Feather in the wind

Chapter 31

Ianto was snoozing.

He had stopped his filing to consider a file he had read and drifted off.

Valentine was happy enough, snoozing in his own little bed that Ianto had prepared for him on the desk and the archives were warm and quiet.

Ianto woke with a start.

Something was wrong, Jack was afraid.

Checking that his baby was asleep, Ianto rolled towards the hub only to find the door to the archives had been dead bolted from the other side.

He was trapped.

He didn't panic, just keyed the coms and waited for someone to answer.

OK. Panic now.

The panic flared as their bond was brutally shut down. Jack had just died.

Now Ianto was desperately trying to find a way out, trying not to wake the sleeping baby and biting back the urge to cry.

Jack was trapped.

John Hart stood leering at him as he hung in chains.

It had been a long day and Jack's weird reactions to his visit had not helped. Now, John was ready to call it a day, ready to get what he wanted and by all the seven sisters, he was ready to kill something.

Jack's revival had been a wonder and John had killed him a few more times just to watch that moment of panic in Jack's face before the shields slammed up.

"Come on lover" John purred as he danced around the hub, "Just you and me, your team is off on a wild goose chase and I'm really getting tired of the game."

"What do you want John?"

"What do I want?"

Hart turned on a heel and stared at Jack, then threw his head back as he laughed.

"Oh lover, I want it all" John snarled as he raised the gun for kill number eight of the day.

"Stop this" Jack begged, "Stop digging yourself into too deep of a hole to get out of."

"Ah come on, whose going to stop me?"

The gunshot was a surprise, as was the white hot pain as his hand stopped the bullet and he released the weapon as he screamed.


John looked up from his damaged hand at the suited man who stood by the water tower with a gun that had just been re-cocked and was now pointed at his head.

"Who the hell are you!" John snarled.

"Jones. Ianto Jones" Ianto said calmly and Jack felt a swell of love at the memory that Ianto had invoked.

"And what do you intend doing?" John leered as he rose to his feet.

"If you don't get the fuck away from my mate I will kill you" Ianto shrugged, "You look sufficiently interested in surviving today."

"Jesus …" John laughed then froze. "Mate? Did you say mate?"

"You heard me mother fucker" Ianto snarled as he stepped forward.

That's when Jack saw.

Ianto was standing.


Ianto calmly strode into the main hub, only a slight limp giving away his weakness as he squared his shoulders and locked horns with John Hart.

"Well I'll be damned" John laughed, "Aren't you some pretty eye-candy."

"No" Ianto smiled as he raised the weapon once more, "I'm not as sweet as I look. But as I may be the last thing you see for hurting my beloved Cariad, you can kid yourself all you want."

"Come on" John huffed, "You don't mean that."

"I see no reason to lie to you" Ianto shrugged, "After all. I am about to kill you."

John's smile faded and he quickly thumbed his VM, winking himself away.

"That was rude" Ianto huffed, "He didn't even say goodbye."

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