinned at the screen.

"Good. I hope you were polite. She's quite old" he whispered, then looked up as he heard Jack approaching.

"What game are you playing, imp?" Jack asked as he walked past to reach for the phone.

"Still decidin' Cariad" Ianto said, "Kin we watch Goldfinger tonight?"

"Ah. Really?" Jack screwed up his face, then recognised the slur in the words which told him that his sweetheart was tired.

"Skyfall then?" Ianto conceded, "You liked the London bomb."

"Well, yeah, I did actually" Jack smiled, "Yes. I like that one. You want pizza? We can have some pizza, juice and Skyfall, followed by …."

Jack turned to find an empty penthouse.


Jack was frightened for a moment, then felt a giggle through the bond. Little bugger.

Jack grinned as he began to stalk through the penthouse searching for his hiding love.

"Marco" Jack called in a falsetto, pausing in the hallway.

"Polo" came a deep throated reply.

Jack giggled and removed his shoes, sneaking closer to the closet.

"Marco" Jack called again.

"Polo" came the reply and Jack slid his braces off.

By the time Jack had walked the ten paces to the closet door, he was half undressed, just his trousers with the braces slapping against his legs.

Jack leaned on the door. "Marco."

Ianto looked up with glee as Jack swung the door open and looked down at him.

"Actually, it's Ifan!" Ianto crowed, "But you can call me Ianto!"

Jack laughed as he dropped to his knees and grabbed Ianto, pulling him forward for a kiss.

"Well, well, well" Jack drawled, "Mr Jones, we meet again!"

"Oh Jack" Ianto sighed as he melted into his arms, "All we need is a kitty for you to pet ominously."

Jack sighed.

He hadn't forgotten than one then.

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