Feather in the wind

Chapter 28

Jack and Ianto were surprised to see the blue box in the hub and Ianto was the first to move forward.

The Doctor exploded from the Tardis and thrust the VM at Jack who grabbed it with his jaw hanging.

"Can't stay" the Doctor panted, "Martha's mother is … well. You would have to meet Francine to understand, I suppose. Sorry about the … oh. Timey wimey. Did it happen already? Or is it going to? Listen, you might feel a sudden thump of psychic …. Ah. Look at your frowns. Happened already here? Ah. That narrows the timelines then. Hmmmm. Well, have to recalibrate the … oh sorry. Can't stay."

The Doctor turned to leave again and froze, looking up at the hub.

"What is this place?" he asked looking around.

"Disused underground tunnel system that was used during the construction of the train system." Ianto said calmly, "All forgotten about. Sort of like those ones in London with the pig men."

The Doctor swivelled on a heel and stared at Ianto who smiled politely. "You, clever ape, you are such a strange enigma."

"Me mam used to tell me that I was far too quiet for my own good. Thinking too much," Ianto shrugged, "Pretty strange ideas pop into my head. I can be quite the thinker."

"Yeah, you can be" Jack agreed.

"Funny how people mistake my silence as a weakness. When they should know that planning to take over the world takes silent repose." Ianto said calmly.

The Doctor crowed and clapped, then waved as he remembered he was leaving.

"Maybe I'm an impossible thing," Ianto quipped, "Like Jack. With the three of us in one room it makes for three impossible things before breakfast!"

The Doctor roared with laughter and skipped back to the Tardis.

"I don't know about impossible, Ianto," the Doctor called out as he slipped inside, "But you are definitely unique."

At the Tardis ground away, Ianto tilted his head. "He forgot to meet Franny again."

"Good" Jack muttered, "He would probably want to pull something apart."

"He is quite excitable, isn't he" Ianto smiled as Jack bent down for a kiss.

"Well, that's one word for him." Jack greed, "Impulsive. That's him."

"No real inhibitions" Ianto cocked his head, "a party goer."

"Yeah" Jack snorted, "Up for a good laugh, then scream and run, poke it with a stick, run. Fix it. Run."

"Ah" Ianto reached for the fridge door and looked back at Jack, "It's all good fun, aye? Its' all shits and giggles until someone giggles, and shits."

Jack laughed and Owen entered.

"Potty mouth" he snarked as he accepted the perfectly made coffee.

"Takes one to know one!" Ianto scoffed.

"Glad we got that low table for the coffee machine" Owen sighed as he enjoyed his cup, "Love this stuff."

"My plan to take over the world is nearly complete" Ianto said with an evil voice, then froze and rolled his eyes towards Jack.

"A cat." Jack growled, "I know. You want a cat."


"Aw, Jack!" Owen sighed, "You promised him a moggy ages ago. He wants a fur baby!"

"Fur baby." Jack repeated slowly.

"Come on. Poor guy needs something to smother." Owen said pointing at Ianto, "If you don't please him soon, the thing getting smothered might be you."

"In your sleep." Owen took a sip and turned to leave then stopped in the doorway.

"With a pillow." He wiggled his eyebrows, the slipped out of the room.

"I think he's being cheeky there, Cariad!" Ianto frowned after him suspiciously and Jack grinned softly at his lovely mate.

Tosh wandered into the kitchen and looked at the scene before her.

The two men were oblivious to her presence as they stared at one another and Ianto's face was open, full of joy and so lovely that she wanted to stroke his cheeks.

"What are you to up too?" she asked playfully and Ianto swung his head, the smile so blindingly handsome.

"Not much Toshi" he quipped, "Just sitting here on the corner of awesome and bombdiggity."

"Oh really" she giggled.

She then looked over at Jack who was grinning at Ianto like a Cheshire cat, "And you?"

"I'm just getting ready to hunt elephants." Jack deadpanned and Ianto roared with mirth.

"Elephants" Ianto screamed as he slapped the arms of his chair.

"You're both nuts, you know that. Right?" Tosh laughed as she went back to her work and Jack reached out to stroke Ianto's face.

"Wouldn't wanna be any other way" he muttered as he dropped to a knee and kissed Ianto.

With a pop of the P, Ianto agreed.


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