Feather in the wind

Chapter 27

Ianto was snoozing on the sofa and Jack was plastered against his side.

The movie had long since ended but Ianto couldn't sleep and had let Jack drift off. Now he was bored.

Ianto had rolled and was looking at Jack as he slept.

So handsome.

Ianto traced the lines of Jack's face with his fingertips, feeling the edges of his lips with the soft pads of his fingers. Jack sighed and parted his lips, enticing Ianto to lean in and kiss him.

Ianto slid his hands around Jack's waist and pulled their groins together, enjoying the friction as he rubbed against him.

Jack moaned and hugged him tighter, deepening the kiss.

Jack woke.

"Ianto?" he asked sleepily.

"I'm not tired anymore" Ianto whispered as he rubbed noses.

Jack grinned and rubbed Ianto's back as Ianto slid his hands around the butt cheeks he liked to squeeze.

Ianto began squeezing and rubbing more intently and Jack moaned as his head fell back.

Now Ianto slid his hands between them and began to unbuckle Jack's pants.

Jack swore and rolled off the sofa, pulling Ianto into his arms and heading for the bedroom as Ianto hooted with glee.

Jack was wide awake now, pulling at Ianto's clothes as he panted beneath him, coltishly looking up through his lashes as he egged him on, "Hurry Cariad, I'm so itchy for you."

"Itchy hon?" Jack panted, "You need me to scratch that itch?"

"Oh please" Ianto whined, "Please. I need you."

Jack kissed him with as much love and passion as he could afford without getting too excited and Ianto sighed into it with pleasure.

"My beautiful love" Jack sighed as he prepared him, "My lovely, handsome man."

Ianto cried out and writhed as Jack replaced his fingers with his engorged cock and began to gently rock into him.

"Fuck that Jack!" Ianto roared, "Bloody hell, fuck me already!"

Jack laughed and began to fuck in earnest, the Ianto that was now moaning and grasping at him a familiar one.

"Can't wait" Jack panted, unable to stave off his need to cum.

"I'm here" Ianto snarled, "Cum already, I'm with you god damn it!"

Jack huffed with amusement, then gave a roar as he came, pulsing into Ianto who cried out and arched his back as he squirted between them.

"Oh God" Ianto gasped, the slow decline as Jack continued to palm him was a lovely burn.

"That itch taken care of hon?" Jack laughed and Ianto hummed.

"Sticky" Ianto sighed, "But worth it!"

"Yeah" Jack agreed as he reached for the tissues.


"Yeah hon?"

"You don't like cats?"

Jack stopped wadding up the tissues and looked at Ianto with surprise. "Why do you say that hon?"

"I asked for one and I don't have one." Ianto said sadly, "You always give me what I want unless you don't like it."

"Oh baby" Jack sighed, "I do like cats. They can be really funny sometimes. I just haven't had time. We want just the right one, right?"

"So? We gonna get a kitty snuggly-bum?" Ianto smiled and Jack fell in love all over again.

"I … what?"

"Well, kitty will need names."

"Names? What? More than one?"

"I have more than one" Ianto frowned, "You call me Yummy Yan when you feel frisky!"

"I guess I never thought about it" Jack shrugged as he settled into Ianto's willing embrace.

"Oh darling" Ianto said quietly, "I have."

"Really?" Jack whispered, "You have a pet name for me?"

"Of course I do Captain Fancy Pants"

Jack huffed with amusement and then sighed as he drifted off.

Ianto grinned into the dark.


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