Feather in the wind

Chapter 29

It was almost a week later and Ianto was in the middle of fixing sandwiches when he heard a familiar grinding noise.

He almost beat Jack into the main hub as the Tardis appeared.

The rest of the team were off after a long night retrieval so they were alone and Jack was secretly pleased, Gwen's questions would have been a bit much with Ianto's excitement strumming tightly.

The Doctor exploded from the blue box and was followed by Martha and another being that made Ianto gasp with shock.

Totally blue, with tentacle hair and yellow eyes, the creature looked around and settled its gaze in the man in the chair with wheels attached.

"Jack!" the Doctor crowed, "I need an Aliraction accelerator."

"A what?" Jack frowned as he watched the being stalk closer to Ianto.

"The Tardis seems to think you have one."

"What do they look like?" Jack asked and the Doctor pointed his Sonic Screwdriver at a nearby screen, showing an image.

"We have two" Ianto answered, "But only one is currently actionable, the other doesn't have all three crystals."

"Ah" the Doctor swung to look at Ianto, "Can we have a look please Ianto?"

Ianto rolled his way to the nearest computer and brought up the database. He then began typing and several screens began overlapping as he tapped at incredible speed.

"There" Ianto finally said, "Cariad, you'll have to go. I can't navigate the narrow corridors down on F because the chair is too wide."

Jack ran off and Ianto turned to look at the being that was currently sniffing his hair.

"Hello" he said softly and the being smiled, showing yellow fangs. "Oh, they look sharp. I bet you eat a lot of meat with those."

The being giggled and looked over at the Doctor who smiled, "See? Told you. Lovely boy, isn't he."

Jack returned with a box and they all piled into the Tardis. It wasn't until they were all inside that Jack realised Ianto was on-board again and he turned to speak, then froze.

Ianto was looking into the box the being was showing him and Jack walked over to see for himself what had caused Ianto's glee.


A whole box of kittens, five or maybe six. Hard to tell because they were all entwined. Tabby, ginger and even a little white one.

"Where did these come from?" Jack asked as Ianto accepted the white one from the being and rubbed his face into its little body.

You could have sworn they were both purring.

"Ah. That's a poor little family of orphans, gotta drop them off on another planet on the way back to Delratheran 4." The Doctor said then turned to see Ianto with one firmly grasped against his chest.

"Er, they were supposed to be kept in another room." The Doctor sighed, "Layo, I told you to stop playing with those babies."

The blue being shrugged and grinned again.

It took only a few minutes for the Doctor to make what he wanted from the two pieces of tech and Jack rolled Ianto back to the hub floor.

They hadn't been taken for a ride, they hadn't broken anything and nobody had died.

Has to be a first.

The Tardis winked away and Ianto sighed as he realised they hadn't even stayed for a cuppa.

Jack was relieved, made the Doctor happy and met a new friend while keeping Ianto happy as well.

Mainframe had enjoyed meeting the Tardis again, as well. They had enjoyed a long conversation about the kittens and Franny giggled as she watched Ianto cruise over to his workstation and hum softly to himself.

He might be a cheeky little ape, but he was her's and she was so happy that he had gotten what he needed as well.

Ianto looked around furtively, then opened his jacket and retrieved the kitten that was asleep against his hip.

Ianto lifted the little kitten to his face and kissed its little white head, taking a moment to marvel at the one patch of colour by its left ear. A perfect little red love heart.

"I'm gonna call you Valentine" he whispered to his baby, then he rifled through the drawer until he found a soft baby blanket he had been playing with occasionally and he wrapped the kitten in it, making sure it was warm before motoring to the kitchen, intent on finding a nice saucer for Valentine.

Mainframe wondered how long it would be before Jack realised they had a stowaway.

How long before he realised it wasn't a normal cat.

She giggled at her cheeky little monkey as he checked his baby again and hummed to himself.

Sweet boy.

Jack was sure going to have an interesting time with their new family member.

Valentine was definitely not your average cat.

He was exactly what Ianto had secretly wished for ever since he found a file on one and Mainframe had managed to get more info off Tardis last time she visited.

Valentine was exactly what Ianto had asked for.

He was Catkind.

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