Feather in the wind

Chapter 30

Jack couldn't find the other sock.

He had two but when he pulled the first one on, the second one seemed to have …. Ah.

A small splotch of black on the grey carpet by the bed. It must have fallen from his lap and Jack sighed as it was mostly under the bed.

Being woken at three in the morning for a false alarm and then not being able to get back to sleep had Jack in a grump. Now the bloody sock wouldn't behave.


Jack pulled on the toe of the sock and it came out from under the bed followed by a little white paw that pulled it back under.

Jack popped his head down and they stared at each other.

"There you are!" Ianto crowed, "You naughty little boy!"

"Ianto?" Jack asked as he scooped up kitten and sock, offering the kitten to Ianto, "Where did he come from?"

"This is Valentine" Ianto said with an eye roll, "You said I could have the right one."

"Who gave it to you?"

"Layo, silly!" Ianto snorted as he pulled the baby blanket from the side of his chair.

"Layo?" Jack frowned as he tried to remember who that was.

"Valentine was only playing" Ianto was saying, "He didn't hurt your sock, did he?"

"No baby" Jack smiled, "He was just playing."

Jack took a good look at the kitten as Ianto placed it on the table with its saucer of food.

"Ianto, really?" Jack sighed, "On the table?"

"He's clean" Ianto pouted, "Besides, he's on a place mat."

Jack saw the little beauty mark and grinned, getting the name.

"Well, hello little mite" Jack crooned as he rubbed under its chin and the kitten purred with pleasure.

"He likes you" Ianto said excitedly, "Oh, look."

Valentine had moved his head so Jack was now rubbing behind his ear and the effort that went into his little body meant he would likely topple over if Jack stopped.

Jack laughed softly, his morning annoyance gone.

"Well then, welcome to the family little Valentine" Jack whispered as his smile grew to match the increasing purrs.

"Valentine! You stop flirting with Daddy!" Ianto laughed softly before scooping him into the blanket and settling him in the chair, "Taddy has to get ready for work. You can come if you promise to be a good baby."

Jack leaned back in his chair as Ianto kept up a commentary of his actions to the wee kitten who had popped his head out of the blanket and Jack would swear on a stack of bibles that the little kit was listening with rapt attention to Ianto's every word.

"See?" Ianto was saying, "These keys help Taddy open doors we have to keep locked down in the archives."

Jack watched the little head swivel to regard the handful of keys Ianto jiggled and then swivel back to Ianto's face.

"Yes my love" Ianto crooned, "You can come and see for yourself, Taddy will show you some pretty things, yes I will my wee fluff."

Jack grinned at the crooning and felt a swell of love for his lovely man as Ianto looked over with his own adoring look, the bond sharing their love.

"We have to go to work Cariad" Ianto whispered as he rolled closer, "But we can always have …. Lunch … down in my office."

Jack grinned at the offer, "What about Valentine?"

"He can take a nap" Ianto shrugged, "Too young to see such rutting."

Jack laughed and kissed Ianto softly, reaching out to pet the little head watching and knew Ianto's' happiness was all that mattered.

Valentine looked up at the two men as they kissed and felt the flow of love between them. Mummy and Daddy had touched faces like that to show their bond.

So this was Mummy and Daddy now?

His little kitten brain struggled to work out the family dynamics and when Jack pulled away as he rose, leaving Ianto to clear away the dishes and tidy up, Valentine recognised the domestic duties his Mummy did.


Valentine was scooped into a hug as Ianto kissed his little face and told him he was a good little baby and Valentine felt warm and loved.

Mummy = Taddy.

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